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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Yuffie Combat Guide

Jessica Dillon

Yuffie is a versatile party member that you will unlock at the start of Chapter 7 in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. She was briefly playable during the short Intermission DLC for Final Fantasy VII Remake. From then on out you can include her in your party to take advantage of her Ninjutsu abilities. Since Yuffie comes a bit later in the game, it can be hard to quickly get a grasp on her skill set. The guide below goes over how to play her effectively and what her best abilities are.

Yuffie joining the party in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

How to Play as Yuffie - Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Yuffie can’t be used until you reach Chapter 7 and first enter the "Corel Region" iconCorel Region connected to Costa del Sol. She comes with a variety of abilities already unlocked to give her as much versatility as your other party members. Yuffie is a multi-range character meaning that she has a mix of close and ranged combat. This can be used to easily adjust to a variety of situations, and she can be a great asset when battling enemies that you aren’t yet familiar with.

Yuffie’s triangle normal moves give you some interesting options. Holding down the triangle button allows Yuffie to throw her shuriken at enemies. If you’re using the Holding Shuriken version of the move, then the weapon will automatically return on its own. The Square button allows you to release a flurry of close-range attacks on the enemy. At the third strike, Yuffie will hit the enemy and then jump backward (provided you hold down the button), giving you space to throw your shuriken and use "Elemental Ninjutsu" iconElemental Ninjutsu.

(1 of 2) The shuriken is Yuffie’s main mode of attack.

The shuriken is Yuffie’s main mode of attack. (left), You can attack up close or throw it from a distance, hitting retrieve when it lights up will return the weapon to Yuffie automatically. (right)

You can also use the ranged version of the square button to cast ninjutsu spells from a safe distance. Chaining these four attacks together will help you build your ATB meter to use her more powerful skills.

Best Abilities for Yuffie

Yuffie has many useful abilities available to her, the table below will give you more details about them.

Ability Description
Art of War Buffet an enemy with blows. All subsequent attacks deal increased damage. Can use while airborne.
Brumal Form Momentarily vanish to evade an attack. ATB increases when successful. Can use while airborne.
"Elemental Ninjutsu" iconElemental Ninjutsu Select an element to assault enemies with magical damage from afar.
"Blindside" iconBlindside Launch an attack even while immobilized or reeling from damage. Can use while airborne.
"Windstorm" iconWindstorm Create a gust of wind that damages nearby enemies and launches them towards you.
"Doppelganger" iconDoppelganger Conjure a clone of yourself that temporarily mimics your actions. Can use while airborne.
"Shooting Star" iconShooting Star Let the shuriken fly across the battlefield, mowing down all enemies it touches. Can use while airborne.
Banishment ATB spent on other commands increases damage dealt. Affinity changes with ninjutsu. Can use while airborne. Shares gauge with Purification. Max Level: III.
Purification ATB spent on other commands increases the amount of HP and MP absorbed. Can use while airborne. Shares gauge with Banishment. Max Level: III.

Most of Yuffie’s abilities are great in the right circumstances, but her ability to hit any enemy weakness with her Elemental Ninjutsu is incredibly useful. "Doppelganger" iconDoppelganger is another stand-out, allowing you to add to her damage with her clone.

Elemental Skills with Elemental Ninjutsu

First, you should select an element to buff with Elemental Ninjutsu. Afterward, you can attack enemies with her elemental skills. "Windstorm" iconWindstorm allows Yuffie to gather the enemies on the field together, making it easy to hit them with a group of close-range attacks. Once used, this can be used in conjunction with her normal attacks or other abilities like Art of War, "Fire" iconFire Ninjustu, or Static Shock. In addition, using these elemental attacks against the right types of enemies can exploit weaknesses, giving Yuffie another edge in battle when placed on your team.


