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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

How to Beat Quetzalcoatl

Jarrod Garripoli

You will come across many different enemies during your adventure in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. A good number of enemies are tied to Fiend Intels, which are tougher versions of the regular enemies in that region. There will also be a more powerful enemy that gets unlocked upon finding the Lifesprings, which falls under Classified Intel. The "Quetzalcoatl" iconQuetzalcoatl is the classified foe to be found in the "Grasslands" iconGrasslands, so this page will show you its location, as well as tips and tricks to fighting it.

You’ll need to find and defeat Quetzalcoatl for a quest.

Where to Find Quetzalcoatl - FFVII Rebirth

As Quetzalcoatl is called a Classified Intel, it’s not going to be something you find right away. While exploring the Grasslands, you’ll uncover special intels, called Lifesprings. These are spots where the lifestream will be coming out of the ground and is home to a lot of resources. Completing these are really simple and will provide some lore about the world, but finding a number of them will provide you with Excavation Intels, as well as the location of the Quetzalcoatl. You will need to find four of the six Lifesprings (Expedition Intels) in the Grasslands.

(1 of 2) You’ll need to do the Lifesprings to get the intel on Quetzalcoatl.

You’ll need to do the Lifesprings to get the intel on Quetzalcoatl. (left), You will find Quetzalcoatl at this location in the Grasslands. (right)

Note that the Quetzalcoatl is needed for the Where the "Wind" iconWinds Blow quest, where you’ll need its talon. The creature isn’t restricted to the quest, though, as you can simply do the fight prior to even starting it, if you want. Once you have four of the six Lifesprings in the Grasslands, you’ll be shown the location of the Quetzalcoatl on the map. If you found the Wastelands Tower (Activation Intel 6) in the wastelands area of the Grasslands (the western portion), then you just need to follow the pipe to the east/southeast. On the southern side of the pipe will be a trail that leads to a closed-off area, where you’ll find the enemy.

All Quetzalcoatl’s Attacks

Quetzalcoatl isn’t too challenging of a miniboss, although it will use a number of electric-based attacks. It only has a single unblockable skill, so the rest of them can be blocked/perfect blocked.

  • Swipe Combo: The only unnamed move in its arsenal while on the ground, Quetzalcoatl will do a quick swipe with one claw, then follow up with another one. The second one hits the ground with some impact, so there might be a little shockwave from it.

  • Vortex Sweep: Another melee attack, with Quetzalcoatl spinning around in a circle. It has a little bit of range on it, but not too much that you shouldn’t be able to dodge away from it.

  • Headlong Charge: When further away from the creature, it will do a running attack to try and strike at you with its head.

(1 of 3) Headlong Charge is nothing more than a running headbutt attack.

  • Prey: Similar to Headlong Charge, but Quetzalcoatl will do a pounce at the end of the run.

  • Electrify: Not really an attack, but Quetzalcoatl will surround itself with electricity. It’s not a barrier that will hurt you if you keep attacking, but it does lead to more attacks.

  • Fulmen: Quetzalcoatl will launch an electric projectile at a character. Despite being electric, you can block it. It will sometimes do more than one at a time. It will also use this in the air.

  • Electrodiffusion: After using Electrify, it will use this move, which signals it will be going into the air. Quetzalcoatl will send down lightning bolts across the arena, then go into the air and let off a big explosion of electricity.

  • Air Claw Swipe: While in the air, Quetzalcoatl will swoop down towards a character and try to swipe at you with both of its front claws.

(1 of 3) Electrify is when you will see the boss start doing electric-based attacks.

  • Spark Snare: The only unblockable attack in its arsenal, Quetzalcoatl will swoop down and grab a character. If successful, it will hit it with some lightning bolts, then do a small explosion around that character.

  • Thunderbolt: If you see this attack, that means Quetzalcoatl will be going back to the ground. It’s similar to Electrodiffusion, but in the air. It’ll call down lightning bolts in the area, then crash down to the ground, causing an electric shockwave around it.

How to Defeat Quetzalcoatl

Overall, Quetzalcoatl isn’t too difficult of a boss, although one could call it a miniboss. The fact that all of its attacks, save one, can be blocked/perfect blocked means you could possibly get the timing down to not take any damage (this might prove difficult with some of the attacks). Its normal attack (Swipe Combo) comes out quickly, but there is a little delay before the second hit connects. You should always be wary of Vortex Sweep, even when attacking from behind, and Headlong Charge/Prey should be easy to avoid, due to the distance and running involved.

When you see Quetzalcoatl use Electrify, that means it’s going to start using the electric-based attacks. Fulmen is nothing more than a projectile, although it is quick and it will sometimes do more than one in a row. The only other attack it’ll do on the ground, when electrified, is Electrodiffusion. It’ll shoot off a bunch of lightning bolts around the arena, then go into the air for a big explosion, after which, it will stay in the air.

(1 of 4) All but one of its attacks can be perfect blocked, if you are good enough.

While airborne, Quetzalcoatl can still use Electrify and Fulmen, but has two new moves. Spark Snare is the only unblockable attack, as it will swoop down and attempt to grab a character. Dodging this will completely negate the attack, but should it sink its talons into you, that character will receive some damage and there will be a small explosion around them as the final hit. Thunderbolt will be the attack that signals Quetzalcoatl will be coming back down to the ground. It’s similar to Electrodiffusion, as it’ll unleash some lightning bolts, but it will just crash into the ground, causing a small explosion around it.

Quetzalcoatl is weak to ice, so you should have someone equipped with the Blizzard materia. Using this as often as possible will help in putting it in a pressured state, after which, you can use abilities like Focused Strike/Thrust and "Focused Shot" iconFocused Shot. If you have Shiva equipped to someone, you could also summon her to help out in the battle.

How to Find Quetzalcoatl Talons

As your reward for felling this creature, you should receive a "Quetzalcoatl Talon" iconQuetzalcoatl Talon. This is used to craft the Windmill Gear for the Where the Wind Blows quest, but it is also used to craft the Camaraderie "Earrings" iconEarrings accessory. Equipping this will increase the damage dealt with synergy skills and synergy abilities by 10% when equipped to a character.

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