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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

All Nibel Region Enemy Assess Locations for Chadley - FF7 Rebirth

Nathan Garvin

After pursuing the black-robed men across more than half the planet, Cloud and Tifa finally find themselves back home in the "Nibel Region" iconNibel Region. A new region means new enemies and new enemies mean more fodder for Chadley’s VR battles. You need to Assess 16 enemies in the Nibel Region to unlock Biological Intel: Stony Stare, and this page will help you locate the enemies in the Nibel Region in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

(1 of 2) To unlock the VR battle “Biological Inte: Stony Stare” you’ll need to Assess 16 enemies in the Nibel Region,

To unlock the VR battle “Biological Inte: Stony Stare” you’ll need to Assess 16 enemies in the Nibel Region, (left), and to do that you’ll need the Nibel chocobo and its Chocojet ability. (right)

Where to Find All 16 Enemies in the Nibel Region

The Nibel Region is, with the exception of perhaps only the "Corel Region" iconCorel Region, the most complicated place to gather enemy intel. That’s not to say it’s difficult, but enemies from the Nibel Region are encountered in both Chapter 1 and Chapter 11, and frankly in a lot of places in between - VR battles being the main culprit but various arena fights (like the ones in the "Gold Saucer" iconGold Saucer) may also put you into contact with Nibel Region enemies early. The point is, you may already have a fair number of Nibel Region enemies defeated and Assessed before you ever reach Chapter 11.

We had seven enemies defeated and Assessed when we reached Chadley without getting into a single fight in the Nibel Region, which means every enemy you encountered in Chapter 1 (even if you skipped it via the demo) will count as Assessed. If you failed to Assess some of these enemies ("Twin Brain" iconTwin Brain, "Zu" iconZu, "Velociwing" iconVelociwing, "Kyuvildun" iconKyuvildun, "Insectoid Chimera" iconInsectoid Chimera, "Screamer" iconScreamer, and "Materia Guardian" iconMateria Guardian), it’s not a huge concern as you can encounter all of them save for Materia Guardian before you even set foot back in the Nibel Region. Should you have all seven of these enemies Assessed you’ll be able to reach the magic number of sixteen before having to do any story content as long as you hunt down a few enemies that actually only spawn in the Nibel Region (Nibel Wolf, "Poison" iconPoison Caps, Valron, and Disgorgon), all the Fiend Intel rare enemies and the region’s Confidential foe.

Number Enemy Note
33 Nibel Wolf
34 Pyretail Fiend Intel
56 "Twin Brain" iconTwin Brain Appears before Chapter 11
60 "Zu" iconZu Appears before Chapter 11
64 King "Zu" iconZu Confidential Foe
68 "Velociwing" iconVelociwing Appears before Chapter 11
69 Dragon
71 "Kyuvildun" iconKyuvildun Appears before Chapter 11
72 Carnifex Fiend Intel
112 "Poison" iconPoison Cap
140 "Insectoid Chimera" iconInsectoid Chimera Appears before Chapter 11
155 Valron
156 Marquis Valron Fiend Intel
158 Disgorgon
159 Suevite Disgorgon Fiend Intel
162 Bahba Velamyu
163 Black Bat
180 "Screamer" iconScreamer Appears before Chapter 11
208 "Materia Guardian" iconMateria Guardian Boss, Appears before Chapter 11

(1 of 2) The enemies in the Nibel Region are a bit odd, as many can be Assessed early - either in Chapter 1 or during various VR or arena battles,

The enemies in the Nibel Region are a bit odd, as many can be Assessed early - either in Chapter 1 or during various VR or arena battles, (left), or you can just wait until Chapter 11 to scan them normally. (right)

Rare and Missable Enemy Assess in the Nibel Region

Given the odd nature of the Nibel Region enemies, sorting them into different rarity groups will be especially helpful for locating these foes. First, the enemies you can encounter again before reaching Chapter 11 should be counted among the easiest of the easy. These include the Twin Brain, Zu, Velociwing, Kyuvildun, Insectoid "Chimera" iconChimera, Screamer, and Materia Guardian. Again, most of these are fought either in Chapter 1 or during various VR battles/arena fights.

Of these prematurely-encountered enemies, Nibel Wolf, Zu, Kyuvildun, Poison Cap, Valron, and Disgorgon can all be countered in the open world area of the Nibel Region before entering "Nibelheim" iconNibelheim. You may need the Nibel Region chocobo to reach some of these enemies, but once that formality is out of the way you’ll potentially have encountered and Assessed 11 enemies.

(1 of 2) As usual every Fiend Intel battle will yield a unique scan,

As usual every Fiend Intel battle will yield a unique scan, (left), as will the Confidential Foe, King Zu. (right)

There are also four Fiend Intel battles west of Nibelheim, where you can encounter the Pyretail, Carnifex, Marquis Valron, and Suevite Disgorgon. All you need to do is locate these events (completing the region’s Activation Intel towers should suffice) and you can fight them at your leisure, making for a pretty easy fifteen enemies. The sixteenth, of course, is the Classified foe, King Zu, you can encounter in the region. This will unlock when you complete Expedition Intel events.

While there’s just enough enemies west of Nibelheim to meet the requirement, east of Nibelheim has three more unique scans you can get.

As much as we want to focus on exploration without bothering with the main questline, NIbelheim exists and there’s a great deal of the Nibel Region to explore to the east of town. There aren’t any World Intel events or other open world trappings beyond Nibelheim, but there are opportunities to encounter Nibel Region foes you otherwise couldn’t. Recurring enemies you can fight west of Nibelheim as well as east include the Nibel Wolf, Kyuvildun, Poison Cap, and Zu while enemies you can encounter east of Nibelheim that aren’t also found in the west include the Twin Brain, Velociwing, Insectoid Chimera, and Screamer. You can also encounter one new enemy en route to the Nibel Reactor (when your party is Cloud, Tifa, and Yuffie), the Dragon.

After the Nibel Reactor you’ll have to proceed through the "Shinra Mansion" iconShinra Mansion with a party of "Cait Sith" iconCait Sith, Barret, and Aerith. During this section, you can encounter the Bahba Velamyu and Black Bat enemies (the other enemies don’t count as being part of the Nibel Region). Between these enemies you’ll be at 19 enemies.

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