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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

All Seventh Infantry Locations - Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Nathan Garvin

In the original Final Fantasy VII the first visit to Junon was fondly remembered for one thing: the road leading to the Junon Reactor where savvy players could trigger an alarm and fight end-game enemies early and grind for big EXP if they were willing to take the risk! Okay, fine, Junon was known for two things - the extraneous EXP grind and the memorable parade sequence and minigame. As with most things in the remake trilogy, the Junon parade has had its pomp, bombasity, and production values turned up to eleven, and because this game is more than a 1:1 remake, the scope of the minigame has been expanded, as well. Namely this time around you’re tasked with seeking out the wayward Midgar Seventh Infantry, bringing them to heel and organizing them into a fierce parade-worthy force whose antics will delight the god-emperor President Rufus!

(1 of 2) After being forced to practice for the parade,

After being forced to practice for the parade, (left), your performance will catch the attention of a Shinra commander, who promotes you and tasks you with hunting down the rest of Seventh Infantry. (right)

Where to Find All Seventh Infantry Units

After infiltrating upper Junon you’ll eventually find yourself impersonating Shinra troopers, before running afoul of an aspiring commander’s machinations. Engage in a parade minigame tutorial and you’ll so thoroughly impress the Shinra brass that Cloud ends up promoted to captain, and with this shiny new red helmet comes some responsibilities: rounding up the Midgar Seventh Infantry before the parade begins.

There are ten units out in Junon for you to wrangle, and while you only need to find five of them to proceed, finding all of the Midgar Seventh Infantry units directly influences two trophies. First, there’s a straightforward reward for finding all ten units in the trophy 7th, Assemble!, but if you want a good shot at having the best parade performance in the upcoming parade minigame, you’ll need to find the elite units that are part of the Midgar Seventh Infantry, as they yield bonuses for including them in your parade formation (as well as increasing the difficulty of the minigame).

The locations of every Seventh Infantry Unit on the map.

Once your meeting with the commander is over, you’ll need to continue out into Junon proper - the “Main Street - City Center” map, to be precise, where a huge search circle unhelpfully covers pretty much the entire map. Since the game isn’t going to help you find these wayward units, all their locations will be marked on the map (above). This should suffice to give you a general idea of where to look, but the map itself doesn’t detail the city’s layout all that well, so below the map, you’ll find text descriptions as well:

(1 of 12) You can find a unit of Shinra trooping gawking at the Junon Canon.

  • From the main street, turn left and head upstairs to an elevated walkway, then continue forward to find a unit of soldiers gawking at the Junon Cannon.

  • On the right side of the street, just past the door leading to “The Full Arsenal” (weapon/accessory vendor) you’ll find a unit of Seventh Infantry troopers posing for photos with a cutout of Rufus. To get them to join you’ll need to take a photo of them posing with the Rufus standee - wait until the reticle turns green and press DualSense-R2 and you’ll get a "Rufus Shinra Cutout" iconRufus Shinra Cutout.

  • In “The Full Arsenal”. Most of the unit is on the upper floor, but the one you need to talk to is on the lower floor, staring at a replica model of the Junon Cannon. There’s no way that display cannon fits in that box. Round these troopers up before they get scammed.

  • In the “Shopping Center 3F”, just near the item shop. You’ll find two troopers discussing what gift is appropriate for a girlfriend. A girlfriend who likes either of those earrings is probably pretty cool, honestly.

  • In the “Cecilia’s of Junon” shop (materia vendor), which can only be accessed from the back streets. Talk to the troopers engaged in idle chatter by some display cases.

  • Up the street from the Shopping Center building you’ll find the Barracks, which has four floors. On the third floor, “Barracks - Assembly Room”, you’ll find a trooper talking to a reporter. Get him away from the media and into formation.

  • Another unit that can be found in the Barracks. Head up to the fourth floor, “Barracks - Briefing Room” where you’ll find some troopers drilling. Talk to them - practice is over, time for the real deal.

  • Down the street from the Barracks you’ll find the “Larboard Garrison”. Enter and head downstairs to reach the “Larboard Garrison - Storeroom”, where some troopers are discussing which formation is the most impressive, teasing a choice you’ll have to make shortly. "Stop" iconStop your subordinates from contemplating affairs above their pay grade and get them out on the street!

  • Across the street from the Barracks you’ll find a club, “Le Sourire”. You’ll find some troopers inside bemoaning a transfer. No time for tears - it’s parade time!

The moment you recruit the tenth unit from Midgar’s Seventh Infantry you’ll get the trophy 7th, Assemble!. You can find the commander and her subordinate at the end of the main street as soon as you have five units, and you’ll need to talk to her to progress with the Junon parade, but that’s a subject for another page

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