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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Gigatrice Boss Guide

Jarrod Garripoli

Chapter 7 is a rather long chapter in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, with your party being split into locked groups twice. During the second grouping, consisting of Yuffie, Tifa and Barret, you will have to go through the Corel Coal Mines. At the end of this little adventure, you will face the "Gigatrice" iconGigatrice boss to try and help rescue some baby birds. This page will detail all of the Gigatrice’s attacks, as well as offer tips and strategies in defeating it.

Gigatrice is the second of two bosses you will face during Chapter 7.

All of Gigatrice’s Attacks

The Gigatrice is a boss that will have two phases, the second of which is triggered at around 65% or so remaining HP. While it will introduce some new abilities in the second phase, it will still use the ones from the first phase throughout the entire fight.

  • Double Talon Rake: The Gigatrice will swoop down and claw at someone with both of its feet. You will want to dodge/block when you see the claws coming down at you.

  • Gliding Harrier: The boss will glide across the ground, like a standard charging attack. This might be hard to dodge, due to the size of the Gigatrice, so it might be easier to try and block it.

  • Rough Landing: The Gigatrice will go up into the air a little bit, then come crashing down on the ground. Either try to block it, or quickly move away from the splash zone.

  • Petrifying Breath: "Unblockable" iconUnblockable. There seem to be two variants of this attack, both of which can inflict the "Petrify" iconPetrify ailment. While in the air, the boss will fire a beam in a straight direction. If it’s on the ground, it will float into the air and spew it straight down, creating a small cloud around it.

(1 of 3) Rough Landing can be tough to avoid, due to the boss’ size.

  • Aero: The big bird will cast Aero at one of your characters. This materializes on your character’s position at first, very briefly stunning them, then the actual wind attack will occur right after that. Keep moving to avoid it.

  • Charge: While grounded, the Gigatrice will charge straight ahead, so try to move out of the way.

  • Tail Swing: While grounded, the boss will do a small sweeping attack with its tail. Not too hard to block or avoid.

  • Conjure Cyclones: Unblockable and second phase. The boss will create some smaller cyclones around the battlefield. These will stay on the field for a while, so you just need to avoid them.

  • Talon Assault: Second phase. A little similar to Double Talon Rake, but it’s stronger.

  • Wild Spin: Unblockable. Second phase; grounded. The Gigatrice will perform a spin attack while on the ground, with it kicking up some dust. It comes out rather quick, so you might get hit by it, depending on your controlled character.

(1 of 2) The Tail Flip is a quick move that can be hard to completely dodge.

The Tail Flip is a quick move that can be hard to completely dodge. (left), Dust Devil is a huge attack, so you’ll want to move as far away as possible. (right)

  • Tail Flip: Second phase. The boss will perform a somersault, trying to hit you with its tail. Thankfully, it’s blockable, but it’s also kind of easy to avoid.

  • "Wind" iconWind "Barrier" iconBarrier: Second phase. The Gigatrice will surround itself with some wind, making it impervious to some damage. It might only be magic damage it becomes immune to, as physical damage still works.

  • Dust Devil: Unblockable. Only seems to use it when low on health. Gigatrice conjures a very large tornado around its body. You will need to move pretty far away to avoid it, as it does huge damage.

Gigatrice Boss Strategy

The Gigatrice is weak to both fire and poison, so if you have access to those, then make sure to use them. Note that if you don’t have the corresponding Materia, then you can use Yuffie’s "Elemental Ninjutsu" iconElemental Ninjutsu to compensate. Of course, using either of the above won’t do anything to actually pressure the boss, since that’s not how it works for this creature (at least, not directly). The Gigatrice will open up the battle in the air. While it’s in the air, the boss will have a number of moves it can perform, most of which are blockable (Petrifying Breath is the only unblockable one).

After inflicting enough damage while it’s in the air, you will pressure the boss and it will fall to the ground. It gains a few more moves while on the ground, but you should try and focus on staggering it at this point. So, use Barret’s "Bonus Round" iconBonus Rounds and Tifa’s Focused Strike to increase it. Yuffie doesn’t seem to have anything that is meant for increasing stagger, so just stick to "Fire" iconFire Ninjutsu. If you don’t hit the HP threshold for the second phase, it will likely go back into the air, so do what you did before.

(1 of 2) Conjure Cyclones is a bunch of tornadoes around the arena.

Conjure Cyclones is a bunch of tornadoes around the arena. (left), Lighting one on fire and having the boss run into it will cause it to get pressured. (right)

Once the boss’ health has been brought down to around 65% or so, you will see a short cutscene and the second phase will begin. It will begin using Conjure Cyclones at this point, placing little tornadoes around the arena. Normally, you can’t do anything about this, but as the Gigatrice nears them, you will see that they can be targeted. Hit them with an elemental spell (fire, preferably) to create an elemental tornado. If the boss runs into this elemental tornado, it will become pressured and fall to the ground, like in the first phase.

Doing this will also remove the Wind Barrier that it can put on in this phase, which seems to protect it from magic. The Wild Spin is the only move to really watch for in the second phase, since it is unblockable. As you start draining the boss’ HP lower, it will pull out the Dust Devil ability. This is just a huge tornado that is centered on the Gigatrice’s body, but you cannot block it and it deals some big damage. So, as soon as you see it, move as far away as possible to dodge it.

Once you’ve defeated Gigatrice, the party will be welcomed by a bird, who gets a name. When you regain control, go to the panel and use it to lower the bridge by the rest of your party. Cloud, Aerith, and "Red XIII" iconRed XIII are now tasked with going down the tracks and setting the route for the others.

Set The Track’s Route

This is uneventful here, as the tracks are rather linear and there are a few battles along the way. When you reach the big fork, you will be able to set the route there. The default is Barret’s preferred route, so leave it alone if you want to increases your relationship with him. If you change it, then it will be a less dangerous route and it will please Yuffie. This only really improves the affection of one of those two characters, so do whatever you want here.

(1 of 5) You’ll be able to set the course at the large split.

When you reach a rocky area, look nearby for a ladder, taking you to a small shack that houses a treasure chest ("Safety Bit" iconSafety Bit). Follow the tracks the rest of the way and you will reach the end, where you can call Barret and tell him you’re done. Back in control of Yuffie, it’s time to ride the minecart down to meet back up with the others. This will start another minigame, although there aren’t any trophies tied to it.

As you’re riding down, you will see various boxes littered around the track, both big and small. The smaller boxes are assigned to Barret, so he will need to shoot them (Square button). The bigger boxes will have a Triangle prompt on them, so you’ll have to hit that button to have Yuffie throw her shuriken. You will receive items from these boxes, similar to when you break the normal ones you find while exploring. That’s about all there is, so keep smashing the boxes until you get to the end, where the party is back together once more. You will now be able to enter the town of North Corel.

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