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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Item Transmuter Crafting Guide

Nathan Garvin

For better or worse, crafting has become a nigh ubiquitous element in RPGs, and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth reinforces this trend with the inclusion of its own crafting system. While given the somewhat loftier name of “Item Transmutation”, the core concept should be familiar to anybody who has played a roleplaying game in the past decade or so. That said, you can craft potent consumables and rare accessories via Item Transmutation, so the mechanic is worth discussing in some detail, both for veteran gamers who could benefit from learning how useful crafting can be in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth as well less jaded players who may not be familiar with such gameplay elements.

(1 of 2) You can obtain crafting materials by finding them on the field, as drops/steals/morphs from enemies, or by completing Treasure Hunts.

You can obtain crafting materials by finding them on the field, as drops/steals/morphs from enemies, or by completing Treasure Hunts. (left), In addition to resources, your Craftsmanship level needs to be high enough - rarer, more potent items require higher Craftsmanship. (right)

Crafting Materials and Craftsmanship

In order to craft items in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth just enter the main menu and pick the “Item Transmuter” option, where you’ll be presented with various tabs containing lists of items you can craft. Crafting items has two requirements - your Craftsmanship level must be high enough, and you must have the required materials.

Materials can be found in a variety of places in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, including:

  • Out on the field - just get close and press DualSense-ButtonTriangle to pick them up.
  • Defeat enemies - each enemy can drop a common or rare item when dispatched. This is a matter of RNG, so the more you kill, the more/better materials you’ll end up with.
  • Steal from enemies.
  • Morph enemies. To do this you must have Morph Materia equipped and successfully use it on a low HP enemy in combat. This generally gets you the equivalent of the enemy’s rare drop.
  • Complete Treasure Hunts.

Long story short, explore and fight and the resources will flow. If you need specific materials - especially rare ones - you may need to farm specific enemies. Morph will more regularly get you rare items, while Steal basically just gets you another RNG drop.

How to Get Craftsmanship XP

As for Craftsmanship, this one’s simple - you’ll earn Craftsmanship XP every time you craft a new item. Previously-crafted items are marked by a green checkmark, so you should be able to tell at a glance what still needs to be crafted (many of these will be posted in your “To-Do List” tab. The more you craft, the higher your Craftsmanship level, and the higher your Craftsmanship level, the more recipes will unlock! Granted, you’ll likely end up gated by the materials you have access to, but crafting items just to improve your Craftsmanship level is generally a good idea.

(1 of 2) Select an item you want to craft and provided you have the resources and a sufficient Craftsmanship level, you can craft it,

Select an item you want to craft and provided you have the resources and a sufficient Craftsmanship level, you can craft it, (left), consuming the resources and creating the chosen item. You’ll gain Craftsmanship XP for every new item crafted. (right)

Crafting Items in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Should you have sufficient materials and Craftsmanship level to craft an item, all you need to do to craft it is select it in the Item Transmuter menu and hold the DualSense-ButtonCross button. If it’s an item you’ve never crafted before you’ll earn Craftsmanship XP, and either way you’ll consume the required materials and create the desired item. If you wish to craft more than one item in a single go, press DualSense-ButtonTriangle, then use DualSense-DPad-UD to change the quantity you wish to craft. For more details on the materials required, pretty the DualSense-Touchpad button, but this doesn’t provide much useful info unless you need to know a material’s rarity score, which is of dubious utility.

It can be worth crafting things just to raise your Craftsmanship level so you can get access to new, powerful accessories.

Crafting can not only be used to create common restoratives (useful if a shop isn’t handy or you don’t have or wish to spend the gil to purchase them), but you can also craft rare consumables that have enhanced effects. The Mist Hi-Potion, for example, restores 700 HP to the entire party, and the Mixed Hi-Potion restores both 700 HP and 20 MP to a single target. This essentially allows you to use three Hi-Potions or a Hi-Potion and an Ether with one ATB segment - useful for retaining the momentum in combat.

Even better, you can also craft accessories and accessory upgrades via Item Transfer. The former option, of course, will get you new accessories, expending materials instead of gil, while the latter will improve existing accessories, typically by giving them extra stat bonuses. Crafting regularly can net you superior gear earlier than you’d otherwise have access to said gear, and provides incentive for you to go scrounging for materials.

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