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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Of Robed Men and Ransoms

Jessica Dillon

Of Robed Men and Ransoms is one of the "Red XIII" iconRed XIII focused side quests in the game. This quest is in North Corel and involves fighting some pretty annoying enemies like the "Landworm" iconLandworm and "Sandspitter" iconSandspitters. Completing it will help you find one of Red XIII’s weapons, the "Amethyst Collar" iconAmethyst Collar, and will give you a book that grants him extra SP making the whole quest worth it. The guide below goes over how to start and complete Of Roved Men and Ransoms in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Of Robed Men and Ransoms will have you face off against a Dark Claw.

How to Start the Of Robed Men and Ransoms Side Quest - FFVII Rebirth

To start Of Robed Men and Ransom, you will need to be in Chapter 7 and reach Barret’s hometown in North Corel. Once you visit "Doctor Sheiran" iconDoctor Sheiran at his clinic, the ability to take on the side quest will unlock. To start it, simply speak with Doctor Sheiran again, and he will tell you that one of his patients, another robed man, has gone missing. Red XIII will pick up the man’s trail, and your job is to bring him back to the clinic.

(1 of 2) You will need to meet Doctor Sheiran for the first before accepting the quest.

You will need to meet Doctor Sheiran for the first before accepting the quest. (left), Once the story cutscene is complete, a quest marker should show up above his head allowing you to start Of Robed Men and Ransoms. (right)

Before starting this mission, you will want to have the strongest gear possible equipped. These are listed in the table below.

Find The Robed Man

Once you exit the clinic, follow Red XIII up the mountain trail. After you exit through the town gate, you will soon be attacked by a Landworm, an enemy that aims to consume one of your party members, temporarily removing them from battle. The Landworm is weak to "Ice" iconIce, so use an "Ice Materia" iconIce Materia to cast Blizzard and pressure it. Once the enemy is defeated, Red XIII will begin to move again. After a bit of walking, you will encounter a "Chimera" iconChimera, an enemy weak enough to fire. Here, you can use a "Fire Materia" iconFire Materia to pressure the creature but watch out for the Sandspitters that hide in the ground during the fight. They will only pop out to attack, but using a character who’s quick, like Tifa, to hit them when they do will cause them to become pressured. You may want to take out the Sandspitters first to mitigate damage because they will bother your party with quick attacks throughout the fight. From there, you can easily make quick work of both enemies.

You will soon find an NPC who is camping, and after a bit of talking, you will enter the Old South Corel Mine. Inside of the mine, you will be able to see purple crowing hands and footprints throughout the mine. Shortly after entering, you will be in the first open room with a couple of Sandspitters, using the same method as you did before to kill them. Once done, grab the chest with a purple glow, this has Red XIII’s "Amethyst" iconAmethyst Collar in it. The Amethyst Collar is a stronger weapon and will allow you to use the move to grant "Haste" iconHaste to the party while in Vengeance Mode. Keep following the footprints to the next open room where you will flight two Chimeras, remembering that they are weak to "Fire" iconFire.

(1 of 3) You will fight several enemies on your way to the South Corel Mine.

The next room you go into will be larger and have a ton of crates that you can break for free items. Head down the ramp and you will see some more Sandspitters, you can turn the corner quickly to avoid them if you don’t want to fight. The footprints will first lead you to a locked door, before leading you up a trail to your right. About halfway to the top, you will encounter a Death Eater, just attacking it will get its stagger bar to go up quickly so use your heavy attacks to quickly defeat it. Once you arrive at the top of the hill, follow the footprints to the button and press it. Several machines will start rotating. Use your grappling hook to move across the room and you will land on a platform with a bench and some rocks that you can climb across to reach the lever. Be sure to use the nearby bench to heal your party before proceeding.

(1 of 3) Follow the footprints up the path to the right of the locked door.

Once you pull the lever, slide down the pole to slide back down to the door and interact with it to start a cutscene.

How to Defeat the Dark Claw

The "Dark Claw" iconDark Claw is the boss of the Of Robed Men and Ransoms side quest. This battle can be a bit tough as the Dark Claw is a tank that hits hard. To pressure him, you will want to dodge his Reaper Claws, this can be done by simply running away. Using Red XIII to do this makes the fight much easier. While you’re waiting for him to use the attack, build up synergy and your Limit Gauge. Once he’s stunned, unleash everything you have to deplete his health bar. Depending on your party’s strength you may have to repeat this process a couple of times to defeat Dark Claw.

(1 of 2) Dodge Reaper Claw to pressure the Dark Claw.

Dodge Reaper Claw to pressure the Dark Claw. (left), Once pressured you can easily stagger the Dark Claw, making him vulnerable. (right)

Your party will automatically return to the clinic after the battle. For your troubles, your relationship with Red XIII will improve and you will be given the Tale of the Red Warrior Vol. II, experience based on your current level, and 10 party experience. Tale of the Red Warrior Vol. II will increase Red XIII’s SP by 10.

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