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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Return to the Gold Saucer

Shane Williams

You’ll revisit the "Gold Saucer" iconGold Saucer during Chapter 12 of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. This is an opportunity to have the date scene with your favorite character and wrap the final levels on some of the minigames. On this page, we’ll provide you with the necessary tips to completing the musclehead colosseum.

Cait Sith has a plan.

The Keystone’s Whereabouts

Once you’ve arrived back in "Costa Del Sol" iconCosta Del Sol via the Tiny Bronco, you’ll want to fast travel to the Gold Saucer, but before you do we recommend interacting with the chest on the dock to activate the Pirate King’s Treasure Side Quest, as this will unlock the Corsair’s Compass. When you arrive at the Gold Saucer, speak with Dio who can be found at the Battle Square and then you’ll need to head to the Ghost Square and rest up for the night.

A Visitor, Come Again

This will trigger another flashback scene where you’re in control of Zack, so bring the towel up the stairs and give it to Cloud, and then leave the house and follow the path ahead until you reach the motorcycle. Once Cloud has awoken, open the door and you’ll be greeted by whoever you have the best relationship status with him for a date night! To begin, head over to the Event Square and pay a visit to the theater to trigger the Loveless Minigame. This is a relatively simple minigame, as all you need to do here is press the buttons when showing up.

The Fight For Naming Rights

Once the theater play has come to a close, you’ll want to head over to the Skywheel Square for the date scene itself, where you’ll then find yourself at the Musclehead Colosseum. Here you’ll need to take on three rounds which consist of Corneo Lackeys, Cacneos, Tonberries and a Donberry.

Corneo Lackeys

The Corneo Lackeys can easily be dealt with by spamming Triple Slash or "Fire" iconFire Based "Attack" iconAttacks. If you find yourself taking too much damage, then take some time to heal up before continuing your onslaught.


The Cacneos will be quick on their feet so you won’t be able to hit them until they stop and attempt to attack you first. At this stage you’ll want to use a strong single-target attack, such as Braver to deal as much damage as possible. If you see them perform 1,000 Needles, then keep your distance otherwise you’ll take lots of damage.

(1 of 2) Attack the Tonberries before focusing on the Donberries.

Attack the Tonberries before focusing on the Donberries. (left), Wait for the Cacneos to perform an attack before attempting to hit them. (right)

Tonberries and Donberry

The final round will put you up against two Tonberries and a Donberry. You can take these down by attacking while waiting for an opportunity to dodge their Chef’s Kiss ability. If you get hit by this attack, then you’ll be one shot and you’ll need to revive yourself via a "Phoenix Down" iconPhoenix Down or the Raise spell. We recommend focusing on the Tonberries as they’re easy to take down due to their lower health. Once you’ve completed three rounds you’ll move onto the main boss, Abzu.

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