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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Rendezvous in Costa del Sol

Jarrod Garripoli

You will come across some people during your adventure in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth who need help with their problems, which come in the form of Quests. One such example occurs during Chapter 7 of the main story. There are three ladies that need your help with coming up with creative designs for clothing, which will come in the form of a date between Cloud and Aerith. This page will detail how to successfully complete all of the dates for "Naomi" iconNaomi, "Fran" iconFran, and "Yorda" iconYorda.

Rendezvous in Costa del Sol Location

You won’t be able to start this side quest until you reach Chapter 7 of the main story. Once you have full control, head on over to the beach in Costa del Sol and check out the little stage right by where you entered. You should see three ladies there, who are the ones giving you the quest. They are the premier fashion designers here in Costa del Sol and are having trouble coming up with some designs for a rapidly approaching show.

(1 of 2) Head to the beach in Costa del Sol to start this quest in Chapter 7.

Head to the beach in Costa del Sol to start this quest in Chapter 7. (left), Look for the three women on the stage, who will give you the quest. (right)

That’s where you, Cloud, as well as Aerith, come into play, as the girls want to send you on a date to get some inspiration. Each of the three girls will have their own task for you to complete, and you must complete all three to finish the quest. Two of these tasks come in the form of minigames you’ve already done, albeit different stages, while the last is something new. Both Naomi’s and Fran’s dates are first and you can do either one of them in the order you want.

Naomi’s Date: Run Wild - Time Trial

Naomi will be the first date we deal with, as she asks you to play a special version of Run Wild, the minigame where you control "Red XIII" iconRed XIII. The goal of the Time Trial version is to knock the balls into their respective nets, all within a specified time limit. While that might seem simple, you have to do it in numerical order, starting from number one. To complete this date successfully, you need to hit all eight balls within three minutes and thirty seconds.

(1 of 3) The goal of Time Trial is to knock the balls into the goals in numerical order.

Of course, things aren’t that simple, as there are plenty of non-numbered balls on the field that get in the way. Additionally, after the first four balls, there will be obstacles in front of the goals, in the form of pegs that rise out to block your shots. On the eighth, and final, ball, an entire wall will be erected in front of the goal, so you will have to knock the ball into the air and over it. Once you have finished this date, Naomi will run off to design her outfit.

Fran’s Date: Pirate’s Rampage - Ghost Ship

The second date you should tackle will be Fran’s, who will task you with doing the Pirate’s Rampage minigame. Your accuracy is important here, as the more shots you miss, the more your score will be affected. So, with that knowledge, try to avoid missing anything as much as possible and focus on hitting as many targets. Some of the targets will be special, as if you leave them alone, they will flip over and become gold in color, offering more points if you destroy them.

There are also some special "Cactuar" iconCactuar targets, which are either hidden or moving very fast, and they are worth 1,000 points. Towards the end of Round 2, you will hear a little noise, indicating the Cactuar’s appearance on the far right of the water. In Round 3, a large wall of targets appear that will turn around to offer more points, so try and wait for them to do that. Another Cactuar will appear with about 8 or so seconds left, although it will be running. If you wait until the last second, it will run right in front of you, so put your cursor there and snipe it right as time runs out.

(1 of 5) Accuracy is important in the Ghost Ship challenge, since it impacts your score.

The last round will have a bunch of Malboro targets, which when destroyed, will make a bunch of gold targets appear around it. The only catch is that it takes multiple shots to destroy the Malboros and they can disappear rather quickly. Thankfully, the gold targets stay up indefinitely, so you should solely focus on the Malboros, then do a clean up after you destroy the fourth one.

Yorda’s Date

Yorda’s date will be a little different from the others, as she asks you to ride some Chocobos and collect shells. She can be found at the Chocobo stable just outside the front entrance of Costa del Sol. If you didn’t pay the 300 gil to rent a Chocobo, Yorda will cover the costs for you here, giving you full access to the bird in the Northern Corel area. You will need to visit Clamshell Beach, which is to the southwest of Costa del Sol.

Upon first arriving there, you will find some "Barnaclaw" iconBarnaclaws occupying your spot, so take them out. If they take up a defensive position, use fire to break it and continue hitting them. With them out of the way, get on your Chocobo and use its digging ability to try and find three shells. Note that some spots will produce more Barnaclaws, so be on your guard. The three shells you need are a Gigantopod "Shell" iconShell, "Scallop Shell" iconScallop Shell, and "Conch Shell" iconConch Shell.

(1 of 4) Use Fire when the crabs are in a defensive position.

Once you have acquired all three of the shells, return to Yorda and you will be asked to give her one of them. For the best results, hand over the Gigantopod Shell and with that, you will just about be finished with this quest. Return to the beach, where you’ll get to watch the fashion show, after which, you will receive your reward.

Rendezvous in Costa del Sol Rewards

In addition to the usual Party EXP and Character EXP rewards, you will also receive some affinity with Aerith. As far as material rewards go, you will receive The Art of Swordplay Vol. II, which gives Cloud an extra 10 SP. Lastly, you will unlock the Bodybuilders in a Bind quest.

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