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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Infiltrating Upper Junon

Shane Williams

Upper Junon is an area which is heavily populated by Shinra, but Cloud and the team need to infiltrate this area to continue pursuing the black-robes. On this page, we’ll navigate you through the necessary steps to finding all members of the Midgar’s Seventh Infantry and Winning the Parade.

Aerith and Tifa are fitting into the shinra forces well.

The Shiplift

Once you’ve made it onto the ship following the dolphin race, head up the stairs and interact with the controls. Here you’ll want to hold the DualSense-Stick-R down until the tanker is fully lowered into the water and then once your teammates are on board, hold it up to lift them into Upper Junon. You’ll now want to head upstairs to reach the airstrip and take the nearby elevator down to the hangar, then continue following the path around to find another elevator down which you want to take to trigger a scene.

(1 of 2) Equip the Shinra Armor

Equip the Shinra Armor (left), and then practice the parade in front of the commander. (right)

The area is swarming with Shinra which means you’ll easily be detected, so Cloud suggests joining the parade to hide in plain sight. Following the scene, head on into the locker rooms and change into some Shinra gear. Avoid approaching the lockers with Aerith and Tifa otherwise you’ll get some interesting dialogue from them. Once you’ve changed into your new attire, exit the locker room and you’ll be caught by Commander Adjutant who will then bring you to see the Commander due to you missing practice. You’ll now have to show you’re up to the task by playing a rhythm game, to complete this simply press the corresponding button when the diamond hits it.

The Seventh Infantry

Once you’ve proven you have the ability to perform well in the parade, you’ll be promoted to Captain of Midgar’s Seventh Infantry. If you wish to get both of the trophies for this portion of the game, 7th, Assemble! and Stealing the Show, then you’ll need to recruit all 10 members of Seventh Infantry before attempting the parade. They can be quite tricky to track down, as they’re scattered all around the main street of Upper Junon, Larboard Junon. Their exact locations can be found by checking out our All Seventh Infantry Locations page.

(1 of 2) Recruit all 10 members of the Midgar’s Seventh Infantry

Recruit all 10 members of the Midgar’s Seventh Infantry (left), before attempting the parade. (right)

If you want to get the Stealing the Show Trophy as well, then you’ll need at least 100,000 upvotes and under 6,000 downvotes by the end of the parade. To do this, you’ll want to make sure your formation consists of Flametroopers, "Riot Trooper" iconRiot Troopers, and Grenadiers, and make sure your avoid missing many buttons. For more tips, check out our How to Win the Junon Parade page.

Ninja Ops

Following the parade, you’ll find yourself controlling Yuffie for the first time, so climb up the nearby scaffolding until you reach a vantage point and then a cutscene will play out. You’ll now need to make sure your aim is on point before taking your shot and you can do this by hovering over the circle and then waiting for your circle to shrink inside it before pressing DualSense-ButtonCross. Unfortunately, the assassination doesn’t go to plan and now Clouds needs to escape, so quickly open up the nearby chest for the "Rune Blade" iconRune Blade and then head downstairs and start working your way through the Service Hangar.

Hue and Cry

You’ll now need to work your way through the hangar with the Seventh Infantry by your side. If you’re striving for the platinum then you’ll need to make sure all of the soldiers survive as this will reward you with the "Stuffed Stamp" iconStuffed Stamp, a key item for Johnny’s Inn Treasure Trove which is needed for the 7-Star Hotel Trophy. The best way to do this is by tackling one group of enemies at time so you aren’t taking too much damage at once, then top up their health via Mist Mega "Potion" iconPotions after each encounter. We also recommend that you create a separate save at the start so you can reload should anyone die.

(1 of 2) Use Triple Slash against the Troopers

Use Triple Slash against the Troopers (left), and fire-based spells against the Deathwheels. (right)

The majority of the encounters shouldn’t cause you too much of a problem, as you can easily clear out the soldiers by continuously using Triple Slash when you have enough ATB. However, you’ll come across two "Deathwheel" iconDeathwheels once you reach the end of the area and these are quick so the best way to deal with them is to keep your distance and use spells that hit their elemental weakness, such as Firaga, Blizzaga, or Aeroga. With all of the enemies dealt with, rest at the nearby bench to top up your health and then proceed into the next room to initiate a boss fight against "Roche" iconRoche.

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