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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Calling All Frogs Quest Guide

Jarrod Garripoli

It’s safe to say that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is full of minigames, either as part of the main story or present in the various quests throughout the game. Upon reaching "Under Junon" iconUnder Junon, you will eventually be forced to battle a boss, after which, some quests will become available. One of these quests is called Calling All Frogs and you will either be able to snatch it from the noticeboard, or by visiting the Coastline of Under Junon. This page will detail how to defeat the fiends as a frog, as well as how to complete the Whirligig Whack "Jumpfrog" iconJumpfrog minigame.

Calling All Frogs is a quest that becomes available during Chapter 4.

How to Fight as A Frog - Calling All Frogs

As you approach the misty waters in the southeastern corner of the Coastline in Under Junon, a scene will take place and you’ll see a frog turn into a kid. It turns out this area will turn you into a frog, for some reason. Since you helped out Priscilla, they invite you to play Jumpfrog, but before you can accept their offer, some fiends appear. You go to fight them, but as the kid previously mentioned, this area turns you into frogs. So, you’ll have to defeat these enemies while fighting as a frog.

You’ll be up against some "Capparwire" iconCapparwires and "Ignilisk" iconIgnilisks, with the former being kind of annoying. They will pretty much just force themselves into attacking, even if you’re in the middle of a combo. They can kind of juggle you, too, so you will want to be careful around them. For fighting as a frog, you are kind of limited. Using a normal attack at a distance will cause your character to shoot out their tongue and bring the enemy to them.

(1 of 4) Go to this spot on the coastline in Under Junon to start this quest.

From there, you will do normal attack combos, but it should be noted you won’t have your usual kit. The only ability you have is called Leapfrog, which costs a single ATB. This will be your main damage dealer, though, so don’t be afraid to use it at any chance you get. The biggest problem occurs when you need to heal, as that will be assigned to the Triangle button, for Bubble Breath. Keep spamming the button until your character unleashes the biggest bubble, which will require an enemy to pass through it to trigger the actual healing.

How to Win at Whirligig Whack Jumpfrog

Report back to the children after beating all of the enemies, where you will then play the minigame. The goal of the minigame is simple, you just need to stay on the platform as long as you can. However, there will be two pillars that are horizontal and spun around the central pillar. If you touch these pillars at all, then you will be knocked off of the platform. Press Circle to leap over the obstacles, and dash to safety with either L3 or R2.

In order to fully complete the minigame, which is needed for the platinum trophy, you need to stay on the platform for 1 minute and 20 seconds. The minigame starts rather tame, as the beams don’t move too quickly, and you’ll have the entirety of the platform for maneuvering. However, once 30 seconds have passed, two of the segments of the platform will begin to shake. Once you see this, quickly move away from those segments, as they will fall off, leaving you less room.

(1 of 5) Your goal is to simply jump over the beams as they approach you and stay on the platform as long as possible.

This will happen again at the one minute mark, essentially bringing you down to only one segment for the rest of the minigame. Meanwhile the bottom of the two spinning beams will be moving faster and faster, so you will need to jump more often. You will want to try and stay in the middle of the last piece of the platform here, as you do lose a bit of momentum with each jump, forcing you closer to the edge.

If all you want to do is complete the quest, though, you only need to stay on the platform for 30 seconds, which is easy enough. All of the rewards for this minigame are "Enfeeblement Ring" iconEnfeeblement Rings, which when equipped, turn your characters into frogs. For completing the quest, you will get some EXP for both your characters and Party Level, as well as some affection towards Tifa.

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