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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

All Weapon Locations

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There are a variety of weapons for your party members in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Weapons work a bit differently in this game, as not only can they change stats, but they will change the abilities that the character can use. This adds a deeper level to the weapons, as you may want to use one move over the other prompting you to switch to a weapon you found much earlier in the game. The guide below goes over every weapon in the game, what ability it activates, and where to find it.

Instead of Weapon Cores, weapons in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth gain Weapon Skills as your Weapon Level improves.

Cloud Weapon Locations

Cloud uses variations of the iconic "Buster Sword" iconBuster Sword, and he’ll be an ever present in your party for your entire first playthrough. Once you get the "Crystal Sword" iconCrystal Sword in Chapter 9, you’ll unlock the useful "Infinity’s End" iconInfinity’s End ability that deals massive damage, use this when you stagger your foes.

Weapon Ability Chapter Location
"Buster Sword" iconBuster Sword "Focused Thrust" iconFocused Thrust Chapter 2 Initial Equip
"Sleek Saber" iconSleek Saber "Firebolt Blade" iconFirebolt Blade Chapter 2 Chest at the Abandoned Dock in the "Grasslands" iconGrasslands
"Rune Blade" iconRune Blade "Disorder" iconDisorder Chapter 4 Junon, in a chest at the rest station after the Junon Parade
"Umbral Blade" iconUmbral Blade "Prime Mode" iconPrime Mode Chapter 8 Corel region, in a chest in the Dustbowl town
"Crystal Sword" iconCrystal Sword "Infinity’s End" iconInfinity’s End Chapter 9 The Freight Corridor in the Gongaga Reactor
Igneous Saber Blade Burst Chapter 11 "Mt. Nibel" iconMt. Nibel at Northern Ridge on the Upper Level
Slipstream Saber Counterstance Chapter 13 In the Corridor of Trepidation

Tifa Weapon Locations

Tifa’s all about using her fists, and as such, her weapons are various gloves. Once you obtain her final weapon, Járngreipr, you can use True Strike to easily increase the Stagger gauge.

Weapon Ability Chapter Location
"Leather Gloves" iconLeather Gloves "Divekick" iconDivekick Chapter 2 Initial Equip
"Sylph Gloves" iconSylph Gloves "Reverse Gale" iconReverse Gale Chapter 3 Mythril Quarry - 1st Tier: Northern Quarry - Storage. In a chest in the southeastern corner of the chamber
"Kaiser Knuckles" iconKaiser Knuckles "Overpower" iconOverpower Chapter 5 "Shinra-8" iconShinra-8 Ship. In a chest during the section where you control Cloud and Tifa
"Dragon Claws" iconDragon Claws "Starshower" iconStarshower Chapter 8 Corel - Dustbowl. Achieve 42,000 points in the "Desert Rush" iconDesert Rush minigame
"Tiger Fangs" iconTiger Fangs "Chi Trap" iconChi Trap Chapter 10 In Output Regulation - B1 inside of the Gongaga Reactor
Crystal Gloves Unfettered Fury Chapter 11 Building G-02 in Garm Pass
Járngreipr True Strike Chapter 13 In the Corridor of Currents

Barret Weapon Locations

Barret is all about using his gun-arm to attack enemies from range. He has many abilities that help him to tank, chief among them the "Lifesaver" iconLifesaver ability from the "Barrage Blaster" iconBarrage Blaster that allows him to take damage in place of his allies.

Weapon Ability Chapter Location
"Gatling Gun" iconGatling Gun "Focused Shot" iconFocused Shot Chapter 2 Initial Equip
"Hi-Caliber Rifle" iconHi-Caliber Rifle "Bonus Round" iconBonus Round Chapter 2 "Grasslands" iconGrasslands, on the northern end of the large island in the middle of the swamp
"Barrage Blaster" iconBarrage Blaster "Lifesaver" iconLifesaver Chapter 7 Inside of Railway Control Tower - 1F inside of the Coal Mines
"Vulcan Cannon" iconVulcan Cannon "Charging Uppercut" iconCharging Uppercut Chapter 8 Northeast part of Scrapyard Prison Cell in the Corel region desert
"Fafnir Rifle" iconFafnir Rifle "Point Blank" iconPoint Blank Chapter 9 Compete the side quest, The Pursuit of Perfection
"Calamitous Bazooka" iconCalamitous Bazooka "Smackdown" iconSmackdown Chapter 10 In the Gate of Anger room inside of the Cave of Gi
Battle Cry Turbulent Spirit Chapter 13 In the Corridor of Catastrophe

Aerith Weapon Locations

Aerith uses staves to inflict magical attacks on her enemies or help buff her allies. She has access to many Wards which alter the way she plays, and the "Radiant Ward" iconRadiant Ward obtained from the "Empress’s Scepter" iconEmpress’s Scepter will allow her to shoot lasers for her regular attacks!

