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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Synergy Abilities Guide

Jarrod Garripoli

Utilizing a mix of real-time combat, along with inputting commands for your characters, the battle system in Final Fantasy VII Remake was a lot of fun. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth improves the combat by adding more things to do in battles, like Synergy Abilities. These are special moves that involve two party members performing a skill together. However, it’s not something that you can just do on the fly, as you have to build up towards them. This page will offer up a tutorial on how to perform Synergy Abilities and Synergy Skills.

Synergy Abilities are very strong attacks that a pair of characters can do together.

Synergy Skills Guide

Different from Synergy Abilities, Synergy Skills are special abilities that involve two characters that can be performed at any moment in battle, as they don’t use up ATB charges. There are two types of Synergy Skills, one that requires you to hold down the button and release to unleash the move. The second method simply involves pressing the button multiple times. As mentioned before, Synergy Skills do not require ATB charges and there’s no cooldown at all on them, so you can freely use them.

The best part is that the characters who are participating will have their ATB Gauges increase. Since AI-controlled characters build their ATB slowly, this is a great chance to increase it while not controlling them. There seem to be shortcuts to add two offensive Synergy Skills and two defensive ones, for when you unlock more options.

How to Do Synergy Abilities - Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Synergy Abilities are attacks you cannot do right away, as they need to be built up first. If you go to the Synergy Abilities option after opening the menu during combat, you will see the moves listed there. Next to them are what look like little blips, which will show how much you have stored to go towards a Synergy Ability. In order to accrue those blips, you will need to use your ATB charges. Basically, anything that uses the ATB charges will contribute towards your Synergy Ability, whether it’s a magic spell, an ability, or even using an item.

(1 of 2) Anything that uses ATB charges will unlock synergy for these abilities.

Anything that uses ATB charges will unlock synergy for these abilities. (left), You’ll need a certain amount of synergy with each character to actually use the ability. (right)

As you use up your ATB, you will be contributing towards unlocking Synergy Abilities. Now, the thing is that you will need to do this per character, so if you are only using one character in battles, you will never unlock Synergy Abilities (as well as not playing the game too efficiently). Once you have gotten enough blips for each character, then you can choose to use that Synergy Ability.

As an example, Savage Roar is a Synergy Ability between Red XIII and Cloud. It will require you to have three blips each, with both Cloud and Red XIII. That means you will need to use three ATB charges with each of the above characters first, whether that’s abilities, magic, or just using items. This might be challenging to do during normal fights, especially against smaller enemies, due to being able to defeat them quickly. Repeated use of a synergy ability will increase the amount of synergy required to activate it, so it’s best to use a variety of them to avoid this.

(1 of 2) Synergy Abilities are strong and probably best used when enemies are staggered.

Synergy Abilities are strong and probably best used when enemies are staggered. (left), They are definitely flashy, but are another layer to the battle system! (right)

Synergy Abilities - Unique Buffs

Not only do Synergy Abilities deal a lot of damage to enemies, but they will also provide some unique buffs. There are three known buffs that Synergy Abilities provide, such as increasing your Limit Break levels. Other abilities include granting temporary unlimited MP to both users, as well as extending the duration that enemies are staggered.

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