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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Custom Valkyrie Boss Guide

Jarrod Garripoli

During the course of Chapter 7 in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, you will be climbing Mt. Corel. At some point, you will meet up with the Turks, who are there on business and decide not to play with you. Instead, they will sic the "Custom Valkyrie" iconCustom Valkyrie on you, which is some flying machine boss that is similar to The Valkyrie in Final Fantasy VII Remake. This page will detail all of the moves you’ll see from the Custom Valkyrie, as well as give tips on how to defeat it.

You’ll face the Custom Valkyrie while climbing Mt. Corel.

All Custom Valkyrie’s Attacks

The Custom Valkyrie will have two phases, with the second one occurring at around 60% remaining health. It doesn’t really introduce many new attacks in the second phase, though, as it opens with an attack and only shows off one more.

  • Modified Mk. 98 Rotary Cannons: You will be seeing this attack quite often, as it’s used a lot. It will fire rounds from its miniguns. You can block these and probably should since the damage from all of the shots can add up.

  • Flame Jet: Custom Valkyrie will shoot out a stream of fire from one of its arms. It can sometimes shoot out fire from both arms at the same time. If it does this, some fire will remain on the ground, which can hurt you. This is unblockable.

  • Firewheel: Another move that’s unblockable. The boss will spew flames from its arms and then spin around in a circle a few times. If you see the name of this move pop up, just get away from it.

(1 of 5) You can block the entirety of the Rotary Cannons to mitigate the damage.

  • Antipersonnel Gas: "Unblockable" iconUnblockable. The boss will let loose a bunch of gas while moving around the arena. If a character gets hit, they will be hit with the "Deshell" iconDeshell debuff, as well as put to sleep. It doesn’t deal any damage, though.

  • Aileron Roll: The Custom Valkyrie will turn on its side, start spinning, and charge across the screen, with a blazing trail behind it. The flames will persist, but you can actually block this move.

  • Cooling Protocol: Not an attack as such, but periodically, the boss will use this as a break in between moves. It is more susceptible to being pressured while doing this, though.

  • Modified Particle Cannon: This attack will occur right as the boss goes into the second phase (cutscene). It charges up a laser and fires it at a party member. The shots are unblockable, but it is possible to dodge them. The boss does seem to do three shots before going back to using its other moves. It’s possible that this move is only used once for the entire fight.

(1 of 2) Modified Particle Cannon will be the first move it does during the second phase.

Modified Particle Cannon will be the first move it does during the second phase. (left), Mark 100 Particle Beam requires you to try and dodge all of the hits, since it’s unblockable. (right)

  • Mark 100 Particle Beam: The other move that is introduced in the second phase. This one is kind of like the Rotary Cannons move, but with lasers and it’s unblockable. If you continue dodging, you should be able to easily get away from it.

How to Beat Custom Valkyrie in FFVII Rebirth

First and foremost, you have a fixed party of Cloud, Aerith, and "Red XIII" iconRed XIII for this boss. Being a foe that can fly around a lot, that leaves Red XIII kind of grounded a lot more than intended, but he can still contribute to the battle. Custom Valkyrie is weak to not only "Lightning" iconLightning but also "Wind" iconWind, so it’s a good idea to put that materia on everyone before the battle begins. In fact, using those spells on the boss will be the way to pressure it, which can make MP a bit of an issue. Definitely use them during Cooling Protocol, as that makes it more susceptible to being pressured.

For the first phase of the battle, you will want to concentrate on building up ATB to use those spells. Rotary Cannons can be blocked, as can Aileron Roll, but all other attacks from this boss will be unblockable. Red XIII cannot go in the air and needs to be in melee range, so he’s probably the most vulnerable. If you dodge and then hold attack immediately after, you will go after the boss in the air. Continue dodging and doing this to stay airborne, allowing you to dodge a good number of attacks.

(1 of 3) Keeping to the air with Cloud can be a good way to avoid some attacks.

As with most other bosses, once you pressure it, use abilities that up the stagger bar. After getting its HP to around 60%, a cutscene will occur and the second phase will begin. Custom Valkyrie will start this phase with Modified Particle Cannon, an attack that hurts quite a bit and the boss will fire it three times. It does appear it only uses this attack once, but just be wary of it should it decide to use it again. The only other new attack in this second phase is Mark 100 Particle Beam, which functions similar to the Rotary Cannons move, but with lasers.

Overall, though, the Custom Valkyrie isn’t so bad of a boss, despite your lack of aerial options. A lot of the boss’ attacks are unblockable, so you will want to control either Cloud or Red XIII here more often than not since Aerith isn’t quite as mobile as them. If you have any "Headband" iconHeadbands, equipping them to your characters can help with Antipersonnel Gas, since that attack can put you to sleep. Just keep your health topped up, as well as exploit the elemental weaknesses, and you shouldn’t have too much trouble with this boss.

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