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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Comet Materia Location & How to Use Guide - Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Nathan Garvin

You’ll get a variety of magic attack materia in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, and while most of this is starter materia you’ll have access to the entire game, it can be quite powerful in the right circumstances. Enemies are often weak to elemental attacks and targeting those weaknesses can pressure enemies and deal massive damage - especially with the -ra and -ga variants of elemental spells. Sometimes, however, you don’t want to have to fuss with elements and would prefer to just rain magical, non-elemental death down on the battlefield. If you’ve got a hankering for mass destruction, "Comet Materia" iconComet Materia may just be the answer you’re looking for, and this page will explain how to obtain Comet Materia and how to use it effectively in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

How do you get Comet Materia in FF7 Rebirth?
You can get the Comet Materia by completing World Intel in the "Nibel Region" iconNibel Region, and then purchasing from Chadley for 40 Data Points.

You can obtain an orb of Comet Materia by having Chadley develop it in Chapter 11.

Comet Materia Location - Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

You can actually obtain an orb of Comet Materia fairly early in the game - in Chapter 1 during the "Nibelheim" iconNibelheim flashback, in fact. Of course, you don’t have access to the freedom and resources you’ll have later in the rest of the game, so you probably won’t get the most out of it during Chapter 1, not to mention the time it would take if you actually wanted to level it up to access its Cometeor spell. You also don’t get to keep this Comet Materia when the flashback ends, so at best this is just a little taste of what sorts of toys you’ll get to play with in the distant future.

When you return to the Nibel Region during Chapter 11 you’ll finally be able to get your hands on an orb of Comet Materia that you can properly use and level up in the main game. In order to get this materia, you’ll need to find Chadley, who will develop the materia for 40 Data Points. You can earn Data Points by completing World Events around the Nibel Region - each World Event will get you 10 Data Points.

(1 of 2) The base spell, Comet, conjures a swarm of comets that rain down on the battlefield, dealing moderate nonelemental AoE damage.

The base spell, Comet, conjures a swarm of comets that rain down on the battlefield, dealing moderate nonelemental AoE damage. (left), The upgraded Cometeor does the same thing, but with bigger, more damaging explosions. (right)

How to Use Comet Materia Effectively - Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Comet Materia summons a storm of non-elemental magical comets to bombard the battlefield. Each one deals moderate AoE damage, and there’s a good bit of RNG as to where each comet will land. It’s very likely every enemy will get hit, but some may be struck multiple times, especially larger foes. If you get the 3,000 AP required, you’ll be able to cast a superior version of the spell, Cometeor, which summons larger, more powerful meteors. The effect is largely the same, just with better coverage and more damage - everything you’d really want, right?

While it packs a wallop, Comet Materia does have some downsides. First, against singular targets using an -aga tier elemental spell might just do more damage. With 300+ "Magic Attack" iconMagic Attack you can expect enemies like the "Great Malboro" iconGreat Malboro to take 9,999 damage from Blizzaga, for example, something Comet or Cometeor simply cannot boast. Comet Materia also doesn’t target any elemental weaknesses, so it won’t be good at pressuring certain enemies. Finally, Comet costs a blistering 29 MP and Cometeor an even more painful 37 MP - even high MP characters probably won’t have more than a few casts in them before they’re depleted.

To combat its extreme MP costs, pair it with Synergy Materia and put it on a natural caster like Aerith. This will cause her to rain death down on the battlefield every time you use an offensive ability without costing her any ATB or MP.

If you intend to include it in your arsenal, it’ll almost certainly need to be paired with Support Materia, and there are a few good candidates. Perhaps the most obvious pairing is "Magic Efficiency Materia" iconMagic Efficiency Materia, as they can cut costs by up to 50% if you get the absurd amount of AP required to level this support materia up. This will make Comet and Cometeor much easier to cast regularly, but even at half its MP cost it’s pretty expensive. MP Absorption Materia will also soften the hit, but again, you’ll need to level some AP hungry materia for this to make much of a difference.

A more stable combination is Synergy Materia. Pair it with Comet Materia and every time you perform an offensive command that consumes ATB, the character with these paired materia will cast Comet free of charge. No ATB. No MP. Granted they’ll only use Comet, not Cometeor, but since it costs nothing it’s a great way to give a designated mage (say, Aerith) a potent AoE that she can effectively use in place of her normal attacks. She’ll still be building up ATB during the fight, too, so you can always have her toss out a Pray or use other materia. Just a smart offensive boost that doesn’t require any micromanagement on your part.

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