Weapon Ability Chapter Location
"Guard Stick" iconGuard Stick "Arcane Ward" iconArcane Ward Chapter 2 Initial Equip
"Timeless Rod" iconTimeless Rod "Chrono Aegis" iconChrono Aegis Chapter 2 "Grasslands" iconGrasslands, "Bill’s Ranch" iconBill’s Ranch. In a chest to the right of "Chloe" iconChloe
"Empress’s Scepter" iconEmpress’s Scepter "Radiant Ward" iconRadiant Ward Chapter 4 "Under Junon" iconUnder Junon, inside Aerith’s room at the inn
"Wizard’s Rod" iconWizard’s Rod "Lustrous Shield" iconLustrous Shield Chapter 7 Mt. Corel, to the left of a rest station, in a little alcove
"Ceremonial Staff" iconCeremonial Staff "ATB Ward" iconATB Ward Chapter 10 In the Village of Gi’s Outcasts’ Shore Rest Spot
Plumose Rod Ray of Judgement Chapter 12 Inside of Shinra Manor’s Simulation Control Room in Mako Research Facility - Section X
Gambanteinn Noble Sacrifice Chapter 13 Under Sorrow’s Descent’s stairs

Red XIII Weapon Locations

"Red XIII" iconRed XIII uses collars to grant his abilities and slot his Materia. Many of his abilities focus on supporting the party, and "Supernal Fervor" iconSupernal Fervor from "Amethyst Collar" iconAmethyst Collar is one of the better ones, allowing him to grant "Haste" iconHaste to the party.

Weapon Ability Chapter Location
"Mythril Collar" iconMythril Collar "Stardust Ray" iconStardust Ray Chapter 2 Initial Equip
"Renegade’s Collar" iconRenegade’s Collar "Crescent Claw" iconCrescent Claw Chapter 3 Mine Depths: Lower Layer - Subterranean Terrace - In the first part of the Barret and "Red XIII" iconRed XIII section, in a chest near a Rest Spot
"Silver Collar" iconSilver Collar Chapter 6 "Chilling Roar" iconChilling Roar Reach Rank III while playing the Run Wild mini-game in "Costa Del Sol" iconCosta Del Sol
"Amethyst Collar" iconAmethyst Collar "Supernal Fervor" iconSupernal Fervor Chapter 7 Colliery No. 1 inside of the Old South Corel Mine
"Golden Collar" iconGolden Collar "Watcher’s Respite" iconWatcher’s Respite Chapter 9 Coolant Control - B3 in the Gongaga Reactor
Mystic Collar Watcher’s Spirit Chapter 10 Cave of Gi in the Hall of Diversion
Brísingamen Reaper Touch Chapter 13 In the Corridor of Repose

Yuffie Weapon Locations

Yuffie uses Shurikens and all of her abilities that she can learn help her to inflict either elemental damage or keep up the pressure on them. The "Bird of Prey" iconBird of Prey that unlocks Dopplegänger is a stand-out weapon for her.

Weapon Ability Chapter Location
"4-Point Shuriken" icon4-Point Shuriken "Elemental Ninjutsu" iconElemental Ninjutsu Chapter 6 Initial Equip
"Savage Dagger" iconSavage Dagger "Blindside" iconBlindside Chapter 6 Alternative Initial Equip
"Twin Viper" iconTwin Viper "Windstorm" iconWindstorm Chapter 7 Preparation Plant - 1F in the Corel region Coal Mines
"Bird of Prey" iconBird of Prey Dopplegänger Chapter 9 Inside of a Rest Spot in Felicia Commons, this is north of Gongaga Village
"Crescent Sickle" iconCrescent Sickle "Shooting Star" iconShooting Star Chapter 10 From the Bonds of Trust side quest
Crystalline Cross Banishment Chapter 12 Utilidor area of the Golden Saucer
Fuma Shuriken Purification Chapter 13 In the Shrine of Ambition

Cait Sith Weapon Locations

"Cait Sith" iconCait Sith has a rather unique playstyle, almost featuring two characters in one. Using his Megaphones, he dishes out commands to his Moogle Mount. The "Crystal Megaphone" iconCrystal Megaphone’s "Moogle Magic" iconMoogle Magic ability is a particular stand-out, allowing you to use Summon abilities without calling it, so long as it’s a battle that allows it.

Weapon Ability Chapter Location
"Yellow Megaphone" iconYellow Megaphone "Roll o’ the Dice" iconRoll o’ the Dice Chapter 8 Initial Equip
"Iron Megaphone" iconIron Megaphone "Fortune Telling" iconFortune Telling Chapter 8 Alternative Initial Equip
"Red Megaphone" iconRed Megaphone "Moogle Kaboom" iconMoogle Kaboom Chapter 9 In the Gongaga Gorge near Gongaga Village
Resounding Megaphone Moogle Mine Chapter 9 In the phonebooth at the Gongaga Airstrip
"Crystal Megaphone" iconCrystal Megaphone "Moogle Magic" iconMoogle Magic Chapter 10 In the Cliff of Observation in "Cosmo Canyon" iconCosmo Canyon
Golden Megaphone Moogle Knuckle Chapter 11 Specimen Testing in Mako Research Facility - Section W inside of Shinra Manor
Gjallarhorn Lady Luck Chapter 11 Complete the Esoteric Secrets of the Elders side quest
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