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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

All Junon Enemy Assess Locations for Chadley - FF7 Rebirth

Nathan Garvin

New regions mean new monsters, and new monsters mean more things Chadley wants you to assess in order to expand his ever-growing corpus of knowledge. Just like in the "Grasslands" iconGrasslands, you can unlock a special VR battle that will upgrade your "Enemy Skill Materia" iconEnemy Skill Materia if you can Assess enough enemies in the "Junon Region" iconJunon Region. You need to Assess a total of 10 enemies in the Junon Region to unlock the VR battle Biological Intel: Breath of Life. This page will provide the location of every enemy you can Assess in the Junon Region of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

(1 of 2) Remember to keep Assess Materia equipped at all times, especially when clearing World Intel, as it’ll allow you to opportunistically scan most of the enemies you need.

Remember to keep Assess Materia equipped at all times, especially when clearing World Intel, as it’ll allow you to opportunistically scan most of the enemies you need. (left), Three of the Junon Region’s five common enemies can be found just outside of Gabe’s Ranch. (right)

Where to Find All Enemies in the Junon Region

If you want to learn the Enemy Skill Soothing Breeze you’ll need to hunt down and Assess ten enemies in the Junon Region. There are fourteen entries in the Enemy Intel menu listed as native to the Junon Region, but ten of these enemies are recurring - either you can encounter them in the field or as part of some World Intel event or another, leaving only four as potentially missable. We’ll sort these enemies into four categories, which will detail how much of a bother they are to find and Assess:

All Junon Region Enemy Locations

Number Enemy Location
39 "Sandstorm Drake" iconSandstorm Drake Side Quest: When Words Won’t Do
62 Tornadu Piedmont Tower region
63 "Fonadu" iconFonadu Fiend Intel 1: Cacophonic Corvid
65 "Fleetwing" iconFleetwing Near Gabe’s Ranch
66 "Stormwing" iconStormwing Fiend Intel 4: Weather the Storm
87 "Mystic Dragon" iconMystic Dragon Side Quest: Dreaming of Blue Skies
90 "White Mousse" iconWhite Mousse Side Quest: The Hardest Sell
94 "Zemzelett" iconZemzelett Batteryhill Tower region, Prospect Tower region
95 "Whymzelett" iconWhymzelett Fiend Intel 2: Zemze Breaks
96 "Ignilisk" iconIgnilisk Near Gabe’s Ranch
97 "Lavalisk" iconLavalisk Fiend Intel 3: Scorched Earth
98 "Capparwire" iconCapparwire Near Gabe’s Ranch
100 "Mindflayer" iconMindflayer Classified Intel: The Whisperer in the "Darkness" iconDarkness
211 "Terror of the Deep" iconTerror of the Deep During main quest phase “Turning In”, in Lower Junon

First up, the most common enemies. These can be found in the wilderness near Gabe’s Ranch and the road leading to Junon Underground, and include the "Capparwire" iconCapparwire, "Fleetwing" iconFleetwing, and "Ignilisk" iconIgnilisk. The most common enemies in this region, you barely need to stray from civilization to find them. That’s not to say these enemies can’t be found elsewhere - they’re common throughout the region, even on the cape to the south of "Gabe" iconGabe’s Ranch.

(1 of 4) Zemzeletts aren’t terribly rare, but you’ll have to travel a bit to find them.

Now for the enemies you can find further afield. "Zemzelett" iconZemzeletts aren’t uncommon, but you probably won’t spot any until you head further south and east. A pair of these overgrown owls can be found along the southeastern end of the cape south of Gabe’s Ranch (go where the beached ship’s bow is pointing), and many more can be found in the mountains northeast of Activation Intel 3: Batteryhill Tower and south of Activation Tower 5: Prospect Tower to name a few. Tornadus are the last regularly spawning enemy in the Junon Region, and also the rarest. You can find one east of Activation Tower 4: Piedmont Tower.

Fiend Intel Enemies in the Junon Region

Once the common five enemies in this region have been scanned, turn your attention to the Field Intel enemies. These aren’t rare, in fact, they can be easier to find than, say, the Tornadu because their locations are static, and fights against them are repeatable. As long as you activate all the Activation Intel Towers you should be able to find all the Fiend Intel locations, making scanning the next four enemies a breeze:

Fiend Intel Enemy
Fiend Intel 1: Cacophonic Corvid "Fonadu" iconFonadu
Fiend Intel 2: Zemze Breaks "Whymzelett" iconWhymzelett
Fiend Intel 3: Scorched Earth "Lavalisk" iconLavalisk
Fiend Intel 4: Weather the Storm "Stormwing" iconStormwing

(1 of 3) Hunt down Expedition Intel and you’ll uncover the region’s Classified Intel.

Where to Find the Classified Foe Mindflayer in the Junon Region

The last repeatable enemy you need to scan is the "Mindflayer" iconMindflayer, the subject of this region’s Classified Intel. Just like the Quetzalcoatl in the Grasslands, you’ll need to seek out this region’s Expedition Intel events to discover the location of the aforementioned Classified Intel: The Whisperer in the "Darkness" iconDarkness. This isn’t optional - the trigger for the fight simply won’t spawn until you’ve found enough Expedition Intel, and you’re going to need to wrangle this region’s chocobo to reach some of these. Remember to scan the Mindflayer during the fight so you don’t have to repeat the battle and you should be golden.

Some enemies listed as being in the Junon Region can only be encountered and scanned during quests, like the White Mousse.

MIssable Enemy Intel in the Junon Region

Finally, there are the missable enemies. These include story enemies, like the "Terror of the Deep" iconTerror of the Deep, which you’ll have to fight when you head into Lower Junon, and rare quest enemies like the "Sandstorm Drake" iconSandstorm Drake. If you want their intel, be sure to keep Assess Materia equipped and remember to scan them when they show up! If you don’t scan The Terror of the Deep, the Sandstorm Drake, the "Mystic Dragon" iconMystic Dragon, and the "White Mousse" iconWhite Mousse, you may not get another chance until New Game+. Still, they’re not strictly necessary if you want to complete Chadley’s VR battle, but it can be annoying for completionists.

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