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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Run Wild Minigame Guide - Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Jarrod Garripoli

Once you reach Chapter 6 of the main story in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, you will arrive in "Costa Del Sol" iconCosta Del Sol, a tropical resort town. In order to continue with the story, you will need to get some beachwear, which results in you playing minigames. One of the minigames you can play is something called Run Wild. This involves playing a little minigame that has you using "Red XIII" iconRed XIII to kick a soccer ball into your opponent’s goals while preventing them from doing the same to you.

Red’s intentions are clear for participating in the Run Wild minigame.

Run Wild: Free-for-All - How to Win

You unlock the Run Wild minigame as part of the main story in Costa Del Sol, as you are required to get a swimsuit in order to go to the beach. When you first start, you can do two minigames with Cloud, which are Pirate Rampage and Card Carnival. After completing those, you will gain control of Aerith and Tifa, who will have four more minigames to complete. Run Wild will be one of those and you can start the minigame by speaking to the one NPC on the western side of Costa Del Sol.

Run Wild will have you controlling Red XIII on a soccer field, with the goal being to shoot the ball into your opponent’s goals. There are three teams you’re up against, but you shouldn’t really need to worry about them, for the most part. Each team begins with five points on the board and if you knock the ball into their goal, their point total will decrease by one. The team with the most points once time expires will be declared the winner.

The Square button will shoot the ball, while X will do a lob shot, with the ball being knocked up into the air a little bit. You can dash with R2 and jump with L2. The controls are pretty simple, but the hardest part about this minigame is simply getting the ball into the goals. At the start of the game, there is only one ball in the field, but after one minute has passed, another ball will be put into play. So, you can strictly stay on offense at the beginning, but once the second ball is put into play, you’ll want to be a little more defensive.

(1 of 6) The point of the minigame is to knock the ball into your opponents’ goals.

There are two things you might see pop up, which are a team running wild or taking a breather. The former will have the opponents on that team becoming more aggressive, so they will be trying to score as many goals as possible. For the latter, they will move slower and sometimes leave their goal wide open, so use that chance to get some scores.

Run Wild Minigame Rewards

Your goal for this minigame is to simply place second, which will net you the Companion Card for Aerith and 2x "Ether" iconEthers. If you tie for first place, then you will receive an "Emerald" iconEmerald, and getting first place will reward you with a "Silver Collar" iconSilver Collar, which is a new weapon for Red XIII.

Run Wild: Time Trial - Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

After completing the Rendezvous in Costa del Sol quest that becomes available in Chapter 7, you will unlock a new game mode for Run Wild. Time Trial is different than the normal version, as you aren’t up against an opponent, but rather the clock itself. The goal of this mode is to basically shoot the numbered balls into their respective goals. Note that you will have to go in order, starting from the Number 1 ball, so you can’t just start with any of them. To get first place in this mode, you will need to get all of the balls into their respective goals in under 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Note that the darker grey ball can be a little harder to see since the normal balls on the field are a lighter grey. Take your time lining up the shots, so that you don’t miss, as missing can hurt you by taking more time in getting another shot off on a goal. The first four are pretty easy, though, but things get more challenging from the fifth ball onward. Once you get to the fifth ball, there will be little posts that go in and out of the ground in front of the goals.

(1 of 4) The goal of Time Trial is to hit the balls in numerical order, starting from number 1.

You will likely be hitting these posts, but don’t forget that you have a Lob Shot (X button). This can help you get over the posts and closer to the goal; you may need to tap the ball into the goal, though. The final ball will have one last obstacle, which is literally a small wall. You have no choice but to use the Lob Shot here, but you can’t use it right next to the wall, so you’ll need to be a little distance away from it.

Your rewards for finishing the Time Trial mode include 2x "Mixed Hi-Potion" iconMixed Hi-Potions for third place, an "Oldebeast Bracelet" iconOldebeast Bracelet for second place, and some "Platinum Earrings" iconPlatinum Earrings for first place.

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