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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

All Cosmo Canyon Enemy Assess Locations for Chadley - FF7 Rebirth

Nathan Garvin

When you touch down in the "Cosmo Canyon" iconCosmo Canyon region, you’ll be free to explore without being forced to do much in the way of main quest progression. You do have to wrangle the Cosmo Canyon Chocobo if you want to avoid visiting Cosmo Canyon itself and hence advancing the main story, which isn’t a great burden considering that you need the bird’s unique traversal abilities to reach many of the World Intel events, anyway. As is the norm you’ll get new VR battles to unlock when you reach a new region, and some of them require you to defeat and Assess the region’s native fiends in order to do so. Case in point, Biological Intel: That’s the Smell requires you to Assess 15 enemies in the Cosmo Canyon region, and this page will provide the location of all the enemies you need to Assess in the "Cosmo Canyon Region" iconCosmo Canyon Region in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

(1 of 2) If you want to unlock Biological Intel: That’s the Smell, you’ll need to scan 15 enemies in the Cosmo Canyon region.

If you want to unlock Biological Intel: That’s the Smell, you’ll need to scan 15 enemies in the Cosmo Canyon region. (left), You can explore most of Cosmo Canyon right from the outset - you just need to wrangle this region’s chocobo to glide down to its lower plains. (right)

Where to Find All 15 Enemies in the Cosmo Canyon Region

A return to form for open world areas after the gauntlet of minigames that spanned from Chapters 6-8, Cosmo Canyon is mostly explorable without having to make any main story progress or play any minigames. From where you start along the western edge of the area, you’ll have to work your way clockwise around the top half of the area to reach Cosmo Canyon, where, after some story, you’ll be able to take an elevator down to the lower reaches of the region, where most of the open world meat is… or failing that you can wrangle this region’s chocobo and head right to the lower areas.

You need to Assess 15 enemies to unlock Biological Intel: That’s the Smell, but there are only five normal, respawning enemies on the overworld you can regularly encounter. Add to that the obligatory six Fiend Intel enemies and you have eleven. If you tangle with this region’s Confidential foe, the Jabberwock, you’ll be at twelve. Alas, the rest of the enemies are story-gated, even if most of the region’s World Intel events are not. There are four enemies that spawn in the Cave of the Gi, which you’ll explore during the main story, and you can return there afterward if you weren’t able or willing to Assess any of these foes. In addition, there are two boss enemies you can Assess. Scanning everything in the Cave of the Gi will get you up to sixteen enemies Assessed, while the bosses will take you to eighteen, and side quests will likely get you more. All told you’ll need to be pretty thorough, but since you can fight every enemy in the region other than the bosses again, this shouldn’t be too hard to complete, if you won’t be able to Assess all the enemies until you’re functionally at Chapter 11.

(1 of 3) There are five normal enemies you can scan,

Here are all the enemies you can find in the Cosmo Canyon region:

Number Enemy Note
48 "Desert Sahagin" iconDesert Sahagin
49 "Sahagin Warrior" iconSahagin Warrior Fiend Intel
82 "Griffon" iconGriffon
83 "Shirdal" iconShirdal Fiend Intel
85 Nidhogg Cave of the Gi
99 Pyrowire Fiend Intel
119 Two Face Cave of the Gi
142 Threadspinner "Chimera" iconChimera Side Quest
144 Irasceros Side Quest
145 "Skeeskee" iconSkeeskee
146 "Drohdroh" iconDrohdroh Fiend Intel
147 "Stone Golem" iconStone Golem
148 Elder Golem Fiend Intel
149 "Basilisk" iconBasilisk
150 Bashfulisk Fiend Intel
151 Reapertail Side Quest
152 Jabberwock Classified Intel
153 Gi Specter Cave of the Gi
154 Stinger Cave of the Gi
213 Gi Nattak Boss
214 Soul Flame Boss

Rare and Missable Enemy Assess in the Cosmo Canyon Region

The "Desert Sahagin" iconDesert Sahagin, "Griffon" iconGriffon, "Skeeskee" iconSkeeskee, Stone Golem, and "Basilisk" iconBasilisk are all common foes that can be found in above ground locations in the Cosmo Canyon region, which should make them all pretty easy to Assess. In addition, "Sahagin Warrior" iconSahagin Warrior, "Shirdal" iconShirdal, Pyrowire, "Drohdroh" iconDrohdroh, Elder Golem, and Bashfulisk enemies are all rare foes that can be found at static Fiend Intel locations, and can be refought at will. All of these enemies can be encountered more or less at will and without moving on to Cosmo Canyon, and hence can be considered to be the easiest enemies in the region to find, defeat, and Assess. If you’re willing to hunt down Expedition Intel in this region you can unlock the Confidential Intel, which will allow you to battle the Jabberwock, which is functionally a more powerful rare enemy. For our current concerns, it’s just one more enemy you can Assess.

(1 of 3) To get more than a dozen scans you’ll need to advance the story - four more enemies can be found in the Cave of the Gi.

If you want to bring your total up to above a dozen, you’ll need to visit Cosmo Canyon and advance the main questline, where you’ll descend into the Cave of the Gi. Here you can find four more enemies, the Nidhogg, Two Face, Stinger, and Gi Specter (note that there are three separate Gi Specter enemies - Gi Lancer, Gi Archer, and Gi Sorcerer, but they all share the Gi Specter Enemy Intel entry). All of these can be Assessed when you encounter them, or you can return to the Cave of the Gi later.

The boss of the chapter, Gi Nattak will summon a horde of Soul Flame minions, and both of these have their own Enemy Intel entries. That being the case, you’re better off not scanning Gi Nattak until he summons the Soul Flame so you can get both entries with one cast (assuming you have Lv2 "Assess Materia" iconAssess Materia). If you miss these two boss scans you won’t be able to get them later, but between the common enemies and the respawning foes in the Cave of the Gi you should already be at sixteen enemies Assessed.

Should you require more enemies for whatever reason, you can find some more during side quests. Three Reapertails will spawn in separate locations during Absence of a Sign, while three Threadspinner "Chimera" iconChimera enemies will spawn at the final objective during From When Life Flows. Both of these are missable, but the Reapertail has a bit more leeway as you have three chances to Assess it. Finally there’s the Irasceros, which can only be encountered once at the end of the side quest Promises to Keep.

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