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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Bonds of Trust

Jessica Dillon

Bonds of Trust is one of the first side quests you will encounter in the "Cosmo Canyon" iconCosmo Canyon region. This is a tricky side quest as it forces you to get at least Rank I in the Glide de Chocobo mini-games. This can be quite frustrating, as can finding Aponi, the Cosmo Canyon Chocobo. The guide below goes over how to start The Bonds of Trust and how to complete the three chocobo gliding courses in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Bonds of Trust will have Yuffie navigating three Chocobo gliding courses.

How to Start the Bonds of Trust Side Quest - FFVII Rebirth

Bonds of Trust can be started once you arrive in Cosmo Canyon. On your way through the area, you will come across the Cosmo Canyon Chocobo Ranch, Kamaria’s Ranch. Inside, you will find Kamaria and she will tell you about Shani, her daughter, who has given up on riding. Kamaria instructs the party to find the three training courses after they catch the Cosmo Canyon Chocobo. The first part of this quest is catching Aponi, the Chocobo in Cosmo Canyon and it can be found up from the ranch. Cloud must slowly move minecarts to block the view of the lookouts and this is a slow process that can feel a bit tedious at times. For a full guide on how to catch the Cosmo Canyon Chocobo, click here. Once you have it, you can begin to explore the bottom of Cosmo Canyon or you can immediately head to the first training course.

(1 of 2) Bonds of Trust can be picked up from Kamaria or the Cosmo Canyon Notice Board.

Bonds of Trust can be picked up from Kamaria or the Cosmo Canyon Notice Board. (left), Aponi can be found north from the Chocobo Ranch. (right)

How to Complete All Three Cosmo Canyon Training Courses

The first training course is a short walk from the Cosmo Canyon Airstrip. Once there, you will find Shani so speak with her and she will have a chat with Yuffie. Afterward, interact with the Chocobo weathervane to start the challenge. The controls for Chocobo gliding are a little tricky for this first course. You only need to focus on holding your glide and moving through the rings in front of you. Hold DualSense-R2 to take off, and don’t let go, or you will plummet to the ground, likely failing the challenge if you haven’t reached 1,800 points. Try to shoot for the full 3600 points to unlock one of Yuffie’s weapons, the "Crescent Sickle" iconCrescent Sickle. This allows her to use "Shooting Star" iconShooting Star, which has Yuffie throwing her Shuriken across the battlefield. There will be fans along the course, fly over them to get some height, and don’t descend on your own if you can help it.

The second course is the same song and dance, but this time, the targets move from side to side. The next course is located south of where you acquired Aponi. You will find Shani waiting at this course and need to speak with her before challenging it. To complete this course, wait to take off until the starting targets are close to the center to ensure you have a good run. It may take a few tries to get this down just right as they move faster than your Chocobo can glide. You will need to get 3,600 points to complete this part of the Bonds of Trust side quest. Gently move to the side the target is going towards to ensure you pass through it and there are plenty of targets with large sums of points in this course. Just be sure not to chase one too close to the ground and fail the minigame. Once again, there are three reward tiers depending on how many points you accumulated during the challenge.

(1 of 2) Gliding is a tricky new mechanic that you will need to master to complete Bonds of Trust.

Gliding is a tricky new mechanic that you will need to master to complete Bonds of Trust. (left), The goal of Glide de Chocobo is to fly through rings for points. (right)

The third and final course is located behind Kamaria’s Ranch, where you will speak with Shani a third time. This is the trickiest of all courses. Not only do you have moving targets, but you will need to do a bit of risky diving to get a high score. You will also need the rings to line up before going through them. This Glide de Chocobo course is especially hard so we recommend you check out our full Glide de Chocobo guide here if you’re looking to get the highest score at each training course.

Once you get 4,800 points, you will have completed the final part of the Bonds of Trust side quest. After you finish the mini-game, a cutscene will play where Shani gets back on Aponi. The quest will increase your relationship with Yuffie, but the major reward is for "Red XIII" iconRed XIII. For your trouble you will be given 10 party EXP, 3,000 EXP, and a Tales of the Red Warrior Vol. VI. This is used to grant Red XIII an additional 10 SP.

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