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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Promises to Keep Quest Guide

Jarrod Garripoli

There are plenty of quests in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth that won’t appear until you’ve done something else, like another quest. Promises to Keep will be one of those quests, as you need to have completed From Whence Life Flows first. This will all be available in Chapter 10 of the main story. This page will detail how to complete this quest, including strategies for taking down the Irasceros enemy.

The guard at Cosmo Canyon tells you that Gi have been spotted in the area.

Promises to Keep Location

As mentioned above, you won’t be able to start this quest until Chapter 10 of the main story, in the "Cosmo Canyon Region" iconCosmo Canyon Region. At some point, you will unlock some quests in that chapter, one of which is called From Whence Life Flows. Once you have done that, head back to "Cosmo Canyon" iconCosmo Canyon and one of the guards right by the initial bridge into the town will have this quest for you. The survey team recently saw some Gi right outside of town, so "Red XIII" iconRed XIII and the party decide to check things out.

Gi Specter Locations

You’re looking for the abandoned truck that the survey team left behind, which you’ll find just north of Cosmo Canyon itself. If you have Activation Intel 5: Spiritwastes Tower, then it will be southwest of that. When you approach the truck, the Gi Specters will appear and mistake Red for his father, Seto. They will then possess some local fauna, so you’ll need to take them out. The first set of enemies are some "Skeeskee" iconSkeeskees and other than being a little stronger, they still have the same weaknesses and pressure conditions.

(1 of 2) The Gi will possess the local fauna here in Cosmo Canyon.

The Gi will possess the local fauna here in Cosmo Canyon. (left), After defeating them, follow them to the next set of enemies. (right)

The second set of enemies will be some "Desert Sahagin" iconDesert Sahagins, which you should know how to defeat easily (use Blizzard to pressure). The third set of enemies will be more Desert Sahagins, although there will be four this time. When you’ve finished up with them, heal up and follow the Gi once more, where you will come face-to-face with a new enemy, the Irasceros.

Irasceros Battle Guide

The Irasceros can be an annoying enemy, as it likes to switch between becoming immune to either physical attacks, or magical ones. There’s nothing you can do about this, so make sure you have a well-balanced party that can do both types of damage. As for pressuring the creature, you’ll need to wait until it does one of its named moves. Of course, the period in which it will be pressured will be very short, so you won’t get a lot of time to build the stagger gauge.

Ideally, though, you will want to save your ATB when you see that its stagger gauge is getting fuller. The reason for this is that it’ll use Concentrate at that point, which not only drains its stagger gauge, but all your normal attacks will bounce off of it, dealing very little damage. It will take three big attacks to knock it out of the Concentrate move, which is where someone like Aerith can come in handy, thanks to her "Arcane Ward" iconArcane Ward.

(1 of 3) The Irasceros will use abilities that will it immune to either physical or magical damage.

The Irasceros is weak to lightning, so have Aerith pop an Arcane Ward down, then when you see Concentrate, have someone stand in it and cast Thunder. This allows you to hit it twice with Thunder, so you only need one more move to knock it out of Concentrate. If you can manage to stagger the Irasceros, then it’s simply a matter of unleashing your most powerful abilities, even Limit Breaks, to bring down the creature’s health. When the battle has been won, there will be a scene and the quest will come to an end.

Promises to Keep Rewards

The usual rewards will be given upon completion of this quest, like Party EXP and your characters gaining some experience towards leveling. Your relationship towards Red XIII will also improve and the item you receive from it will be the Mythical Amulet.

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