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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

All Minigames

Jarrod Garripoli

Final Fantasy VII had a lot of different minigames in it, making it quite easy to get distracted while exploring the game’s world. Thankfully, that plethora of minigames has made its way to not only Remake, but also Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. This page will go over all of the minigames that can be found in Rebirth, detailing what you can expect.

The Piano is but one of many minigames that will be in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Piano Minigame in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

One of the first minigames you will likely see is the Piano Minigame in Nibelheim, inside Tifa’s room. It’s unclear if you will find pianos in other portions of the world. As you collect sheet music throughout the game, you will be able to play that song via the piano as an actual minigame. The goal is to use the analog sticks to hit the notes as the lines reach the outer edges. There is also a free mode, where you can try playing whatever music you want.

Queen’s Blood

Much like Final Fantasy VIII and IX, Rebirth will feature a full-fledged card minigame, Queen’s Blood. This game will have you placing down cards in rows to try and overpower your opponents. As you accrue points on the rows, your aim is to have more than your opponent before the end of play, this will allow you to win that row and gain more points. The winner will be whomever has more points.

(1 of 2) Queen’s Blood is a new card minigame that will debut in Rebirth.

Queen’s Blood is a new card minigame that will debut in Rebirth. (left), Gather up all of the mooglets for Moogle Mischief! (right)

Moogle Mischief

You will discover a moogle house that is actually the Moogle Emporium, during your adventures. However, the Moogle Merchant mentions the mooglets are having too much fun to come back on their own, so you get roped into rounding them up. This minigame will have you simply corralling the mooglets back to the main tree. Playing this minigame will open up the Moogle Emporium shop, where you can spend the Moogle Medals you find on your journey.

Chocobo Racing

Chocobo Racing was in the original Final Fantasy VII, as part of the Gold Saucer location. It has returned as a minigame once more in Rebirth, although it is a lot more involved than before. Chocobo Racing looks to be a full-blown kart racer, like Mario Kart, complete with power-ups and shortcuts.


Another minigame that was found at the Gold Saucer in the original game, G-Bike looks similar to the bike sequence from Remake. However, there are a lot more enemies on the track, as well as other things that evolved it into much more. The goal of the minigame seems to be to accrue points by defeating enemies, as well as collecting some items.

Chocobo Racing in Rebirth seems to be a full-blown kart racing minigame.

3D Brawler

The Gold Saucer is returning with even more minigames from the original. This is a boxing minigame where you control a slightly blockier version of Cloud, as he fights various opponents. It’s unclear how everything works exactly, but there is an ATB gauge shown, as well as a Limit Break.

There are plenty of other minigames included in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, such as Dolphin riding, soccer with Red XIII and of course, the Junon Parade March. It definitely looks like there will be plenty to do outside of the main story!

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