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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Galian Beast Boss Guide

Jarrod Garripoli

While in the Underground Cavern portion of the Shinra Manor, you will meet a mysterious individual named Vincent Valentine. He eventually grants you access to the terminal here and while accessing it, you enter a restricted area. This sets things in motion that has Vincent transform and sets up the next boss fight, against the Galian Beast.

The Galian Beast can be one of the tougher bosses in the game.

All of Galian Beast’s Attacks

The fight with Galian Beast will take place across two phases, with the second one occurring at around 50% health or so. Some of the attacks from the first phase will carry over into the second, with them getting faster and/or stronger.

First Phase Attacks

  • Somersault Kick: The boss will do a backflip kick attack, which can be pretty easy to dodge. If you feel like you’re going to get hit by it, then block.

  • Skull Crusher: The Galian Beast will leap into the air, then come crashing down on a character with his claws.

  • Primal Roar: He will do a large roar that is a big area of effect around him. This actually can damage you, plus this will create some debris around the room.

  • Flying Debris: After using Primal Roar, the boss will jump to the piece of debris in the room and fling it at a character. This happens very quickly, so it can be hard to dodge. Note there are three variants of this. One that is normal, another that can inflict "Poison" iconPoison, and one more that is unblockable.

(1 of 5) The boss will mostly go backwards when doing the Somersault Kick.

  • Inner Turmoil: This is not really an attack, but more of a stance. He will slowly walk and if you melee attack during this, you will trigger Counter, a melee combo.

  • Bestial Flare: Galian Beast will shoot a large fireball in a straight direction. This comes out pretty quickly, but it’s possible to dodge it. If you can’t, then block it.

  • Savage Beast: "Unblockable" iconUnblockable. Galian Beast will leap towards one of your characters and attempt to pin them down. If successful, you have time to deal enough damage to free them, but if you don’t do that in time, then he will unleash a flurry of melee attacks on the pinned character.

(1 of 4) Be aware of the Inner Turmoil, as you don’t want to do melee attacks during it.

Second Phase

The second phase will begin at around 50% HP. Some of his attacks receive some upgrades, while he has a few new moves.

  • Wall Dive: Whenever he jumps onto a wall, he will usually perform this attack to get off of it. It’s a simple diving attack from the wall that can be dodged easily or blocked.

  • Chaos Glaives: Unblockable. Galian Beast will start charging up, then unleash a bunch of red spikes around him. As soon as you see him using this skill, move away from him.

  • Chaotic Consumption: He’ll begin gathering some energy, then unleash a small shockwave around himself after a few seconds.

  • Chaotic Impulse: Unblockable. He’ll spin around a pillar before slicing it from its foundation. Galian Beast will then use the pillar as a weapon, swinging it.

(1 of 2) The boss will start clinging to the walls in the second phase.

The boss will start clinging to the walls in the second phase. (left), He will come off of the walls by using Wall Dive. (right)

  • Chaos Flare: Unblockable. Vincent will jump on the wall, then shoot down some kind of projectile at the ground. He will then perform a dive at the same spot, releasing a giant pool of energy that covers a good portion of the arena.

Galian Beast Boss Strategy

Galian Beast is pretty quick and quite aggressive, so you might be in for a tough fight. First and foremost, the boss is weak to fire, so that will give you some great damage against him. Also, he’ll be weak to the various debuffs you can use, like "Debrave" iconDebrave and "Defaith" iconDefaith, as well as "Deprotect" iconDeprotect and "Deshell" iconDeshell. If you have the corresponding materias equipped, you should definitely use them to help out. One of the first things you should do in this battle is get used to his attacks and learn how to dodge/block them.

Flying Debris has three different variations, one of which is unblockable, so you will have to dodge that. The other two can be blocked, although one of those two can inflict Poison. Most of the other attacks are self-explanatory, except for Inner Turmoil. This one will have Galian Beast walk slowly towards a character, seemingly doing nothing. If you do a melee attack while he’s doing this, then he will perform Counter, a series of melee attacks that you can’t seem to escape from. Once you bring Vincent down to around 50% HP or so, the second phase of the battle will begin.

His attacks are stronger and the moves he used before will sometimes get more hits added on, or just get plain stronger. For example, Primal Roar will sometimes have a follow-up, where he’ll jump into the air and unleash another roar. He will also start clinging to the walls, usually using Bestial Flare, then following up with Wall Dive. One of the new moves during this phase is Chaos Glaives, where Galian Beast will charge up some energy, then unleash a bunch of spikes around its body. As soon as you see this move’s name, get away from him.

(1 of 4) Run away whenever you see the boss using Chaos Glaives.

In fact, that seems to be the name of the game for the second phase, as you don’t really want to get hit by any of the new abilities. Chaotic Impulse has the boss basically slice the pillar from its base, then use said pillar as a weapon. This attack hurts a lot, so you want to move away from the boss until he’s done. The last new move you will witness is Chaos Flare, where Galian Beast first moves onto one of the walls, then fires some chaos-induced projectile at someone. As soon as he does this, he’ll then dive onto the same spot, creating a giant pool of energy that almost fills up the arena.

Using the debuffs and his weakness to "Fire" iconFire will definitely help a lot here. You will also want to be mindful of using buffs on yourself, too, especially in conjunction with said debuffs. The fight can be challenging, since you have two party members forced on you (Cloud and "Cait Sith" iconCait Sith). However, you should have a decent understanding of the latter now, since you just used him.

Upon defeating Galian Beast, Vincent returns to normal and there will be a short cutscene. You’ll now be able to leave the area and Shinra Manor, with more scenes happening on the way. At this point, you’ll have a resting spot right in front of you, so use it and start equipping Cloud, as he will have a solo fight happening right after this. As you start heading back to the village, an old friend shows up and that battle with "Roche" iconRoche is now happening!

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