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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Jenova Emergent Boss Guide

Jarrod Garripoli

Your trip on the "Shinra-8" iconShinra-8 turns out to be a deadly cruise, once the fiends come on board, during Chapter 5 of the main story in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. After making your way through the cargo hold and reaching the engine room, you will find someone waiting for you, who turns out to summon "Jenova Emergent" iconJenova Emergent for you to fight. This page will detail all of the boss’ attacks, as well as give tips and strategies on how to best defeat Jenova Emergent.

Jenova Emergent will be the final boss of Chapter 5.

All of Jenova Emergent’s Attacks

These are all of the attacks that you will see during the battle with Jenova Emergent.

  • Pestilence: "Unblockable" iconUnblockable. Jenova will unleash a purple cloud that will slowly follow a single character. Just continue moving to avoid this, although keep an eye on it until it dissipates.

  • Vengeance: Unblockable. A light purple line is extended from Jenova, fixated on a single character. Then after a few seconds, a laser will be fired at that character. Either keep moving to avoid it, or dodge at the last second.

  • Pestilential Reckoning: Unblockable. Jenova releases some gas right in front of it and if you stay in that area, you will gradually lose HP. As soon as you see the move’s name appear, move away from Jenova. Can inflict "Silence" iconSilence, "Slow" iconSlow, "Poison" iconPoison, and "Stun" iconStun.

(1 of 3) Pestilence releases a ball of gas that slowly tracks a character.

  • Retribution: Unblockable. Only seems to use it while pressured. Jenova will fire a bigger laser at a character, dealing some major damage to that person.

  • Whip "Attack" iconAttacks: Jenova will gain two different attacks with its whip-like tentacle during the second phase. One will be similar to a charge maneuver, while the other is a simple double sweep attack while it stands still.

  • Exaltation: Unblockable. Second phase. Jenova will unleash a number of lasers in a fan-like pattern. Should be pretty easy to avoid, due to the large spaces in between the lasers.

  • Extermination: Unblockable. Second phase. Jenova will shoot a single laser that it will then sweep across the arena.

  • Torment: Unblockable. Second phase. Jenova will attempt to grab a character with its tentacle. If grabbed, that character will be bound for a few seconds, where they take some damage before being let go.

(1 of 2) You’ll have more laser attacks in the second phase, like Exaltation.

You’ll have more laser attacks in the second phase, like Exaltation. (left), Extermination is another one, where it does a sweeping laser. (right)

  • Glorious Emanation: Unblockable. Second phase. Similar to Vengeance, where Jenova will target someone, then fire a laser at them. This does more damage and seems to be unavoidable, as it tracks the character a lot more closely.

  • Plague: Unblockable. Second phase. This is another evolution of a previous attack, this time being Pestilence. Instead of just a single gas ball that follows your characters, Plague will spawn multiple gas balls.

  • Propagate: Unblockable. Third phase. Jenova will conjure up a bunch of tentacles around the arena. These are very easy to destroy, as only a single attack from a character will bring them down. If left alive for too long, though, they will use Pestilence.

Jenova Emergent Strategy

Jenova Emergent is a boss that has a few different phases, and it should be noted that you are stuck with using Cloud, Tifa and Barret for the entirety of the battle. For the first phase, Jenova doesn’t move at all, but it does have two different ranged attacks. Pestilence is the easier of the two attacks to avoid, since the gas cloud will move rather slowly. Vengeance is a little more difficult to dodge, since the laser is quick and you might sometimes be in the middle of an attack. If you see Pestilential Reckoning appear, then back away from Jenova to avoid that gas breath attack.

(1 of 2) Do enough damage to Jenova to pressure it, causing body parts to become targetable.

Do enough damage to Jenova to pressure it, causing body parts to become targetable. (left), You can destroy these parts to increase the stagger bar and remove moves from its arsenal. (right)

For the first phase, keep attacking the boss whenever you can, until you eventually pressure it. Doing this will cause some body parts to become targetable (the head and one shoulder). Destroying these parts not only severely increases the stagger bar, but it will also prevent Jenova from using certain attacks. For example, destroying the head will stop it from using Vengeance. Once you deal enough damage to Jenova, it will become mobile and transition to the second phase.

It is now that Jenova Emergent will become more challenging, since you have to be wary of it moving. It will have basic attacks with its tentacle, but you can block these to mitigate the damage. The laser attacks can be annoying, since they’re unblockable, but most of them are easy to dodge. One thing you will have to watch out for is Torment, since Jenova will grab the character it’s targeting, meaning they will take unavoidable damage. If you’re controlling someone like Tifa, she can quickly dodge behind the creature to avoid it.

Similar to the first phase, pressuring Jenova here will make body parts targetable. Destroy those to stop certain attacks, as well as significantly increasing the stagger bar. There is one more phase to this battle, when you get Jenova to around 20-25% remaining HP. Mostly everything will stay the same, but it will use Propagate to summon a bunch of smaller tentacles around the arena. They don’t have much health, so one or two normal attacks will destroy them. There are some tentacles that will be out of reach of melee attacks, so you can switch to Barret to destroy those.

(1 of 2) The final phase will have Jenova summon a bunch of tentacles using Propogate.

The final phase will have Jenova summon a bunch of tentacles using Propogate. (left), If you leave them alone, they conjure up balls of gas, similar to Pestilence. (right)

If left alive for too long, though, the tentacles will send gas balls (Pestilence) at you. It does seem like Jenova will stay pressured during this whole third phase, though, so lock onto the body parts to destroy them and make your life easier. It should probably only take one more stagger to bring an end to Jenova Emergent, after which, Chapter 5 will be brought to an end and you will arrive at Costa del Sol!

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