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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

How to Win the Junon Parade - Stealing the Show Trophy Guide

Nathan Garvin

The Junon Parade minigame returns in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, albeit in a vastly expanded and altered form, and like in the original Final Fantasy VII there are prizes at stake based on your performance. Mostly, however, we’re looking to upstage Midgar’s mobile unit and claim the prize for ourselves, which comes with a flashy bronze trophy, Stealing the Show. This page will cover how the Junon Parade minigame works, how to set parade formations in a way that gives you the best chance at succeeding, and will explain what you have to do to unlock the Stealing the Show trophy in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

To have a shot at getting the trophy, you need to use a formation of Riot Troopers and Grenadiers with Flametroopers in the middle.

Best Units and Formations to Use in the Junon Parade

Before you can start the parade minigame you’ll need to go on a scavenger hunt of sorts. Entirely new to Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is the introduction of Midgar’s Seventh Infantry division, which consists of ten squads scattered throughout Junon, and after you practice the parade minigame an enterprising Shinra commander will promote you to captain and send you off to rustle up your miscreant units. This is covered on the page All Seventh Infantry Locations, and while you technically only need to find five of the ten units to proceed, there’s plenty of incentive to hunt down all ten. Not only do you gain the 7th, Assemble! trophy for gathering all the Seventh Infantry units, but different units contribute to different formations and increase the difficulty of the minigame… they also give you bonuses that will help you accrue more points. Get enough positive votes and few enough negative votes and you’ll claim special recognition from Rufus, unlocking the Stealing the Show trophy in the process. Check out the linked page for the locations of all the Seventh Infantry units.

Once you have at least five units (ideally ten), head to the end of Junon’s main street and talk to the commander. Pick the dialog option Adjust drill team formation and you’ll be able to decide which units are participating in the parade. You have the following units:

  • Security Officers x5
  • Flametroopers x1
  • "Riot Trooper" iconRiot Troopers x2
  • Grenadiers x2

Security Officers are the easy, default option, while Flametroopers, Riot Troopers, and Grenadiers are all advanced units that unlock more difficult formations. More difficult formations require you to make more button presses and include more tap-and-hold sequences, but the core of the minigame is the same either way - a mote of light flies around, occasionally passing through button prompts. Hit the button indicated on the prompt when a ring surrounds the prompt to get a “Great” result, if you’re late or early you can still get a “Good” result, but if you miss entirely (being very tardy or hitting the wrong button) and you’ll get a “Bad” result. The harder the formation, the more button prompts you’ll have to clear, but this means more chances to score points. In addition, putting units of the same type next to each other will get you a “formation bonus”, which offsets the difficulty bonus somewhat.

(1 of 2) Press, tap, or hold the indicated button as the mote of light flies through it to get the best marks.

Press, tap, or hold the indicated button as the mote of light flies through it to get the best marks. (left), Your goal is a score of over 100,000 up votes and less than 6,000 down votes. (right)

How to Unlock the Stealing the Show Trophy

So much for the mechanics, now to cut to the chase: If you want to unlock the Trophy you must use the Flametroopers, Riot Troopers, and Grenadiers. Furthermore, you need to put the two units of Riot Troopers and the two units of Grenadiers next to each other, with the Flametroopers in the middle, as this will also score you a “Formation Bonus” of 2. This, and the added difficulty of the three formations you’ll be performing - Ramuh, Shiva, and Bahamut - will allow you to get enough points if your performance is up to snuff. Even with a flawless performance with five Security Officers, you just can’t get enough points to earn the trophy.

Speaking of which, the minigame will play out in three phases, one for each formation, and you’ll be graded after each. Your goal is twofold - end up with over 100,000 upvotes and under 6,000 downvotes. You might be able to get away with a “Bad” or two, but most of your prompts must be “Great” in order to get this score. Save before you commit to starting the parade and if you don’t get the trophy (it should pop shortly after the third performance, before Heidegger wastes everybody’s time by stalling and hamming it up. If you fail, reload and try again - practice and memorization will make subsequent attempts much more fruitful!

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