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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

How to Beat Mindflayer - Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Jessica Dillon

The "Mindflayer" iconMindflayer is the Classified Intel located in Junon. This is a hard fight for those not familiar with the boss’s attacks, and it has the ability to wipe out your party members with a single attack. This makes it rather difficult to win the battle without items until you learn his moves. The guide below goes over where to find the Mindflayer, its attacks, how to pressure it, and the best way to win the fight.

The Mindflayer is the classified intel of the Junon region.

Where to Find the Mindflayer - FFVII Rebirth

The Mindflayer won’t be found roaming in the Junon wild. First, you must complete all of the Expedition Intel in the area, of which there are four of them. Once you do, head to the island near Expedition Intel 2: Castaway Lifespring. You will want to go to the center of the island. Once you do, you have the option to challenge the Mindflayer whenever you are ready. We do recommend that you take a look at your surroundings, primarily to find objects that you can hide behind when the Mindflayer unleashes Psychotic Break.

All Mindflayer Attacks

The Mindflayer can be a tough boss if you don’t know how to deal with its move set. Once you figure out how to get around it powerful attacks, you can easily take it down.

  • Accused Orb: Releases an orb to attack the party.
  • Astral Apprehension: Lighting impacts areas around the arena.
  • Eldritch Horror: Energy is shot towards the party.
  • Rock Throw: Small rocks are thrown at the party.
  • Psychic Orbs: Small orbs are shot at a party member.
  • Psychotic Break: Summons a powerful attack that will kill most of your party.
  • Sinister Seizure: Captures a party member in place and deals damage during the hold.
  • Swipe: A close-range attack where Mindflayer swipes at a party member.
  • Telekinesis: The Mindflayer throws rocks toward the party, usually around the time he uses Psychotic Break. These can be used to dodge the attack.
  • Whip: A whip is summoned for a semi-long-range attack.

How to Defeat the Mindflayer

This miniboss can be difficult to deal with as it is able to warp around the battlefield. It can also be tricky to pressure it, as the best way to do so is by using Synergy Abilities. Outside of this, the boss doesn’t have any weaknesses and is resistant to a variety of attack types, making it hard to whittle down. One of the best party combinations to take into the fight is Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith. If you’re not concerned about healing, then you may swap Aerith with "Red XIII" iconRed XIII, as his speed helps you dodge attacks more easily. If you want a ranged approach, you can also use Barrett. Just be careful not to lose too much health, as Cloud’s Cure doesn’t restore all that much HP. You might want to bring plenty of "Phoenix Down" iconPhoenix Downs with you to help keep your party alive. In addition, status effect Materia are effective against the Mindflayer, as are spells of the same type.

Many attacks like Claw, Whip, Psychic Orbs, and Rock Throw are standard attacks that can be dodged or blocked. Astral Apprehension can be dodged; all you need to do is avoid the spots where the attack is about to strike. If you are confident in your blocking skills, you can also deflect Eldritch Horror. As for Accused Orb, you can use a boulder to dodge the attack. Outside of this. You will need to work around the Mindflayer’s attack and take note of when Psychotic Break is about to be activated. This move can kill all of your party members or reduce your health to 10%. You can avoid this by dodging behind a boulder when the attack is about to hit, but your party members will likely need to be revived if they are still out in the open. You may want to have a few extra healing items on hand to get yourself out of a pinch.

(1 of 3) Mindflayer will warp around the field to put distance between itself and your party.

The best strategy here is to drain the ATB meters of Cloud and Tifa to quickly get your Synergy up. Once this is done, unleash their combined attack to pressure the Mindflayer and get closer to staggering the enemy. You will need to repeat this multiple times while working around the Mindflayer’s attacks and catching up to it as it warps around the field. We highly recommend calling in a summon as well to give yourself a bit of extra firepower. Repeat this process as much as possible until it is defeated. Once you get the hang of dodging its Psychotic Break attack, the fight becomes much easier.

Once the Mindflayer is defeated you will get the "Mindflayer Crown" iconMindflayer Crown. This is an item used in transmutation. This allows you to craft new items and is used to make a "Psychic's Charm" iconPsychic’s Charm. You will also get an intel point and some Gil for defeating this monster. If at any time you want to rechallenge, you can do so by returning to the same spot.

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