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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

All Corel Protorelic Locations - Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Jarrod Garripoli

The Protorelic is a chain of quests that started in the "Grasslands" iconGrasslands, and continues throughout Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. The Protorelic in the "Corel Region" iconCorel Region is one you won’t be able to do right away, as it’s in the desert portion. You will have to wait until Chapter 9 to be able to start this, but even then, you won’t be able to finish it until Chapter 12. It will involve you doing a minigame called Cactuar Crush, where you will need to beat down a bunch of "Cactuar" iconCactuars.

The Protorelic in the Corel Region will revolve around a lot of Cactuars.

As mentioned above, you won’t be able to start the Protorelic in the Corel Region until you reach Chapter 9 of the main story. Once you have, activate one of the towers in the desert area and you should receive a call from Chadley, putting Phenomenon Intel 1 on the map. As you approach the building, you will see a cutscene with a giant sand creature, then you will be able to get started. Basically, the Protorelic stuff in the Corel region boils down to doing two things. First, you’ll have to use a Cactuar statue to find a Cactuar Rock, then after going back to the reactor, you do the Cactuar Crush minigame.

Where to Find Cactuar Rock I

When you first inspect the door of the reactor for the first Protorelic part, you will see a scene that basically outlines what you need to do. You will have get a little Cactuar statue in your possession, which you can use with the Up button on the D-Pad. Hold the button to take out the statue and have it shoot a beam, indicating the location of the Cactuar Rock. If you look to the east of the entrance to the reactor, you should see some buildings on top of a rocky area. That’s where you will be headed, but you can’t get up there from that side.

(1 of 6) The location of the first Cactuar Rock on the map.

Instead, go around the northern side of that rocky section, where you should find a Chocobo Stop. A little more east of that, if you follow along the cliffside, is a hill that takes you up to the top portion. Head south, then east, past the buildings, and you should eventually see the Cactuar Rock. Stand in front of it and hold up the statue, which will spawn some Orange Cactrots. Defeat these, then return to the reactor to get inside. Go down the ladder and pass through the doorway to meet Kid G and start the first minigame.

Cactuar Crush: Yuffie Minigame Guide

The goal of the minigame is to defeat the Cactuars, which are worth a set amount of points, and reach at least 1,000 points to get the first reward on the list. This will allow you to complete that portion of the Protorelic quest and move onto the next, but you want to master the minigame and get all of the rewards, right? Well, you will be using Yuffie for this version of the minigame, whose speed can somewhat match that of the Cactuars. It’s important to note that Gladiatuars are weak to physical damage, while Magituars are weak to magic damage.

For Yuffie, you will basically be using two abilities here: Art of War (default) for physical, and "Windstorm" iconWindstorm for magical. Note that you shouldn’t have to worry about using Art of War on the smaller Gladiatuars, as normal attacks should be enough. You will still want to use Windstorm for the Magituars, as they are resistant to normal attacks. The Giftuars will go down in just about any hit and give time bonuses.

(1 of 6) Gladiatuars are weak to physical attacks and abilities.

When you start getting the bigger versions of both types is when things get a little more challenging, as you will want to use the above abilities. Also, the game will start to mix both types near the end, so you will be stuck unless you cycle through the two abilities. The bigger ones will use a move called Spine-splosion, where they toss out three bombs that explode after a few seconds. Getting hit by those, or even the Tackle move, will result in you losing 20 points.

Score Reward
1,000 "Mist Hi-Potion" iconMist Hi-Potion x3
1,500 "Mega-Potion" iconMega-Potion x3
2,500 "Crescent Moon Charm" iconCrescent Moon Charm

Where to Find Cactuar Rock II

The second reactor will be located to the west, south of Activation Intel 5 (the fifth tower). You should be able to see the building from the cliff right next to the tower; you can drive off the cliff in your Buggy, making it easier to get to it. Approach the front door to get the Cactuar Statue, then use it to start searching for the Cactuar Rock. This one will be located to the east of the fifth tower, so if you follow the cliffside here, you will come to a grapple point.

(1 of 5) The location of the second Cactuar Rock on the map.

Swing over towards the wall with more handholds, which you can jump to from the grapple point. These handholds will bring you over to the spot with the Cactuar Rock. Hold up the statue in front of it to cause three "Gold Cactuar" iconGold Cactuars to spawn. They are a little tougher than the orange ones, so be careful here. Once you do defeat them, though, return to the reactor and head inside to find the second trial waiting for you.

Cactuar Crush: Aerith Minigame Guide

The second one will require you to use Aerith, which will make things more difficult, especially because it introduces a new mechanic, too. The whole physical/magical thing still exists, but this version adds light and dark Cactuars. The DualSense-L2button conjures a Luminous Ward (Lightuars are weak to this) and DualSense-R2summons a Shadow Ward (Darktuars are weak to this). You don’t need ATB for these, as you can summon them all, although you can only have one or the other up at a time. If you’re not standing in one of these wards, then Aerith will simply swing her staff for a physical attack. Standing inside one of the wards will cause her to do her normal magical attack.

The following is the order of enemies you will face in this challenge:

  • Gladiatuars
  • Lightuars
  • Darktuars and Giftuar
  • Magituars and Giftuars
  • Gladiatuars and Giftuar
  • Magical Gigantuar and Giftuars
  • Lightuars and Darktuars
  • Magituars
  • Giftuars
  • Magical Gigantuar and Magituars

(1 of 5) Use the light and dark wards to tackle their respective Cactuars

The Magituars can be defeated while you’re standing in one of the two wards. However, they tend to gather around Aerith, making them prime fodder for a Sorcerous Storm. The Magical Gigantuar is probably the biggest pain for this stage of the minigame, as it would take a lot of hits from normal magical attacks to down it. It also moves around quite a bit, so getting hits in can be trouble. However, it will periodically stop, either to do something, perform Earthquake (straight shockwave attack) or Body Slam.

When it stops, that’s your cue to do Soul Drain, which can deal a lot of damage to it. Dodge either of the two attacks, noting that it will sit there and lay on the ground after Body Slam, which is the perfect opportunity to unleash attacks on it. Since the Gigantuars are worth 500 points, they are especially important for achieving the highest score.

Score Reward
1,000 "Mixed Hi-Potion" iconMixed Hi-Potion
1,500 "Hi-Ether" iconHi-Ether
2,500 "Item Master Materia" iconItem Master Materia "Earrings" iconEarrings

How to Start the Second Set of Corel Protorelic Quests

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to finish the Protorelic quests in the Corel Region during Chapter 9. Kid G, the Goblin who oversees everything, mentions that he needs to prepare for the final two trials after you complete the second one. So, you will have to wait until later in the game before you can do those. This will happen near the end of Chapter 12, so it will be a good while before you’re able to finish the Protorelic here. We will update this page with a link to the next part so check back soon!

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