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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Exploring Costa Del Sol

Shane Williams

"Costa Del Sol" iconCosta Del Sol is your first stop in the "Corel Region" iconCorel Region and you can use this opportunity to relax and play some minigames. On this page, we’ll provide you with the necessary tips to completing the minigames and defeating "Grasptropod" iconGrasptropod Boss.

Cloud and the team stop off in Costa Del Sol.

A Moment’s Rest

Once you’ve stepped off "Shinra-8" iconShinra-8 you’ll find yourself in Costa Del Sol and your first task is finding a place to call home for the evening. Head over to The Royal Coast Hotel which is located in the center of the area and speak with the receptionist to discover that they’re fully booked up, then exit and continue heading northwest to find the Costa Del Sol Resort. Unfortunately, they’re only taking reservations so you need to come up with a plan C, exit the building and Johnny will save the day!

Beach Boys

Follow Johnny and he’ll lead you to his hotel which looks worse for wear, but hey it’s a free room. Listen to what he has to say and then it’s time to soak up the sunshine and enjoy yourself. Enter the room and put away your sword, then go back out into the town to be greeted by some dancers. Here you’ll want to gather tickets in order to purchase some beachwear, so make your way over to the northern part of the town and participate in some Pirate’s Rampage.

Pirate’s Rampage

This minigame will require you to shoot a series of targets in order to bag a highscore. If you just want to progress the story, then getting 10,000 points shouldn’t be that hard, but if you want to claim all of the rewards then it will be a bit of a challenge. However, we have plenty of tips on our Pirate’s Rampage Guide which will make it easier.

(1 of 2) Play some minigames as Cloud

Play some minigames as Cloud (left), and purchase the beachwear of your choice. (right)

Card Carnival

Next up, head down to the docks and speak to the Amusement Attendant to start playing through a series of Card Carnival Challenges. These are Queens Blood matches, but with preset puzzles. If you want the solutions to these in order to get through them quickly, check out our All Card Carnival Puzzle Solutions page.

Once you’ve wrapped up the minigames (for now), head over to a booth and change into some beachwear. Here you’ll want to have a choice of either the Wild Surf or Ocean Chocobo Outfits. Selecting Wild Surf will increase your chances of getting the date scene with Tifa whereas Ocean Chocobo will increase your chances with Aerith. Now head down to the beach and you’ll switch over to Aerith.

Fun While it Lasts

Head over to Tifa’s room and wait for her to join you, then head back out into town to farm some more tickets for more beachwear. This means its time for more minigames, so head over to the southwest of the town and participate in Rune Wild to begin.

Run Wild

This minigame will involve you hitting a bunch of balls into the net with "Red XIII" iconRed XIII. It’s a fairly straightforward minigame, but we have some tips on how to make it a breeze on our Run Wild Minigame Guide page.

(1 of 2) Play some minigames as Aerith

Play some minigames as Aerith (left), and purchase the beachwear of your choice. (right)

Cactuar Caper

Head towards the dock and you’ll start a cutscene which will then trigger the "Cactuar" iconCactuar Caper minigame. Here you’ll need to track down and photograph multiple cactuar stickers which can be really tricky to find, but we have all of their locations on our Cactuar Caper Minigame Guide page.

Royal Coast Concert

Next up, head into The Royal Coast Hotel and approach Andrea, then interact with the piano to play a piece in front of the audience. If you’re looking for tips on how to get the perfect rating, then check out our Piano Minigame Guide page.

Wheelie Rendezvous

Now you’ll want to head over to the southernmost point of the street and speak with the wheelie store employee. All she needs you to do is track down two Red, two Blue, and two Yellow Wheelies and return them to the charging stations. These can be found around Costa del Sol easy enough.

Hojo’s Mojo

Once you’re done with Aerith and Tifa’s minigames, purchase some outfits with your hard earned tickets, and then head to any of the changing booths and put on some beachwear before meeting Cloud on the beach. Unfortunately, Hojo is also at the beach so the fun times have been put on hold for now. Follow him to trigger a cutscene and then you’ll need to choose to assist either Aerith and Barret or Tifa and Red XIII. Choose the party member that you’ll like to increase your chances of scoring a date with and then quickly clear out the enemies.

Grasptropod Boss Strategy

Grasptropod is quite a difficult opponent as it has some dangerous close and long range attacks up its sleeve, so you’ll want to keep on the move and spam synergy skills until you have enough pips to pull off synergy abilities, such as Relentless Rush. This will eventually pressure the boss and then you’ll want to perform "Focused Thrust" iconFocused Thrust or Strike to stagger it. At this point, you’ll want to deal as much damage as possible which can be done by activating your limit break, using lightning based spells, and using attacks like Braver.

  • Drill Run

Drill Run will cause the Grasptropod to charge at one of your party members with its drills active which will result in their health gradually depleting. The best way to counter this is by holding block, as outrunning is pretty difficult.

  • Sublimated Toxin

Sublimated Toxin is an AoE gas attack which will inflict poison if you’re too close. If you get struck by this then you’ll want to use Esuna or an "Antidote" iconAntidote to clear it.

(1 of 3) Watch out for Laser Saaber

  • Pulse Blaster

Pulse Blaster will shoot out multiple electrical bolts which can deal lots of damage if you’re not careful. We recommend running to the side of the boss or blocking.

  • Laser Saber

Grasptropod will pull out a laser and perform a 360 spin with them which will deal moderate damage, so you’ll want to quickly gain some distance before it starts.

When Evening Comes

Once you’ve defeated Grasptropod, you’ll have an opportunity to speak to all of the party members on the beach and increase your relationship with them. If you’re looking for the best dialogue choices, then check out our How to Boost Character Relationships page. You’ll now want to head back to town and then it’s time to venture out into the Corel Region!

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