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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

All Junon Simulation Fights - Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Jessica Dillon

Battle Simulation is a way to fight a variety of monsters in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Each region has several VR battles for you to unlock by gathering Intel. Chandley will let you know every time you unlock a new battle, and when you’re ready to take them on for some easy Materia, just find him and choose the battle you want. The page below goes over all of the simulation battles for the Junon region.

Each region has a powerful simulation boss, Junon’s is Phoenix.

Phoenix Battle Simulation

The "Phoenix" iconPhoenix Battle Simulation is the most difficult of the bunch and can take quite some time to complete. This battle’s level will scale with your party and only has a single round. For this battle, you will want to equip "Ice Materia" iconIce Materia or use ice-based abilities. Once you can pressure Phoenix, he will become weak to these attacks. For the most part, the battle is pretty straightforward. Phoenix has fire attacks and can summon enemies to help him, such as "Bomb" iconBombs, "Flan" iconFlans, "Grandhorn" iconGrandhorns, and an "Archdragon" iconArchdragon. These are weaker enemy types that can quickly be taken out, and that shouldn’t turn into too much of a nuisance. Just make sure to take out the Bomb before it can explode.

Keep in mind that Phoenix is invincible while his summons are still on the field. Be sure to stop attacking him at this point and take out the adds. For this battle, you will want to consider bringing Aerith, as she can heal you. If you’re confident in your abilities, then you can just get away with Cloud using Cure when needed. You can bring any teammates you want into the battle but just make sure you focus on staggering the Phoenix as quickly as possible.

Junon Battle Intel: White Squall

White Squall pits you against Whymzellet and Fonodu. This is a three-round battle that is level 23 and the enemies are rather easy to defeat in each round. You will be dealing with flying enemies, so bringing Barrett makes the battle quicker to complete, especially since you have Overcharge ready to go at the start of each round. For your trouble, you will unlock the Elemental Materia.

Junon Battle Intel: Conquer of The Skies

Conquer of The Skies puts you through seven rounds of fighting, which can be a bit difficult if your team is under leveled as it’s recommended that your party is level 24. If you’re a bit over leveled it should only take a couple of minutes to complete this simulation. The primary enemies you will be fighting here are the White "Chimera" iconChimera and the Emnidunk. These enemies do fly, so once again you will likely want to bring Barrett for easy ranged damage. You will be awarded the "Spirit Up Materia" iconSpirit Up Materia for completing this battle.

Junon Region Intel: Levels 1 & 2

"Junon Region" iconJunon Region Intel is the battle simulation that is unlocked from the moment you arrive in the region. Level two will be unlocked after you battle all nine enemies in the region. The first level consists of five fights with most of weaker enemies such as Flans. Level two consists of nine rounds and each round consists of one of the monster types you have already fought in this region. For completing level one, you will receive an "Ice" iconIce Materia and completing level two will award you a Lighting Materia.

(1 of 3) Zemzelett is a foe in the Junon battle simulation.

Biological Intel: Breath of Life

This is the hardest of the intel types to unlock. You must assess all enemies in Junon, defeat the "Quetzalcoatl" iconQuetzalcoatl, and have an Enemy Skill Materia at two stars. Once this is done, you can challenge Breath of Life. This only has one round, but you will be fighting two Archdragons and a Quetzalcoatl. This is a harder battle, so you may want to bring Aerith to heal you if you find yourself having trouble. For the most part, you can use our Quetzalcoatl guide to easily make your way through the fight. The reward for defeating this simulation is the Soothing Breeze ability for your Enemy Skill materia.

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