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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Tides of War and Worry Quest Walkthrough

Jessica Dillon

Tides of War and Worry is one of the last side quests to unlock in Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth. This quest places you on the back of a dolphin and tasks you with beating a race course within two minutes time. This can be a bit tricky at first as you need to gain speed and know when to break. The guide below goes over how to start Tides of War and Worry, how to complete the "Dolphin Show" iconDolphin Show, and what rewards you get from the quest.

Learning to control your dolphin during the Dolphin Show mini-game can be confusing at first.

Starting Tides of War and Worry Side Quest

Tides of War and Worry won’t unlock until you reach Chapter 12, and are able to fast travel back to "Under Junon" iconUnder Junon. Once there, check the notice board to find the quest. Head down to Dolphin Cove and speak with Priscilla on the dock. She will explain that she wants to put on a Dolphin Show in order to ease the children’s anxiety about the war. This is a mini-game, so just let Priscilla know when you’re ready to try the race.

The Dolphin Show Minigame in Tides of War and Worry

The Dolphin Show mini-game isn’t hard if you’re just trying to complete the Tides of War and Worry. You simply need to make it to the finish line within two minutes to complete the side quest. To do this, make sure to run into the floating beach balls to upgrade your speed, and only drift when you are going around tough corners. Drifting too much will cause you to go over the time limit. As long as you avoid running into the buoys, the side of ramps, or the side of the racetrack, you shouldn’t be slowed down by much and will arrive before the time goes over. Like with many of Rebirth’s mini-games, Dolphin Show will give out prizes if you hit certain goals. The table below goes over every reward you can earn in the Dolphin Show.

"Dolphin Show" iconDolphin Show Reward Rank Time Limit Reward
Rank I 02:00 or Under x1 "Elixir" iconElixir
Rank II 01:48 or Under x1 "Cosmotite Ore" iconCosmotite Ore
Rank III 01:40 or Under x3 Dark Matter

(1 of 2) Speak with Priscilla when you’re ready to attempt the Dolphin Show.

Speak with Priscilla when you’re ready to attempt the Dolphin Show. (left), To complete Tides of War and Worry, you just need to cross the finish line in two minutes. (right)

This is a pretty easy mini-game to master once you run the race course a few times. Grab beach balls to keep your speed up, use ramps for air, and dodge buoys. While you can’t brake much if you’re going for the Rank III prize, you can replay the course to get familiar enough with obstacles to dodge them with ease. For completing the Tides of War and Worry sidequest you will get 10 party experience and 2,400 experience. Your relationship with Yuffie will also deepen as this is one of her character quests.

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