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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Tifa Combat Guide

Jessica Dillon

Tifa is one of the staple characters in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and has been with Cloud since the first game in the remake trilogy. Tifa is a close-range fighter who synergizes well with her party members, making her a valuable resource. Many players consider her one of the most powerful party members on your team. Below, we take a look at Tifa’s battle style and her best moves.

Tifa is a powerful close-ranger party member.

How to Play as Tifa - Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Tifa will be in your party from the start of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Her combat style is almost entirely close-range, except for her magic skills. Tifa’s basic square attack is an assortment of physical attacks. Her triangle or heavy attacks are where things get interesting. There are three moves here: Whirling Uppercut (chi level one), Omnistrike (chi level two), and Rise and Fall (chi level three). The attacks you have access to depend on Tifa’s current chi level and it is increased by the Unbridled Strength ability, the more chi a move takes to use, the more powerful it is.

Best Abilities and Spells for Tifa

Tifa has a lot of useful abilities available to her, which she learns from every new weapon she finds. The table below contains every ability for Tifa in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth:

Ability Description
Unbridled Strength Strengthen basic attacks and increase combo count. Allows Whirling Uppercut to be followed by Omnistike, and then Rise and Fall.
Focused Strike Evade, then unleash a charging attack. Moderately increases stagger. Can use while airborne.
"Divekick" iconDivekick Leap into the air and unleash a powerful kick.
"Reverse Gale" iconReverse Gale Knock enemies into the air or bring them crashing down with a wind-aspected attack. Launches enemies toward you. Can use while airborne.
"Overpower" iconOverpower Use with other attacks to more effectively pressure enemies. Can also use while airborne.
"Starshower" iconStarshower Unleash a flurry of powerful strikes. Increases strength of next command.
"Chi Trap" iconChi Trap Create an orb of materialized chi that deals damage over time on contact.
Unfettered Fury Imbue your unbridled attacks with non-elemental magic. Increases stagger.
True Strike Deliver a tremendous blow at close range. Increased stagger damage bonus.

All of Tifa’s abilities are rather useful, especially if you need to use moves like Focused Strike and "Divekick" iconDivekick to get damage in quickly. "Overpower" iconOverpower is also a solid choice, as pressuring enemies will help you win battles faster.

Starshower and Unbridled Strength Combo

While these are attacks, they are important to use when playing as Tifa. Unbridled "Strength" iconStrength boosts the attack of normal moves and allows you to combo her strong attacks. Since these are the moves you will be using most, keeping the buff of Unbridled Strength going is a must as it raises your chi level. Ideally, you will want to get to chi level three to use Rise and Fall. "Starshower" iconStarshower and Unbridled Strength can be used together to have Rise and Fall deal massive damage. This combo is great when enemies are staggered as it increases the percentage of the stagger meter. To make this more effective, equip Tifa with the ATB Stagger materia.

Reverse Gale

"Reverse Gale" iconReverse Gale is a great move that you should think of as both a powerful attack and an enemy grouper. The attack pulls in smaller enemies, collecting them all in one spot when finished. This makes lining smaller enemies up for your team simple, allowing you to take them down much quicker. This move is extremely helpful when taking on flying enemies that can evade close-ranged party members. Tifa will be able to reach flyers and pull them back down to the ground at the end of her attack.

(1 of 2) Starshower is one of Tifa’s most powerful attacks.

Tifa’s Weapons and What Abilities They Grant

The table below goes over every weapon Tifa can equip, where to find them, and what ability they grant.

Weapon Ability Chapter Location
"Leather Gloves" iconLeather Gloves "Divekick" iconDivekick Chapter 2 Initial Equip
"Sylph Gloves" iconSylph Gloves "Reverse Gale" iconReverse Gale Chapter 3 Mythril Quarry - 1st Tier: Northern Quarry - Storage. In a chest in the southeastern corner of the chamber.
"Kaiser Knuckles" iconKaiser Knuckles "Overpower" iconOverpower Chapter 5 "Shinra-8" iconShinra-8 Ship. In a chest during the section where you control Cloud and Tifa.
"Dragon Claws" iconDragon Claws "Starshower" iconStarshower Chapter 8 Corel - Dustbowl. Achieve 42,000 points in the "Desert Rush" iconDesert Rush minigame.
"Tiger Fangs" iconTiger Fangs "Chi Trap" iconChi Trap Chapter 10 In Output Regulation - B1 inside of the Gongaga Reactor.
Crystal Gloves Unfettered Fury Chapter 11 Building G-02 in Garm Pass.
Járngreipr True Strike Chapter 13 In the Corridor of Currents.

All Limit Breaks for Tifa

Tifa’s first limit break is Somersault. During this move, Tifa targets an enemy and knocks them into the air. She then performs a powerful kick to knock down their health. Her second limit break, Dolphin Flurry takes two limit bars to activate. When activated, Tifa launches into a chain of acrobatic attacks to damage foes. These can be used to plow through any enemy’s health bars, especially when they are staggered. The last limit break is Meteor Strike which has Tifa attack an enemy with the power of a falling star. This move increases stagger and takes three limit bars.

(1 of 2) Tifa has three powerful limit breaks.

Tifa has three powerful limit breaks. (left), Tifa and Cloud build up synergy quickly. (right)

All Synergy Skills for Tifa

Below are the synergy skills Tifa can use with other party members. Thankfully, Tifa is one of the easiest characters to build synergy with.

Ability Character Description
Leaping Stikes All Will launch towards the enemy to deal damage, the way Tifa is launched changes depending on who she is paired with.
Soaring Flurry Cloud, "Red XIII" iconRed XIII Team up with your partner to perform a jumping attack. Can strike faraway enemies.
Power Cleave Cloud Cloud unleashes a powerful attack that saves you from using your ATB.
Slip and Slide Aerith, Cloud, Yuffie, "Cait Sith" iconCait Sith Team up with your partner to dodge and deliver a counterstrike. Dodge at the right time to perform a follow-up attack
Bodyguard Aerith, Barret Ask your partner to defend you while you move about the field.
Spellbound Blast Aerith Hold the button to gather the strength, then team up with your partner to unleash a charged attack. Also receive MP from your chosen partner.
Heavenly Ascent All Team up with your partner and perform a jumping attack. Launches enemies high in the air.

All Synergy Abilities Involving Tifa

Below are the synergy abilities from other characters that use Tifa in the attack.

Ability Character Description
Cyclonic Kick Yuffie Tifa and Yuffie leap into the air to bring the throwing star down on a foe. Use on staggered foes to increase potency and extend stagger.
Relentless Rush Cloud Cloud launches Tifa toward an enemy to attack in tandem. Use on staggered foes to increase potency and extend stagger.
Avalanche Two-Step Barret Barret and Tifa team up to take down an enemy. Use on staggered foes to increase potency and extend stagger.
Synchro Cyclone Cloud Cloud and Tifa leap into the air and deliver a spinning attack. Temporarily grants unlimited MP.
Divine Punishment Aerith Tifa makes use of Aerith’s magic to deal damage across a wide area. Raises their limit levels.
United Refocus Aerith Tifa and Aerith hone their focus. Temporarily partitions ATB gauges into three segments.
Bestial Barrage "Red XIII" iconRed XIII Tifa and "Red XIII" iconRed XIII unleash a ferocious fist-and-fang combo. Raises their limit levels.

With the above suggestions you should now have an idea how to use Tifa to the fullest, for help with other party members check out our other guides below.

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