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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

How to Beat The Jabberwock in Cosmo Canyon - Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth

Shane Williams

Cosmo Canyon will be the fourth region you’ll adventure through in Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth, but you won’t be able to fully explore it until you get your hands on this region’s exclusive Chocobo. Once you’ve tracked down and scanned all of the Expedition Intel within this region, a classified Intel will be revealed and this will lead to a tough encounter. On this page, we’ll navigate you through the necessary steps to finding and defeating the Jabberwock.

The Jabberwock is unhappy with you entering its lair.

How to Find the Jabberwock

The Jabberwock is a hidden boss fight in the "Cosmo Canyon" iconCosmo Canyon region of Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth and will only be reveled once you have found four of the six Lifesprings in the Cosmo Canyon region, you can do this by following the steps on our All Expedition Intel Location page. After this, the location of the Jabberwock will be placed on your map in the form of a Classified Intel: The Wyvern Awoken. To find its lair, you’ll want to head southwest of the Gliding Range Tower and enter a cave.

Jabberwock Strategy

The Jabberwock is arguably one of the easier classified Intel bosses in Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth, but it’s still no walk in the park as it has some attacks up its sleeve that can pack a punch if not avoided. However, before we talk about the attacks you’ll want to know how to effectively damage it. First and foremost, the Jabberwock is a large enemy so you’ll be relying on characters that can do ranged attacks to pressure and stagger it. The best way to do this is by using fire-based attacks to hit its elemental weakness.

We recommend that you bring along Aerith and equip her with the highest level "Fire Materia" iconFire Materia you have in your arsenal, so you can perform Firaga at certain points throughout the battle to increase your chances of pressuring it. However, Firaga will require two ATB and this will normally take Aerith a while to charge, but if you switch over to her and use the Synergy Skill Spellbound Blast, then you’ll not only deal lots of damage to the boss but massively charge your ATB as well. Next up, you’ll want to bring along Yuffie as her Shuriken is a great way of doing ranged attacks quickly. Additionally, you can use "Fire" iconFire Ninjutsu to hit the boss’s elemental weakness throughout the battle while you’re waiting for an opportunity to use Firaga .

(1 of 2) If the Jabberwock activates Gorgon Shield

If the Jabberwock activates Gorgon Shield (left), use Firaga to break it. (right)

The best time to use the Firaga spell is when the Jabberwock has its Gorgon Shield as this will pressure it and destroy the shield at the same time. At this stage, you’ll want to use any of your party’s focus attacks to quickly stagger the boss and then use this time to deal as much damage as possible by using attacks like "Infinity’s End" iconInfinity’s End (Cloud), "Blindside" iconBlindside (Yuffie) and any available Limit Breaks. You’ll also be able to call in a Summon’s assistance, but there aren’t any wind-based summons so you’ll want to call in your strongest, which should be "Kujata" iconKujata or Bahamut Arisen at this stage of the game.

Jabberwock Attacks

The Jabberwock has seven main attacks in total, but it has some basic attacks it’ll throw in throughout the battle, such as Fire Breath, Tail Swipe, Lunge, etc. Most of these can be avoided if you’re keeping your distance.

Seismic Wave

You’ll want to get as far away as possible from the Jabberwock when you see it’s about to perform the attack Seismic Wave as it’ll do a stomp which will trigger a large AoE explosion around its body. However, this doesn’t seem to do much damage by itself so don’t worry too much if you’re unable to avoid it. Just top up your health with a simple cure afterward.


As the Jabberwock gets close to death it’ll start using Raze a lot, this is just Seismic Wave but on a larger scale, as there are two AoE’s to watch out for. Unlike Seismic Wave, this will deal a lot of damage so you’ll want keep your distance.

Lithic Curse

The Jabberwock will use an attack called Lithic Curse throughout the fight and this will cause it to shoot out golden shards around its body. If you get hit by this then the "Petrify" iconPetrify Status Effect will be placed upon the character and eventually, they’ll be turned to stone if they continue to get hit. You can counter this by quickly using Esuna ("Cleansing Materia" iconCleansing Materia) on them to remove it or you can ignore this attack altogether by keeping your distance.

(1 of 3) Lithic Curse will shoot shards at you which trigger petrify.

Gorgon Shield

Jabberwock will activate a Gorgon Shield at several points during the fight and this will block the majority of your attacks, but if you hit the shield with its elemental weakness (Fire), then it’ll be destroyed and pressure the boss at the same time.


If the Jabberwock uses an attack called Cataclysm, then you’ll want to create some distance between you and it as it’ll trigger fiery explosions around its body.

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