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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Red XIII Combat Guide

Jessica Dillon

"Red XIII" iconRed XIII is a powerful party member that just about any player can pick up. His attacks can inflict high amounts of damage on enemy targets with only a little effort from the player. Keep in mind that Red XIII is meant to be played as a close-range character. The guide below goes over how to best play Red XII in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Red XIII joins your party when you reach the Grasslands.

How to Play as Red XIII - Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

While Red XIII did help the party out in the first game, he couldn’t be controlled by the player. As soon as you step into the "Grasslands" iconGrasslands during the game’s second chapter, Red XIII officially joins your party. He is a close-ranged attacker with powerful strikes. He is one of the fastest members in your party so zipping across the battlefield to help out your party is easy. His basic attack has him using his claws on enemies while holding square causes him to spin for an AoE attack that sucks those around him in.

His triangle move unlocks Vengeance Mode. This mode can be activated if the bar has energy in it but will phase out after it is drained. This is unlocked when he is able to block attacks from enemies. As an added bonus when an attack is blocked, you have the ability to counterattack. After Vengeance Mode is activated Red XIII gets an immediate boost to attack and speed. This can be used to further bolster his regular attack and skills to take foes down more quickly.

(1 of 2) You will want to switch between attacking and blocking.

You will want to switch between attacking and blocking. (left), Blocking will raise your Vengeance Bar. (right)

The triangle button will now be an attack called Siphon Fang. When used, Red XIII will attack the enemy, absorbing both their HP and MP. You should also keep in mind that while he is made to be an attacker, his speed makes it easier to maneuver out of the way of enemy damage.

Best Abilities and Spells for Red XIII

Below is every ability that Red XIII can use in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Ability Description
"Crescent Claw" iconCrescent Claw Red attacks an enemy with both claws, this will be multiple attacks if you have Vengeance Mode engaged.
Sentinel Stance Red stands in place with a defensive stance. This charges the Vengeance Meter and can be ended at any time. If an enemy is attacking while in Sentinel Stance press square to unleash a counterattack and exit the stance.
Sidewinder "Red XIII" iconRed XIII jumps into the air to perform a spinning attack and then slams down onto the ground providing additional damage to enemies.
"Stardust Ray" iconStardust Ray This move can be used when you have two ATB charges. Once activated "Red XIII" iconRed XIII collects energy and shoots it at his foes.

Sentinel Stance & Crescent Claw Combo

Sentinel Stance is a move that is defense in nature but is needed to build up the Vengeance Meter. During this time Red XIII will take reduced damage while the meter charges. You can break away from it at any time in case of an emergency. Once you’re charged up, unleash Vengeance Mode and use "Crescent Claw" iconCrescent Claw. This will cause Red XIII to do multiple powerful slashes at surrounding enemies, depleting your Vengeance Meter. This combo can be combined with regular attacks for maximum effectiveness or to fit the battle’s needs.

Stardust Ray

"Stardust Ray" iconStardust Ray is Red XIII’s strongest skill by far, but it takes quite a bit of time to use. This is due to the fact that you must fill two ATB meters before using it. Once you deploy it Red XIII will amass energy and then release it on the foes in front of him. This move will deal a massive amount of damage, despite not being influenced by Vengeance Mode.

(1 of 2) Sentinel Stance can help raise the Vengeance Meter.

Sentinel Stance can help raise the Vengeance Meter. (left), Stardust Beam is Red XIII’s most powerful skill. (right)

Red XIII Weapons and What Abilities They Grant

Below are the weapons you can equip for Red XIII, what ability they grant, and where to find them.

Weapon Ability Chapter Location
"Mythril Collar" iconMythril Collar "Stardust Ray" iconStardust Ray Chapter 2 Initial Equip
"Renegade’s Collar" iconRenegade’s Collar "Crescent Claw" iconCrescent Claw Chapter 3 Mine Depths: Lower Layer - Subterranean Terrace - In the first part of the Barret and "Red XIII" iconRed XIII section, in a chest near a Rest Spot.
"Silver Collar" iconSilver Collar Chapter 6 "Chilling Roar" iconChilling Roar Reach Rank III while playing the Run Wild mini-game in "Costa Del Sol" iconCosta Del Sol.
"Amethyst Collar" iconAmethyst Collar "Supernal Fervor" iconSupernal Fervor Chapter 7 Colliery No. 1 inside of the Old South Corel Mine.
"Golden Collar" iconGolden Collar "Watcher’s Respite" iconWatcher’s Respite Chapter 9 Coolant Control - B3 in the Gongaga Reactor.
Mystic Collar Watcher’s Spirit Chapter 10 Cave of Gi in the Hall of Diversion.
Brísingamen Reaper Touch Chapter 13 In the Corridor of Repose.

All Limit Breaks for Red XIII

Red XIII has powerful Limit Breaks at his disposal. Howling Moon allows for Red XIII to extend his time in Vengeance mode. The second Limit Break is Bloodfang and this move has Red XIII lunge forward with a powerful attack. Enemies hit will have their HP and MP drained. Essentially, this is a better version of Siphon Fang, a move only available while in Vengeance Mode.

All Synergy Abilities for Red XIII

Synergy Abilities are powerful attacks involving two party members. Synergy abilities are activated when certain characters in your party, and must be activated by Red XIII himself. The table below goes over his abilities.

Ability Character Description
Overfang Barret Barret hurls "Red XIII" iconRed XIII at an enemy for an attack.
Planetary Roar Aerith Aerith uses "Red XIII" iconRed XIII to channel magic. This unleashes a wave of magic in the area around him that damages enemies.
Savage Assault Cloud Cloud and "Red XIII" iconRed XIII use their rage to attack an enemy together.

All Synergy Skills Involving Red XIII

The abilities below are other Synergy Abilities triggered by other characters. While Red XIII can’t activate these himself, he does need to be in the party for them to activate.

Ability Character Description
Howling Smash Cloud Cloud and "Red XIII" iconRed XIII unleash a flurry of ranged magic attacks.
Bodyguard Tifa "Red XIII" iconRed XIII takes the next hit for Tifa.
Leaping Strikes Tifa "Red XIII" iconRed XIII uses his legs to launch Tifa into the air for an aerial attack.
Mad Dash Barrett Barrett hurries forward and the duo unleashes a two-part attack.

There you have it; you now know how to effectively use Red XIII in combat and how to use Vengeance effectively. If you’d like to learn how to play some of the other characters, check out the pages below:

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