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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Bahamut Arisen Boss Guide

Jarrod Garripoli

Similar to Final Fantasy VII Remake, you will encounter the summons through the Combat Simulator in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. You typically unlock a new summon once you reach a new region, with Bahamut Arisen being unlocked upon reaching "Cosmo Canyon" iconCosmo Canyon. This is a tough summon, because he’s quick and has access to a wide range of abilities. This page will take a look at all of Bahamut Arisen’s moves, as well as give strategies for taking him down at Full Might.

Bahamut Arisen will unlock once you reach Cosmo Canyon.

All Bahamut Arisen’s Moves

Bahamut Arisen will switch between two forms throughout the battle, one where it’s just his claws and the other will have him using blades. There are some moves he can do in either form and he’ll always be able to use Particle Charge.

Claw Form Moves

  • Nova Bomb: Shoots energy projectile that tracks a character for a few seconds before exploding. Keep moving to easily avoid it.

  • Flame Breath: Bahamut spews a stream of fire at the ground in front of him, while moving around. This can inflict "Silence" iconSilence and "Slow" iconSlow.

  • Crush Grip: "Unblockable" iconUnblockable. Bahamut lunges forward and tries to uppercut a character. If he connects, that character is bound for a period of time before taking damage. If you do enough damage before he tosses the character, they will break free.

(1 of 4) Nova Bomb will follow you around a bit before exploding.

  • Vulcan Onslaught: The boss will fire a stream of energy projectiles at a single character. It’s hard to dodge these, so block them to mitigate damage.

  • Thruster Spin: Bahamut will spin around in a circle while spewing flames from his wings.

  • Umbral Bombardment: Unblockable. He will shoot two big orbs of energy at a single character, one after the other. These deal some big damage and if you get hit by one, you’ll take damage from the second.

  • Laser Raze: Bahamut shoots a laser at the ground straight ahead, it will then explode a second afterward. He also seems to be able to shoot the laser in front of him, in a small arc, but it still does the same thing.

(1 of 4) Thruster Spin is hard to avoid because it’s quite fast.

  • Luminous Dive: Unblockable. Bahamut will take to the air and quickly fly across the screen not once, but twice. Later in the battle, he can fly across the screen three times.

  • Particle Charge: Bahamut will start charging up, with his wings becoming vulnerable spots. If you don’t destroy both within a set period, he will do a small transformation. Should you destroy the wings, he will become pressured and Particle Charge will be stopped.

Blade Form

  • Galewind Slash: He will lunge forward and slash a character with both claws.

  • Whirlwind Slash: Bahamut will do a spin attack, before delivering one final slash to the targeted character.

  • Soaring Slash: Bahamut will jump into the air, do a little somersault, then slam both of his bladed arms into the ground in front of him two times.

(1 of 6) Galewind Slash is a quick charge move, where Bahamut hits you with his blades.

  • Homing Barrage: Bahamut fires off a volley of projectiles that will home in on targets. This will inflict "Stun" iconStun on your characters.

  • Grim Upheaval: Unblockable. Bahamut does an uppercut to knock a character into the air. If he connects, then he will follow up with Celestial Slash, which will be unavoidable.

  • Twin Lasers: Bahamut will fire two big lasers from his shoulders at a single target. If you get hit once, then you’re likely going to be trapped and take even more damage from getting hit again.

  • Infernal Rush: One of the more dangerous moves, as he does a lot of spinning attacks in a row. It is blockable, though, so you could perfect block it.

How to Beat Bahamut Arisen - Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Bahamut Arisen is a tough fight at full power, especially because he is quick and has a lot of attacks. The battle is quite intricate, with many different mechanics going on during it. Some of Bahamut’s moves will leave behind particles that can attach to your characters, which will explode after some time has passed. If you perform a Synergy Skill or Synergy Ability while the particles are in play, you can pressure Bahamut and get rid of all the particles on the field/characters. This will be a key strategy throughout the fight, but it’s not going to make things any easier.

(1 of 3) Using Synergy Skills/Abilities when particles are out will pressure Bahamut.

One of the key mechanics will be when Bahamut uses Particle Charge. This will make his wings targetable, and you will want to destroy them. He’ll keep using this throughout the fight, causing him to change modes, with Neodrive Mode being first and Gigadrive Mode second. If you continue failing, then he will eventually use Gigaflare and that will be it, because this move does a lot of damage and you likely won’t be able to survive it.

Bahamut has no elemental weaknesses, nor any elemental strengths, so you won’t have to worry about healing him with anything. However, you can’t rely on those elements to do too much, so you’ll have to play well in order to get things done. Dodging his attacks will be difficult, as Bahamut is quite aggressive, and you might not get a lot of openings. Luckily, he only has four unblockable moves, one of which he can do from the beginning (Crush Grip). The other unblockable moves seem to be put into rotation once he starts going into the other modes.

(1 of 4) If you leave Bahamut alone during Particle Charge, he will eventually switch modes.

If you can destroy his wings during Particle Charge, that seems to prevent him from going into those modes. Thankfully, he doesn’t do anything else while doing the charge, but it can be a little difficult to hit the wings. Use moves like "Starshower" iconStarshower and Braver for maximum damage, so save some ATB just for that moment. You have to make the most of your limited time, which is why having the bigger damage dealers (Tifa and Cloud) here makes for the ideal party.

Remember that if you are trying this at Full Might and having a lot of trouble, finding the Cosmo Canyon Divine Intel will help you fight Bahamut at lesser strength. For winning the battle, you will receive the Bahamut Arisen Summon Materia.

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