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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Finding Piko

Jarrod Garripoli
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Once you leave "Kalm" iconKalm, you will be in the "Grasslands" iconGrasslands region of the map, where you will eventually make your way to the swamplands. However, you won’t be able to cross it on foot or via boat, with the party suggesting that you get a Chocobo. This leads you to "Bill’s Ranch" iconBill’s Ranch, one of the chocobo farms in the world. Before you’re able to get a Chocobo, though, you’ll need to track down Piko, a bird that has run away from the stables. This page will help you track down Piko, as well as unlock the Chocobo for the Grasslands region.

Piko will become your Chocobo in the Grasslands region.

Where to Find Piko - FFVII Rebirth

Billy mentions that you only need to follow the Chocobo tracks in order to find Piko, which isn’t all too difficult once you know what to look for there. First, head to the main gate of Bill’s Ranch and you should see some tracks right outside of it. Turn left and follow them down the trail, heading south at the split. These will eventually lead you to a large clearing, with some other Chocobos, as well as Piko at the far end, who is easily distinguishable due to its saddle.

How to Catch the Piko Chocobo

Now that you’ve found Piko, you’ll need to sneak up on him without scaring him away. At this point, Cloud will crouch in the tall grass and trigger a short stealth section. There are two other Chocobos in the vicinity and you cannot be spotted by them, nor by Piko. If you feel like you’re about to get caught, press Circle to roll and get in the tall grass. Thankfully, the first Chocobo will constantly look to the right, so you can safely just go behind it.

(1 of 6) The Chocobo tracks will appear right outside of the main gate of Bill’s Ranch.

The second Chocobo will look both ways, but stick to the tall grass. Note that you will unlock a checkpoint at the second Chocobo, so if you get seen at all, you can restart from there. Upon reaching the grass by Piko, you will find some rocks on the ground, so pick them up. Hold the DualSense-L1 button to make an arc appear for the rock, then move it to the other side of where Piko is looking. Toss the rock with the DualSense-ButtonSquare button to distract Piko, then quickly approach him.

There will be a meter that appears showing how long Piko will stay distracted, so move briskly here. Once you get close enough, hit the DualSense-ButtonTriangle button and Cloud will mount the Chocobo. Piko will finally be caught and after a short scene, he’ll go running back to the ranch. You will be rewarded with 2 Golden Plumes and upon returning to the ranch, unlock your very own Chocobo. At the end, you’ll receive a Chocobo Whistle that you can blow with DualSense-R1 to call your Chocobo while out on the field.

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You guys are going to put chapter 1 in here, yes? Some of us did not play the demo and would appreciate it. Thanks!

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You guys are going to put chapter 1 in here, yes? Some of us did not play the demo and would appreciate it. Thanks!

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