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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Titan Boss Guide

Jarrod Garripoli

The VR Simulation is home to plenty of battles in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, including the summons you can get to your party. One of the summons that you will be able to battle early on is "Titan" iconTitan, who should unlock as a battle as soon as you gain access to the VR Simulation. However, he’s definitely not an easy battle, especially that early, so you might want to wait until you gain a few levels first. This page will detail the boss fight against Titan, including all of his moves, as well as tips and tricks to defeating him.

Titan will be the first summon battle in the Combat Simulator.

Titan’s Abilities

Like a lot of boss fights in Rebirth, Titan starts relatively calm and will ramp up in difficulty once you get him to a certain health threshold. Below are all of the moves that Titan can do throughout the battle.

  • Stone: Titan will conjure a large rock and toss it at a character.

  • Stomp Combo: He will throw two punches, then stomp the ground with his foot, creating a small shockwave.

  • Leaping Smash: If far enough away from Titan, he will leap at you and smash the ground, causing a small shockwave.

  • Mountain Crusher: Titan leaps at you and performs three melee strikes, before pounding the ground with both hands.

(1 of 5) Stone is only a single rock being thrown at a character.

  • Sling: "Unblockable" iconUnblockable. Titan will attempt to grab you, then toss you across the battlefield, dealing some big damage.

  • Earthen Roar: Unblockable. He will pound the ground and cause geysers to spew out of the ground across the arena.

  • Stonega: Similar to "Stone" iconStone, but he will toss boulders at all three characters at the same time.

  • Thwack: Unblockable. Titan lowers his shoulder and tries to ram into you.

  • Earthen Aegis: At about 50% health, Titan will begin performing this move. It’s basically a shield that mitigates damage heavily. It has its own separate health bar, so deplete it to return to normal.

  • Granite "Shell" iconShell: Unblockable. Titan begins charging an attack with his hand on the ground. Rocks begin moving around a character and if he succeeds, then that character will be encased in a bunch of rocks and Titan will smash them, causing heavy damage. The move he does that smashes the rocks is called Rock Buster.

(1 of 5) Rocks will begin circling around a character when Titan uses Granite Shell.

  • Earthen "Fury" iconFury: This is Titan’s big, cinematic move. He’ll begin charging slightly and after about 10 seconds or so, he’ll unleash it. He’ll summon large rocks, use those to jump into the air and smash the ground. It does severe damage to all characters.

  • Boulder Hurl: A bunch of rocks begin circulating around Titan, which eventually forms a large boulder that he hurls at a character. This deals huge damage, even if blocked, but can be perfect blocked to negate it.

How to Beat Titan - Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Titan is a tough boss that might be even more challenging, depending on when you decide to fight him. Since you unlock him whenever you meet Chadley and do his little bit of work, you will probably be at a lower level. The summon battles via the VA Simulation have the ability for you to lower their difficulty, via the Divine Intel spots on the map. There are three of these to be found and while it does make the battle much easier, it really only seems to affect the damage done by Titan, as well as his stats, and not change anything else.

Before you start the fight, you will want to make sure you have "Wind Materia" iconWind Materia on at least two characters, as Titan is weak to that element. Doing the other VR battles is also a good idea to unlock more materia, especially the ever-useful and expensive HP Materia. Apart from those two things, having some good levels (about 18-19 should be fine) and the best equipment you can find should be more than enough. Upon starting the battle, Titan has a number of moves he can perform, some of which are good and some that are bad.

(1 of 3) If you get good enough, you can do perfect blocks on a number of attacks.

If you see any move that has a warning symbol next to it, that means it’s unblockable and you’ll have to dodge it. Otherwise, if you can get the timing down on a perfect block, you can completely negate the damage of the attack. Of course, there are a few moves in Titan’s arsenal that have multiple hits, so you probably won’t be able to perfect block all of those. That being said, those multi-hit moves tend to be on the weaker side, until the last hit of them, which will be the ones you want to block.

For the most part, the first phase of the battle is pretty standard. Stonega has Titan throwing rocks at all three party members, so either try to properly time a perfect block, or just preemptively block when you see the name appear. Stone is just the single target version of that and it might not be thrown at the character you’re controlling. The bigger problems come from the unblockable moves, which are Sling, Earthen Roar, and Thwack. The first one on that list, Sling, is just Titan attempting to grab you and if he does, then you will take some decent damage.

Earthen Roar is pretty easy to avoid, too, as Titan will cause eruptions around the arena and these will be marked. Thwack is a shoulder tackle move that has Titan charging across the screen. Due to his size, it might be a little harder to dodge over the others. Hitting Titan with wind attacks will pressure him for a brief moment, which is when you want to use abilities like "Focused Thrust" iconFocused Thrust and Focused Strike to build up the stagger bar.

Titan Battle - Phase Two

At around 50% HP or so, Titan will use Earthen Aegis, triggering the second phase of the battle. This is basically a shield that will cover his body, making your attacks deal very little damage, if at all. It will also have its own health bar and your goal is to basically deplete it, causing him to get pressured. This should keep him pressured longer than usual, so you’ll have plenty of time to build up the stagger gauge and potentially get him staggered, leading to a lot of damage. Note that after the stagger, Titan will pretty much do Earthen Aegis again, so this move will be present throughout the remainder of the fight.

Of course, Titan won’t sit around quietly and allow you free reign on him, as he’ll introduce some new moves in this phase, as well as bring over every attack from the first one. Boulder Hurl will start with a bunch of rocks swirling around Titan, which will do damage if you get too close. After that, he will summon a large boulder that he will then toss at a single character. This boulder, despite its size, can be blocked and even perfect blocked. The other attacks during this phase, although not too many, are unblockable.

(1 of 3) Earthen Aegis occurs when you brought his health down to health.

Granite Shell starts with Titan hitting the ground with his fist and seemingly charging something. Rocks will be swirling around a character and after some time passes, they will be encased in a large boulder. This will cause Titan to run up to that character and perform Rock Buster, dealing major damage to them. The other unblockable move is Earthen Fury, which is basically Titan’s ultimate attack. He’ll stop moving and begin charging, after which, he will unleash this cinematic attack. Note that if you are close to breaking Earthen Aegis, then you could potentially avoid the attack.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to avoid Earthen Fury at all and it will deal around 800-900 damage to all characters, so make sure you keep your health topped, just in case. During the second phase, you will want to save your Limit Breaks for when he’s staggered, so you can avoid spending too much time trying to break the Aegis shield. Otherwise, feel free to go to town with the other moves, even the Synergy Abilities.

Once you bring down Titan, you will unlock his summon materia for your characters. If you get the Divine Intel, you will power up the materia, up to a total of three different levels. So, it is definitely useful to get these, since they don’t just weaken the summon battles.

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