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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Can You Import Save Data from Remake to Rebirth?

Jarrod Garripoli

When the Final Fantasy VII Remake first released in 2020, many questions on gamers’ minds were related to whether they would be able to carry over their characters from that game into the sequels. Once it was formally announced that the entire remake saga would span a total of three games, we eventually got the answer to the above question. So, you won’t be able to carry over your save file from Remake into Rebirth, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t bonuses for having save data.

Leviathan is one of two Summon Materia you’ll receive for having Remake save data.

Bonuses for Save Data from FFVII Remake to FF7 Rebirth

While you won’t be able to carry your overpowered characters from Final Fantasy VII Remake to FFVII Rebirth, you do get some bonuses for simply having save data on your Playstation 5. Yes, since Rebirth will only be available for the PS5 at launch, you will need your save data from the previous game on that console. Note that it doesn’t matter if it’s the PS4 version of Remake or the PS5 version’s data, since you only need to make sure it’s on the PS5. This only pertains to the main game, but there is also a bonus for having save data from the DLC, Intermission, which was only available on the PS5 (no PS4 version exists).

So, what are those bonuses for the above save data? Well, for the Final Fantasy VII Remake file, you will receive the Leviathan Summon Materia. For having save data from the Intermission DLC, you will receive the Ramuh Summon Materia. Note that it isn’t clear just yet if you will just receive the Summon Materia right away or if you’ll need to progress through the game some. It’s possible that you might need to progress the game and do something with Chadley before you’ll be granted the materia.

Bonuses from FFVII Rebirth Demo

On February 6, 2024, a demo was released for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, which contained a small sample of the beginning moments of the game. It takes place during the flashback incident, with Cloud accompanying Sephiroth to Nibelheim. If you complete this section of the demo, then you will be able to skip that portion in the full game. Additionally, on February 21, an update will occur that unlocks an additional part of the demo, allowing you to explore a portion of the Junon area. Note that this section was specifically crafted for the demo and won’t be carried over to the full game.

For having save data from the demo, though, you will unlock two more things in the full game. Those are the Kupo Charm and the Survival Set. The first is an accessory that increases the number of resource items you can get at gathering points, while the latter is just an item set to help you get started on your adventure in the world of Rebirth, offering items like Potions and Ethers.

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The second in a trio of games, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth continues with the epic retelling of the original Final Fantasy VII story. Follow Cloud Strife and company, as they chase Sephiroth, after the events that unfolded in the city of Midgar. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will contain the same action-based combat system introduced in Remake, with additions to keep it fresh. To help you along the way, this guide plans to contain the following content:

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