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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

All Nibel Region Simulations - Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Jessica Dillon

The Nibel region is the sixth and final region in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and it has several simulations for you to complete. While it does have one less simulation than the other regions, its Summon Entity: Odin, and the final Biological Intel challenge make up for this. Nibel’s simulations are a bit harder than the rest, but the Materia you get from them are worth it. The guide below goes over each Nibel region simulation and tips on how to beat them.

Odin is the final Summon Entity you unlock in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Summon Entity: Odin

Odin is by far the most difficult opponent that you will tackle in Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth to this point. Not only does Odin have a long range of attacks, but he also has the one-hit kill move, Zantetsuken. This is a move that can be used very early into the fight, even on the lower Odin difficulties, and is your number one priority to avoid. To stop Zantetsuken, you will need to dodge Odin’s attacks. Failing to do so will trigger the move, forcing you to lose the battle and start all over again. Dodging Odin’s moves will require you to be on the move, and halfway through the battle, he will change tactics to an even more powerful assault.

You also won’t be able to pressure Odin on your own. You have to keep dodging and attacking with ATB-fueled moves until he uses Sleipnir’s Furor. This will buff Odin, but also lead to him being pressured, so use this as your angle to stagger him. We highly recommend that you bring in a party member like Aerith, who can help heal you during the fight, as you likely won’t be able to dodge every attack. If you’re having trouble dodging, then a faster character like "Red XIII" iconRed XIII may help you get the upper hand. In addition, be sure to use Revival Materia and be wary of Odin’s move, Reprisal. He can use Reprisal to counter your attacks and there are no tell-tell signs of when he is going to use it.

Finally, Odin is weak to several debuffs. You can use "Deprotect" iconDeprotect, "Defaith" iconDefaith, "Deshell" iconDeshell, and "Debrave" iconDebrave to weaken him and make the fight just a bit easier. The "Disempowerment Materia" iconDisempowerment Materia and "Enervation Materia" iconEnervation Materia are a huge help here. It will likely take a few practice rounds to get down how to dodge Odin’s attacks, but the fight isn’t as hard when he can’t use Zantetsuken. Odin is a much more complex fight, so if you’re looking for a full guide that gets into the nitty-gritty of defeating this foe, click our Odin guide here. Once you complete this simulation, you will unlock the Odin Materia.

Nibel Battle Intel: Death’s Harbingers

To unlock the three-round simulation Death’s Harbingers, you will need to defeat Pyretail and Carnifex. This simulation, like most, will have you fighting a variety of common enemies, with the main focus on Pyretail and Carnifex. Pyretail can be pressured by using fire magic when it covers itself in blue flames, a "Fire Materia" iconFire Materia can help with this. As for the Carnifex, it can be pressured using "Ice" iconIce magic; just use an "Ice Materia" iconIce Materia and taking down this enemy will be a breeze. For completing the Death’s Harbingers simulation you will get the VIT-to-SPR Materia.

Nibel Battle Intel: Cthonian Rhondo

Cthonian Rhondo is a three-round simulation unlocked once you defeat Marquis Valron and Suevite Disgorgon. Marquis Valron can be pressured using Ice magic. Once again, equipping an Ice Materia is helpful here so any of your party members can target Marquis Valron’s weakness. Suevite Disgorgon can petrify your party if it’s hit by mist. To pressure this enemy, wait for the mist attack and target its mouth. Using a move like Cloud’s Braver will break it easily, leading the enemy to become pressured. If you are worried about being petrified, then use Esuna, granted by the "Cleansing Materia" iconCleansing Materia to help. For completing Cthonian Rhondo you will get the "AP Up Materia" iconAP Up Materia.

(1 of 3) Odin has a long list of attacks you will need to learn to dodge.

Nibel Region Intel: Level 1

To unlock the Level 1 Intel for the Nibel region, you will need to defeat 20 enemies in said region. Some of these enemies can’t be accessed until you are further into Chapter 12. This is a five-round battle that forces you to face off with several enemies, many of which are from the "Nibel Region" iconNibel Region. You will want to equip yourself with an assortment of magic types to hit all of the enemies’ weaknesses, but for the most part this is an easy round of battles. If you feel you are losing too much health, then bring Aerith along. For completing the Level 1 Nibel Region Intel you will get the two-star "Time Materia" iconTime Materia.

Nibel Region Intel: Level 2

To unlock the Level 2 Nibel Intel you will need to find and defeat 24 enemies in the Nibel Region and complete Level 1. Please note that some enemies won’t be found until you are further into Chapter 12. This is a ten-round battle that you will need to pull out all the stops for just like with Level 1, but overall, it’s still not all that difficult and as long as you have a bit of healing you can make it through. For completing the Level 2 Nibel Region Intel you will receive the two-star Revival Materia, which you can use in the fight against Odin to make things a tad bit easier.

Biological Intel: Stony Stare

To unlock Stony Stare, you will need to defeat the "Cosmo Canyon" iconCosmo Canyon special enemy, the Jabberwock. Additionally, you will need to have assessed 16 enemies in the Nibel Region, and have a five-star "Enemy Skill Materia" iconEnemy Skill Materia. This fight will pit you against the Jabberwock again, but to complete the simulation you must beat the monster within three minutes. This is pretty difficult and may seem impossible at first even with your knowledge from the original fight. With a bit of planning, this goal isn’t too hard to meet, especially if you recall how to pressure the Jabberwock.

The key here is to pressure the monster using "Fire" iconFire magic when it summons its Gorgon "Shield" iconShield. You can use a Fire Materia to help you with this and use ATB Charges to build up synergy while you’re waiting for your chance to start pressuring the Jabberwock. If you can fill a limit bar for at least two of your party members and have a couple of synergy attacks ready to go, then you can make a large dent in the Jabberwork’s health as soon as it’s staggered. For completing the final Biological Intel in the game, Stony Stare, you will unlock the Enemy Skill Gorgon Shield.

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