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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

All Grasslands Enemy Assess Locations for Chadley

Jarrod Garripoli

The Combat Simulator has returned in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, complete with Chadley also returning. As you explore the game’s various regions, you will open some combat challenges, although some of them have more involved requirements in order to unlock them. One of these is the Blinded by Light challenge, where you need to defeat a classified foe in the "Grasslands" iconGrasslands region, as well as Assess a total of 16 enemies in the Grasslands. This page will list all of the enemies you can Assess in the Grasslands, as well as where you might find them.

The Enemy Intel menu will have a magnifying glass next to enemies you have Assessed.

Where to Find All Enemies in the Grasslands

As mentioned above, one of the unlock requirements is to Assess a total of 16 enemies in the Grasslands region. This is where things can get a bit tricky, as one might think it only counts the main Grasslands area, but there are some adjacent locations that also count. For example, the "Mythril Mine" iconMythril Mines also count towards this objective, so there are definitely more than the require amount. On the other side, some enemies will not contribute towards the counter, like the ones found during the Protorelic quests in the Grasslands.

There are a total of at least 23 enemies that will count towards this, with only four of those being potentially missable, as they are either bosses or only encountered in specific situations. Of the remaining 19 enemies, 12 of them are normal enemies that you will find while wandering around the Grasslands and Mythril Mine. Six of the remaining seven enemies are part of the World Intel for the Grasslands, called Fiend Intel, with the final one being the Classified Intel. You can refight those enemies by going to the spot where you first fought and holding down the Triangle button when it shows in the top left.

Assess will allow you to gleam info for staggering and pressuring foes in battle.

Enemy Location
"Grasslands Wolf" iconGrasslands Wolf Grassy area
"Thunderclaw" iconThunderclaw Fiend Intel 6
"White Terror" iconWhite Terror Livestock’s Bane Quest
"Toxirat" iconToxirat Swamplands
"Venorat" iconVenorat Fiend Intel 1
"Crystalline Crab" iconCrystalline Crab "Mythril Mine" iconMythril Mine
"Levrikon" iconLevrikon Swamplands
"Aggrevrikon" iconAggrevrikon Fiend Intel 5
"Mu" iconMu Grassy area
"Mi" iconMi Fiend Intel 3
"Mandragora" iconMandragora Flowers from the Hill Quest; Grassy area
"Mandrake" iconMandrake Fiend Intel 4
"Elphadunk" iconElphadunk Grassy area
"Enmidunk" iconEnmidunk Fiend Intel 2
"Quetzalcoatl" iconQuetzalcoatl Classified Intel/Foe (Where the Wind Blows Quest)
"Crawler" iconCrawler "Mythril Mine" iconMythril Mine
"Archdragon" iconArchdragon "Mythril Mine" iconMythril Mine
"Flan" iconFlan "Mythril Mine" iconMythril Mine
"Orc" iconOrc Grassy area
"Ogre" iconOgre "Mythril Mine" iconMythril Mine
"Noxicap" iconNoxicap Lifeline in Peril Quest
"Midgardsormr" iconMidgardsormr Story Boss
"Mythril Golem" iconMythril Golem Story Boss

Where to Find the Classified Foe/Quetzalcoatl in the Grasslands

The classified foe in the Grasslands is one that’s related to a Quest, as you won’t encounter it outside of that side quest. First, you must complete the Livestock’s Bane quest, which will unlock Where the Wind Blows. You can start this by either checking the signboard in "Kalm" iconKalm or heading to the Inn there and speaking to Broden. As part of this quest, you will have to procure some items to make a Windmill Gear. One of these items is a "Quetzalcoatl" iconQuetzalcoatl Horn, which drops from the same named creature.

(1 of 3) You’ll need to do the Lifesprings to get the intel on Quetzalcoatl.

Of course, during the course of the quest, you might need to go to some of the Lifesprings, which in turn, will uncover Excavation Intels. These will allow you to get transmuter chips that unlock the Windmill Gear recipe, as well as the location of the Quetzalcoatl. This beast is found close to the Cavern Lifespring, in the wasteland area of the Grasslands region.

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