While not a combat ability, it’s one that works a lot better on Yuffie and can be rather valuable. Steal allows you to target an enemy and try to take an item from them. For example, using it to swipe the Tonberry King’s crown after he drops it in the fight. While this won’t always be useful, it can be great in a pinch. Say you’re in a difficult dungeon and low on health. If Yuffie manages to rustle up a healing item, it can be a huge help to your team. A lot of Yuffie’s Weapon and Folio skills will give her buffs when using Steal too, making her even more useful as your go-to Thief.

(1 of 2) Yuffie can use steal on applicable enemies to take their items.

Yuffie can use steal on applicable enemies to take their items. (left), Using Yuffie’s elemental skills can be buffed with Elemental Ninjutsu for an extra punch. (right)

Yuffie’s Weapons and The Abilities They Grant

Yuffie has a selection of weapons that can grant her different abilities. The Table below goes over every weapon she can equip, what ability they activate, and where to find them.

Weapon Ability Chapter Location
"4-Point Shuriken" icon4-Point Shuriken "Elemental Ninjutsu" iconElemental Ninjutsu Chapter 6 Intial Equip.
"Savage Dagger" iconSavage Dagger "Blindside" iconBlindside Chapter 6 Alternative Intial Equip.
"Twin Viper" iconTwin Viper "Windstorm" iconWindstorm Chapter 7 Preparation Plant - 1F in the Coral region Coal Mines.
"Bird of Prey" iconBird of Prey Dopplegänger Chapter 9 Inside of a Rest Spot in Felicia Commons, this is north of Gongaga Village.
"Crescent Sickle" iconCrescent Sickle "Shooting Star" iconShooting Star Chapter 10 From the Bonds of Trust side quest.
Crystalline Cross Banishment Chapter 12 Utilidor area of the Golden Saucer.
Fuma Shuriken Purification Chapter 13 In the Shrine of Ambition.

All Limit Breaks for Yuffie

Bloodbath is Yuffie’s first limit break, and like most of the other characters, she unleashes a heavy amount of damage when it’s activated. This move engages the enemy with a series of close-range attacks that target a single enemy. Keep in mind that you have no control over the Limit Break once it’s activated, and Yuffie will mercilessly attack the targeted enemy. Dolphin Flurry can be used when you get two limit bars. This unleashes another flurry of blows that heightens the chance that an enemy will be staggered.

All Synergy Abilities for Yuffie

Yuffie has quite a few synergy abilities to unlock, including one with the game’s last party member you unlock, "Cait Sith" iconCait Sith. Below are all the synergy abilities we have confirmed for Yuffie.

Ability Character Description
Moogle Pinwheel "Cait Sith" iconCait Sith The pair simultaneously time using ninjutsu abilities.
Shuriken Sync Cloud, Barret, Tifa Yuffie throws her Shuriken, and the combat partner runs in to follow up the attack.
Foxflame Aerith, "Red XIII" iconRed XIII, "Cait Sith" iconCait Sith Team up with your partner to attack the enemy with a powerful elemental attack.
Cyclonic Kick Tifa Tifa throws Yuffie at an enemy for extra damage.

(1 of 2) Yuffie can use her Limit Break to take off a chunk of enemy health.

Yuffie can use her Limit Break to take off a chunk of enemy health. (left), Cyclonic Kick and other Synergy Abilities can be used for an extra punch. (right)

All Synergy Skills Involving Yuffie

Luckily, we have a pretty good idea of how Yuffie can synergize with other party members. The table below goes over all known synergy skills that Yuffie is a part of.

Ability Character Description
Iron "Defense" iconDefense "Red XIII" iconRed XIII "Protect" iconProtects "Red XIII" iconRed XIII from oncoming enemy attacks.
Spellbound Blast Aerith Charges a magic blast to hit enemies at a range.
Mad Dash Barret Barret charges ahead, attacking enemies with a duo of hits.
Leaping Strikes Tifa Tifa attacks with a flurry of hits that suck in small enemies.
Melee Blade "Attack" iconAttacks enemies with magical damage.

Now that you have read the guide, you can use Yuffie more effectively in battle. Be sure to make use out of her diverse attack style to fit your needs to the current battle. If you want to learn about the rest of the party, check out our guides below.

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