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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

How to Reach Southern Corel

Nathan Garvin

After exploring the open world Junon region you may find the more linear, minigame-focused chapters that follow to be a breath of fresh air, but after two and a half chapters of relentless minigames you’ll finally be able to explore the next open world region - Corel. Unlike the "Grasslands" iconGrasslands and the Junon region, however, exploring the Corel region isn’t as straightforward. This page will discuss the different parts of the Corel region, how to reach Southern Corel, and when you can finally explore it and complete its World Intel events.

  • When can you fully explore the Corel region?: To explore Southern Corel you must reach Chapter 9.

The Corel region is split into two halves, the tropical Costal del Sol (Northern Corel) and the badlands around the Gold Saucer (Southern Corel).

When does the Corel Region Fully Unlock - Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

The Corel region is split up into three parts - Northern Corel, Mt. Corel, and Southern Corel, and while there’s some overlap with the enemies, there are many foes that are unique to one of these three locales. If you’re keen on, say, Assessing all the enemies in the Corel region you’ll need to scour all three parts, which is all well and good, as the main questline takes you to all three anyways. The rub is that, unlike previous open world areas, access to all the constituent parts of the Corel region is gated behind main quest progression… over the span of two chapters.

While you’ll technically touch down in Costa del Sol in Chapter 6, you don’t get to explore Corel in any meaningful way until Chapter 7. Once you’re out of Costa del Sol, however, you’ll finally be able to explore the Corel region… at least the northern part of it. If you go south the tropical greenery of Costa del Sol will give way to the badlands and desert around the "Gold Saucer" iconGold Saucer, but branch-filled water blocks your path to Southern Corel. This effectively prevents you from exploring all of the Corel region for quite a while, which is a shame because most of the World Intel can be found in Southern Corel.

(1 of 2) Due to profound video game logic, you won’t be able to swim across the debris-filled waters connecting the two regions.

Due to profound video game logic, you won’t be able to swim across the debris-filled waters connecting the two regions. (left), Instead, you must complete Chapter 8 to get the Buggy, which can cross these bodies of water, allowing you to fully explore the Corel region as well as reach Gongaga to the south. (right)

Instead, you’ll have to take the long way around because some soggy wood is clearly more of an obstacle than climbing a mountain. Cross Mt. Corel by heading to the western edge of the Northern Corel area where you’ll have to complete two substantial combat segments with fixed party compositions (as well as some smaller bits), ultimately reaching North Corel on the other side of the mountains. This will take you to the end of Chapter 7, but you can technically reach Southern Corel at this point by leaving North Corel via a gate. Unfortunately, you’ll again be confounded by woody water, and the entirety of Southern Corel you have access to at this point constitutes little more than a tease - you won’t be able to reach a single new World Event this way.

To fully unlock Southern Corel, you must complete the entirety of Chapter 8 as well, which culminates in you obtaining a Buggy that can cross the branch-filled waters conveniently fencing off Southern Corel… and allowing you to travel south into the Gongaga region as well, if you wish. In addition, while you’re exploring Mt. Corel you’ll obtain a "Grappling Hook" iconGrappling Hook, which allows you to reach some of the World Events in the Corel region.

For help getting through Mt. Corel and finding World Events when you finally reach Chapter 9, check out the following pages:

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