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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Flowers from the Hill Quest Guide

Jarrod Garripoli

As you explore the various regions in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, you will come across some people who will ask you for help, in the form of Quests. After getting your Chocobo in Chapter 2, some side quests will open up in the "Grasslands" iconGrasslands region, one of which will be Flowers from the Hill. "Chloe" iconChloe, the sister of Billy at "Bill’s Ranch" iconBill’s Ranch, will ask you to go pick some flowers for a flower crown. This page will detail where to find these flowers, as well as which ones to pick.

Chloe will ask you to pick some flowers for her to make a crown.

Where to Find the Flowers - Flowers from the Hill

Bill’s Ranch is on the eastern side of the Grasslands region, while the spot for flowers is on the western side. The place is called Wildflower Plateau and it’s quite a trek to get there, but your trusty Chocobo will make things much quicker. So, exit the ranch after logging the quest and call your Chocobo, then start running to the west. You might want to make things a little easier by fast traveling to "Kalm" iconKalm and starting from there instead.

It probably wouldn’t hurt to do some other World Intel along the way, like the towers, or repair some Chocobo Stops for the fast travel points. When you get to that area and see a long stretch of road, you will want to stay off of it and get on the ground below it. That’s because in order to get to the area with the flowers, you’ll have to pass underneath the highway there. In the next area, you will see a bunch of fallen concrete tubes that are hollow inside. Pass through them all to get to the flower field, where you’ll find a lot of "Mandragora" iconMandragoras waiting.

(1 of 4) The flower field will be found in the northwestern portion of the Grasslands.

There are at least 12 of them here, but they’re smaller enemies and don’t have much health. Cloud’s sword slash from holding Square seems to work really well here, so you can spam that if needed. Upon defeating all of the Mandragoras, it’s time to pick some flowers.

Which Flowers to Pick - Flowers from the Hill

Despite the abundance of flowers here, the ones you need to pick are relatively easy. If you press left on the D-pad, you will bring up Chloe’s illustration for the flower crown. All of the flowers are bunched up into single colors, with you only being able to pick from a specific spot from each color. Looking at the illustration, you see both red and yellow flowers, but what might be difficult to spot are the white ones, too.

You can also only pick each type of flower once, so you don’t need to grab more than one of a certain type. To complete the quest, you will want to pick the Yellow Calendulas, Red Gerberas, and White Daisies. Once you have picked all three, fast travel will be available again, so head back to the ranch. Return to Chloe with the flowers to make the crowns, bringing an end to this quest.

(1 of 5) There will be a large number of Mandragoras at the field.

Flowers from the Hill - Rewards

The following table lists all of the rewards for the Flowers from the Hill side quest in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. The Telluric Scriptures is a manuscript that gives 10 SP to Aerith.

Telluric Scriptures Vol. I, 3x "Pearl Ginger Root" iconPearl Ginger Roots, 3x Sprigs of "Marjoram" iconMarjoram, Relationship Up with Aerith, 10 Party EXP, 400 EXP
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