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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

All Grasslands Simulation Fights - Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Jessica Dillon

When you get to the "Grasslands" iconGrasslands, Chadley will give you the ability to use VR or simulation battles. These battles give out rewards and experience and you can test your fighting ability against a variety of enemies, including "Titan" iconTitan. For the most part, these simulations are all easy as they are set at level 20. The guide below goes over how to unlock each battle simulation, the enemies you will face, and what Materia you will win for the Grasslands region in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

You can complete battle intel by speaking with Chadley

Titan Battle Simulation

This is the hardest of the simulations unlocked in the Grassland region if you choose to tackle him at full strength. Titan is unlocked as soon as you reach the Grasslands area. After capturing Piko the Chocobo, meet with Chadley. From there, you can speak with Chadley to use the VR headset and take on Titan. He is weak to "Wind" iconWind attacks but resistant to fire, ice, and lighting. Titan mostly uses close-range attacks, so "Red XIII" iconRed XIII is a great choice thanks to his ability to counterattack and raise his Vengeance meter from doing so. While doing this, you can use Cloud to deal heavier amounts of damage to Titan when he takes a break from attacking.

The last party member is up to you. Many players like bringing Aerith since she is a better healer. Keep in mind that Titan will scale to your level, making him a tough fight no matter how far into the game you are. If you are comfortable without healing, then feel free to use another heavy hitter like Barret or Tifa on your team. You can find more information on the Titan Battle here. For completing the fight, you will receive the "Titan Materia" iconTitan Materia.

Grasslands Region Intel: Level 1

To unlock this intel, you must find and defeat five different types of enemies throughout the Grasslands. Once done, you will be able to use the simulation to take on the monsters in the area. This simulation has five rounds. Each round is composed of one of the enemy types you fought in the Grasslands. For completing the simulation, you will be awarded a two-star "Healing Materia" iconHealing Materia.

Grasslands Battle Intel: Horror on the Range

For this simulation, you need to defeat both the "Venorat" iconVenorat and "Enmidunk" iconEnmidunk enemies. One of the best ways to find these enemies is by completing the Fiend Intel in the area. Horror on the Range takes you through three rounds, where you have to take down several Venorats and Enmidunks to progress. Once you complete this task, you will unlock the "First Strike Materia" iconFirst Strike Materia.

(1 of 3) Battle intel sends you into a series of fights against enemies from the same region.

Grasslands Battle Intel: Plain Stalkers

Unlocking Plain Stalkers requires you to defeat the "Mandrake" iconMandrake and "Thunderclaw" iconThunderclaw. Doing so will allow you to take on a series of three fights facing the same enemies together. This is another simulation that’s rather easy to complete. Once you’re done with it you will be given the "Vitality Up Materia" iconVitality Up Materia for your efforts.

Grasslands Battle Intel: Natural Order

For this simulation, you must find and defeat "Mi" iconMi and "Aggrevrikon" iconAggrevrikon. After this, you can participate in the three-round battle where you fight the same types of enemies. This is another quick simulation to fight through against enemies you’ve already fought as Intel, and at the end, you will get the "Provoke Materia" iconProvoke Materia.

Biological Intel: Blinded by Light

Unlocking Blinded by Light is a little hard. You will need to access all 16 enemy types in the Grasslands, defeat the Quetzalcoatl, and have a two-star Enemy Skill Materia. This is a one-round simulation that involves your team fighting a "Levrikon" iconLevrikon. For the most part, this is a pretty easy fight even though the enemy can be a bit tanky. For completing this simulation, you gain the Enemy Skill Plasma Charge to use in battle. Do keep in mind that this is a level-sync simulation.

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