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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Johnny's Treasure Trove Locations

Shane Williams

The Seaside Inn is in dire need of some decorations in order to attract new customers, so Johnny is after any treasures you may have come across. On this page, we’ll navigate you through the necessary steps to finding all 88 treasures.

There are 88 Treasures for you to hunt down.

You can acquire 42 Treasure Trove Items by completing most of the content in the game, but some of them will come from completing all of the date scenes and the others can eventually be purchased from the Gold Saucer.

All Treasure Trove Locations

Once you’ve completed The Saga of the Seaside Inn Side Quest in Chapter 7 of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, you’ll start seeing various treasures you’ve obtained on your adventure being displayed in the Inn. These are typically obtained by earning the top score on all of the mini games, but there are a few that just require you to complete a simple sub-objective, such as finding and excavating a particular rabbit burrow. Below you’ll find the locations for all treasures trove items.

Chapter 2 Treasure Trove Items

No Name Location
1 Fledgling Chocobo Jockey Get the Best Time in Hustle de Chocobo at Bill’s Ranch in the Grasslands.

The Fledgling Chocobo Jockey Treasure can be obtained in Chapter 2 by getting the best time in the Hustle de Chocobo minigame which can be found at Bill’s Ranch in the "Grasslands" iconGrasslands.

Chapter 4 Treasure Trove Items

There are a few treasures up for grabs in Chapter 4, such as the Salientian Seal of Mastery Treasure that can be obtained by getting the best time in the "Jumpfrog" iconJumpfrog minigame which is located in "Under Junon" iconUnder Junon. Award for Outstanding Performance Treasure is acquired naturally by progressing through the main story and the Presidential Commendation Treasure is only obtainable by getting 100,000 Upvotes during the parade. Finally, the "Stuffed Stamp" iconStuffed Stamp is awarded for keeping all of the 7th Infantry Troopers alive.

Chapter 5 Treasure Trove Items

No Name Location
9 QB Tournament Champion Win the Queen’s Blood Tournament in Chapter 5.

The QB Tournament Champion Treasure can be acquired by being victorious in the Queen’s Blood Tournament in Chapter 5 and you can easily do this by using the deck suggested in our Best Early Queen’s Blood Cards page.

Chapter 6 Treasure Trove Items

There are four treasures available in chapter 6 and these are primarily obtained by beating all of the minigames in "Costa Del Sol" iconCosta Del Sol. If you are looking for tips on how to make these easier, then check out the guides below:

Chapter 7 Treasure Trove Items

Once you’ve reached chapter 8 you’ll finally have access to the "Gold Saucer" iconGold Saucer and this will give you an opportunity to earn more treasures from the variety of minigames now available. Again, if you are looking for tips on how to make these easier, check out the guides below:

Chapter 8 Treasure Trove Items

You’ll gain access to even more minigames in the Gold Saucer during Chapter 8, such as Musclehead Colosseum, Chocobo Racing, Queen’s Blood and Dustbowl Smasher. Check out the guides for tips on how to make them easier.

Chapter 9 Treasure Trove Items

There are only two treasures to get in chapter 9 and they are 1,000 Needle Pincushion and 10,000 Needle Pincushion. These are acquired from the "Cactuar" iconCactuar Crush minigame which can be found in the "Corel Region" iconCorel Region. We recommend that you wait until you gain access to the Yuffie’s "Doppelganger" iconDoppelganger ability, as this will make acquiring the points a lot easier.

Chapter 10 Treasure Trove Items

No Name Location
51 Gambit Technician Complete Gears and Gambits: Hard Mode

There is only the Gambit Technician Treasure in Chapter 10 and you can complete it by following our Gears and Gambits Hard Mode Guide - Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, but this won’t accessible until you’ve found all of the protelics in the game. Good news, we’ve tracked them most of them down for you and you can find their locations on their relevant pages below:

Chapter 11 Treasure Trove Items

No Name Location
68 Stuffed Fat Moogle Destroy Ten Supply Crates in Shinra Manor

Stuffed Fat Moogle is only treasure available in chapter 10 and this can be acquired by destroying the ten boxes in the Shinra Manor segment.

Chapter 12 Treasure Trove Items

The majority of the treasures will come from chapter 12 (13 to be exact) as this is when the final stages of a lot of the minigames will become available. Additionally, there is individual treasures for completing the date scene with every character and you can do this by following our How to Boost Character Relationships page.

Finding Rabbit Burrows

You’ll need to find and excavate a particular rabbit burrow with a chocobo in all of the regions in order to acquire some of the treasures, but unfortunately the exact location is random for each player so you’ll want to explore the region on chocoback until you see a blue question-mark above your head. This will indicate that a treasure can be dug up nearby, so you’ll want to hold down D-Pad DualSense-DPad-Up and the scent will lead you to the correct spot.

Johnny’s Cache Reward

If you manage to find and hand in all 88 treasures to Johnny, then you’ll obtain the 7-Star Hotel Trophy and you’ll be able to open Johnny’s Cache which contains the Sheet Music - One-Winged Angel.

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