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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

All Card Carnival Puzzle Solutions - Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Jarrod Garripoli

Once you make it to Chapter 6 of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, you will visit "Costa Del Sol" iconCosta Del Sol. While there, you will need to procure some swimwear to get to the beach, which forces you into some minigames. One of those minigames happens to be Card Carnival, a unique take on Queen’s Blood. Instead of being one-on-one card battles, Card Carnival is essentially puzzles using the cards. The goal is to win the match using the cards provided to you, with the knowledge that you only will be putting cards down (the opponent does nothing).

You will team up with Regina for the first three puzzles of the Card Carnival.

When you first get to Costa Del Sol, progress the story until you control Cloud alone and need to get some swimwear for him. That’s when you can do Card Carnival, which is located on the little dock on the eastern side. Three rounds of it will be available then, with another few rounds unlocking after completing those. It isn’t until Chapter 12 that the rest of the challenges will unlock, so you won’t be able to complete everything in Chapter 6.

Cards de Amor Challenge - Round 1

You have three enemy cards on the board, all in the back column. You also only have three cards to utilize, a "015 Zu" icon015 Zu, "023 Fleetwing" icon023 Fleetwing, and "014 Quetzalcoatl" icon014 Quetzalcoatl. Two of those require spaces with two pawns, while there are only three open spots that only have one pawn each. That means your first move is limited. Put the Fleetwing card on the bottom row. The next move is to put the Zu card in the top left corner, then Quetzalcoatl in the only two-pawn spot left on the board. You will win two of the three rows and complete the challenge.

(1 of 2) The solution on where to place your cards for Round 1.

The solution on where to place your cards for Round 1. (left), The solution on where to place your cards for Round 2. (right)

Cards de Amor Challenge - Round 2

A little more challenging than the previous round, this one will start with the opponent occupying two columns. You will have a Magic Pot already on the board, along with three cards in your hand. There’s only one spot where you can place a card at the beginning, which has three pawns, so put the Fat Chocobo there in the lower left corner. The next move will be to put the Posh Chocobo in the lower right corner, then place the Chocobo & Moogle in between them. Despite looking like you only got 14 points, you get three bonus points because of the Posh Chocobo card, so that row will get 17 points total and net you the victory.

Cards de Amor Challenge - Round 3

The third round is a little confusing, as you only have three cards, but one of those cards (Moogle Trio) will give you two more once you play it. Start by putting Fleetwing in the right spot, then place the Moogle Trio card on the left one with two pawns. This will now spawn the Moogle Mage and Moogle Bard cards into your hand. You can place the Moogle Mage below the Fleetwing and the Moogle Bard above the Moogle Trio. For the final move, put the Grasslands Wolf in the lower left corner.

(1 of 3) The Moogle Trio card will put a Mage and Bard card in your hand.

Card Carnival: Spears and Needles

You start with four cards in your hand and only three spots in which to put them. Begin by placing the "Cactuar" iconCactuar in the middle of the three spots up top. You can then put one of the two Spearhawks to the right of the Cactuar for your second turn. The second Spearhawk will go below the first one, and the final move will be to put Quetzalcoatl below the second Spearhawk. With this, you will win the middle and bottom rows to get the most points.

Card Carnival: Sea Devil by Night

Your opponent has a lot of cards on the board already, but the only one you need to worry about is the Mindflayer. Its special ability will lower the power of any card played on the affected tiles by one. The trick is to get your Sea Devils on the board as soon as possible, then play the other cards to power those up.. Start off by putting the Security Officer in the middle spot on the bottom row.

(1 of 4) The Security Officer will go here at the start.

It will get destroyed, but make the spots above it, as well as to the left, have three pawns. The next two turns will simply be putting the Sea Devils on those two three-pawn tiles. Place one Mandragora on the left in the middle row, then play all other cards along the bottom row, including the two Mandragora Minions you’ll get. Once all is said and done, the middle Sea Devil should have a power of seven, while the bottom one will have a power of five.

Card Carnival: A Kingly Clash

There is a lot to do here, as you have six cards in your hand, and a few places in which you can put your cards on the board. At the beginning, you will have a one-pawn and two-pawn tile on the top and bottom rows. Start off by playing the two Zu cards in the top and bottom rows. From there, you can put the "Tonberry King" iconTonberry King in the open slot on the right, in the middle. Now, we’re going to destroy your own cards, which will power up the Tonberry King.

(1 of 3) The Zus and Tonberry King should go in the spots shown.

You have two Deathwheels, which will be placed on the top left and bottom left corners. Doing this will destroy pretty much every card you have on the board, except for the "Tonberry" iconTonberry. For the last move, you can put the Mindflayer in between the two Deathwheels, destroying those as well. When all is said and done, the Tonberry King should have 15 power, which will win the battle and complete the puzzle.

Card Carnival: Power-Down Practice

The final one on this list is simply a practice puzzle, with no reward for you, although you should still do it. An easy challenge, place one of the Archdragons on the bottom row, then place the second one to the right of the first. Lastly, you can place the Quetzalcoatl on the two-pawn spot in the middle row.

Place the cards in the following spots to finish this challenge.

All Card Carnival Rewards

The following table will list all of the rewards you will receive for completing the challenges for Card Carnival.

Challenge Reward
Cards de Amor Challenge Round 1 "023 Fleetwing" icon023 Fleetwing
Cards de Amor Challenge Round 2 "109 Posh Chocobo" icon109 Posh Chocobo
Cards de Amor Challenge Round 3 "110 Moogle Trio" icon110 Moogle Trio, Companion Card for Cloud
Spears and Needles "031 Spearhawk" icon031 Spearhawk
Sea Devil by Night "032 Sea Devil" icon032 Sea Devil
A Kingly Clash "035 Tonberry King" icon035 Tonberry King
Power-Down Practice
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