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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

How to Beat White Terror - Livestock Bane

Shane Williams

Livestock’s Bane is one of the first side quests that’ll become available in the "Grasslands" iconGrasslands of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. It’ll require you to hunt down a fiend that’s been damaging some local livestock. On this page, we’ll provide you with the necessary steps to track down the fiend and how to defeat "White Terror" iconWhite Terror.

Oliver seems stressed about the livestock situation.

A clever fiend of some sort has been preying on my livestock of late, and if can’t put a stop to it, my farm’s doomed. Seem’s clear a run-of-the-mill hunter won’t cut it, so I’m in the market for a merc with solid tracking skills.

How To Start The Livestock’s Bane Side Quest - FFVII Rebirth

The Livestock’s Bane Side Quest can be unlocked via the noticeboard which is located in the northern portion of "Kalm" iconKalm. However, it requires you to be at least level 18, so we recommend that you progress through the story some more until you gain access to the Grasslands and then focus on doing open world intel activities until you have leveled up enough. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got the strongest weapon available for your party as the upcoming battle will be quite the challenge at this stage of the game.

Investigate the Scene of the Attack

(1 of 2) Follow the trail via the assistance of the Chocobo

Follow the trail via the assistance of the Chocobo (left), to find White Terror. (right)

Once you’ve accepted the quest, you’ll want to head on over to Oliver’s Farm, which can be found to the east of Kalm and speak with "Oliver" iconOliver and he’ll request that you track a fiend that’s been causing havoc on his livestock. Call out your friendly neighborhood Chocobo by pressing R1 DualSense-R1 and then hold up on the D-pad DualSense-DPad-Up when you see the question mark icon above its head. From here, follow the golden trail to the southeast until you reach the beach, and then the culprit White Terror will be waiting in the cave.

How to Defeat the White Terror

Unfortunately, White Terror doesn’t have any weaknesses and it has a whooping 7k HP (Normal Difficulty) so this is a battle where you’ll want to focus on staggering it which can be done by draining its energy via hitting it or blocking its attacks. If you go down the defensive route, then we recommend that you use Clouds Punisher Mode so you can block any physical attacks White Terror may use (this doesn’t work against magic-based attacks). Alternatively, you can use "Red XIII" iconRed XIII for his Vengeance Mode as this will allow you to absorb all attacks.

If you would prefer to go down the offensive route, then you’ll want to make use of Synergy Abilities to deplete his energy such as Synchro Cyclone (Cloud & Tifa). However, in order to do this you’ll typically need 3 pips per character and you build these up quickly by repeatedly using Synergy Skills to build up your ATB Gauge and using weapon abilities that award a pip. Now that you know how to deal damage to White Terror it’s time to learn about its three attacks: Spine Swipe, Throat Clamp, and Earsplitting Howl.

Spine Swipe

Spine Swipe will involve White Terror charging towards you and attempting to swipe you with its claws. However, you can easily block this attack.

Throat Clamp

White Terror has a Throat Clamp attack that will involve it lunging towards you and attempting to bite you. You can’t counter this attack so you’ll want to dodge out of the way. If the attack connects then you’ll be temporally bound which means you can’t move. If this occurs, you’ll want to switch to a different character until the status effect has worn off.

(1 of 3) Watch for White Terrors Earsplitting Howl

Earsplitting Howl

Earsplitting Howl can be performed by White Terror if it manages to charge up its energy. This will cause it to trigger a large fiery explosion and meteors will rain down from the sky around it. Here you’ll want to keep your distance until it stops.

Livestock’s Bane Side Quest Rewards

Once you’ve dealt the White Terror you’ll want to return to Oliver and inform him that the livestock should no longer be tampered with and you’ll be rewarded with 400 EXP, 10 Party EXP, Owl bracer, and Red XIII’s Relationship Increased.

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