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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

How to Get Dark Matter

Shane Williams

The "Item Transmuter" iconItem Transmuter allows you to craft a variety of equipment which will massively strengthen your party, but some of the items required can be hard to come by. On this page, we’ll provide you with the necessary steps to finding Dark Matter in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Dark Matter is required to craft some of the best accessories.

How to Get Dark Matter in FF7 Rebirth

As you start venturing into the final quarter of FFVII Rebirth, you’ll want to make sure your equipment is up to scratch and you can do this by crafting some of the best accessories in the game. However, one of the resources you’ll need for some of the better accessories in Rebirth is Dark Matter. You better hope that you like minigames if you want to get hands on it, as you’ll need to get the top score on some of the many minigames that the game has to offer, such as "G-Bike" iconG-Bike, "3D Brawler" icon3D Brawler etc. If you’re looking for some tips on how make some of the required minigames easier, then check out the links below:

Minigame Requirement
"Dolphin Show" iconDolphin Shows Reach Rank 3
Galactic Survivors Reach Rank 2 on Expert mode
Chocobo Racing Win the "Kujata" iconKujata Stampede race
"G-Bike" iconG-Bike Reach Rank 2 on Expert mode
"3D Brawler" icon3D Brawler Defeat Shiva
Cactuar Crush Reach Rank 3 in Cactuar Crush 3
"Desert Rush" iconDesert Rush Reach Rank 2 on Gold Rush (Challenging) mode

Dark Matter Crafting Items

Once you’ve acquired some Dark Matter, you’ll need to work on getting the Transmuter Chip: Ultimate Accessories next and this can be done by completing the Six-Person Bout: Harmony of Discord in the Musclehead Colosseum. Here you’ll be given six different items that you can craft with Dark Matter (found below) and although you’ll ideally want to have all of them in your arsenal, we recommend that you make sure to at least get the Enhanced Camaraderie Earrings as you’ll be relying on synergy abilities a lot throughout the game to generate ATB and the Enhanced "Karmic Cowl" iconKarmic Cowl for your tanky characters, such as Barret.

Name Description
Enhanced Camaraderie Earrings Increases damage dealt by synergy abilities and commands by 20%
Enhanced Psychic’s Charm Increases max MP and magic power by 8%. Grants immunity to "Silence" iconSilence
Enhanced "Karmic Cowl" iconKarmic Cowl Increases vitality and spirit by 50. Grants immunity to "Slow" iconSlow and "Instant Death" iconInstant Death.
Enhanced Malboro Orb Increases max MP by 5%. Extends duration of detrimental status effects applied to foes. Reduces duration of detrimental status effects inflicted on wearers.
Enhanced Draconic Ring Increases max HP by 5%. Increases the limit gauge charge rate upon successfully blocking.
Enhanced Expeditionary Medal Increases limit level to maximum at the start of battle.

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Rebirth has so much to offer so if you’re feeling lost, or just want to find out more about new features, tips and tricks on the combat system, or how to beat certain minigames, be sure to check out the links below!

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