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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Piano Minigame Guide - Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Jarrod Garripoli

There are a plethora of minigames to be found in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, some of which are entirely new. One of those new minigames is a full-blown Piano minigame, where you’re actually able to play the piano. While you can freely play the piano to your heart’s content, there is a rhythm minigame found in there. In order to play this rhythm minigame, you will need to find Sheet Musics hidden throughout the world.

The piano minigame will be similar to other rhythm games.

How to Play the Piano in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Your first chance at playing the piano seems to be during the flashback sequence in "Kalm" iconKalm. It is during this sequence that you will be able to explore some of "Nibelheim" iconNibelheim, where you can go inside Tifa’s house. Go upstairs and in the one room present will be a piano, on which you will find "Sheet Music: Tifa's Theme" iconSheet Music: Tifa’s Theme. Grab it and mention you played the piano to get started on the minigame. Note that you will need to select the Sheet Music from the list before you’re able to play that particular song.

As mentioned above, the Piano minigame in Rebirth is a rhythm one. When you first start up a song, you will see two circles on your screen, with a bunch of notes placed on them. In the center of those circles are your two analog sticks and tilting either one in the direction of the note will play it. You also see other things below and above the circles, which will change the type of note played, but for the purposes of the actual rhythm minigame, they don’t really matter and will automatically change on their own. So, you only need to pay attention to the two circles.

How to Get the Perfect Rating

Once you pick a song, the actual minigame will begin. Little lines will appear on the circles and start moving toward the outer edges. Your goal is to wait until they reach the outer edge and push the analog stick in that direction to play that note successfully. If you time it right as the bar hits the outer edge, then you should see Great, which means that note was played perfectly. If you don’t get it quite right, then you will receive a lesser rating, which affects your overall score.

(1 of 5) Find any piano out in the wild to be able to play it.

You will sometimes have to tilt both analog sticks at the same time, either in different directions or in the same direction. For Tifa’s Theme, at least, the left analog stick wasn’t used too much, as the majority of the notes were held to the right stick. While choosing the sheet music, you have the option to speed up or slow down the speed of the notes, which can make it easier or harder, depending on your preference.

Piano Minigame Rewards - FFVII Rebirth

In order to get the best score on the piano minigame, you will need to hit all Greats. This will result in a Star rating, and even missing a single note or getting a Good instead of a Great, will result in a lesser rating at the end. There is a trophy for playing all six Piano Outreach Association songs well enough in the full game, called Piano Virtuoso. If you do manage to bag an A Rank then there are some useful rewards up for grabs.

Song Reward
On Our Way 2-star "HP Up Materia" iconHP Up Materia
Tifa’s Theme 2-Star "MP Up Materia" iconMP Up Materia
Barret’s Theme 2-Star "Warding Materia" iconWarding Materia
Cinco de Chocobo 2-Star "Steadfast Block Materia" iconSteadfast Block Materia
Two Legs? Nothin’ To It 2-Star "Empowerment Materia" iconEmpowerment Materia
Aerith’s Theme 3-Star "Binding Materia" iconBinding Materia
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