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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

My White-Haired Angel Quest Guide

Jarrod Garripoli

After defeating the trio of bosses in Chapter 11 of the main story in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, you will find yourself back in "Nibelheim" iconNibelheim. Once you regain control of Cloud, you will get a notice a new Quest is available. That is the My White-Haired Angel quest, which can be started by visiting the one cook inside Cloud’s former house in Nibelheim. This page will detail where to find the cat, as well as give strategies for defeating the Queen Bee.

The head chef asks for your help in searching for a lost cat.

My White-Haired Angel Location

You won’t be able to start this quest until near the end of Chapter 11 of the main story. This will be after you return to Nibelheim upon clearing the Mako Research Facility and defeating the trio of bosses following that. Once you have gotten to that point, head to Cloud’s old home to find the singing chef there. A cat she sometimes feeds has gone missing, so you decide to offer your help in searching for it. She suggests starting your search at the foot of "Mt. Nibel" iconMt. Nibel and hands you over some cat food.

White Cat Location

Once you’re ready, take the northeastern exit out of Nibelheim and begin heading east from there. You won’t really encounter much, as Cloud and Tifa will chat about the cat she had while younger. Continue east-northeast and you will eventually hear some noise, which turns out to be a cat. As you chase after it, you might run into some monsters, but these will be the normal enemies from this region. After defeating the enemies, follow the map marker to find the cat in question, as well as some kittens.

(1 of 3) You’ll eventually find the cat to the east of Nibelheim.

When the scene with the cats is over, some uninvited guests appear to annoy you, in the form of four Guard Bees. Note that the lead cat will have a health bar here, so make sure you protect it at all costs. The bees are weak to fire, so use that to make shorter work of them. Upon defeating the bees, the cat will take off and you’ll have to chase after it. At some point, you’ll run into another group of bees, so use the same tactics to put them down for good.

Queen Bee Strategy

The last group of enemies will contain the Queen Bee, which is stronger than her Guard Bees. While you might think to defeat the Guard Bees first, the Queen Bee will keep on summoning more, so only go after them if the cat is losing health. Otherwise, just concentrate on the Queen Bee, which will also be weak to fire here. In fact, using fire on the big bad here will pressure it, allowing you to get better chances at building up the stagger bar.

"Poison" iconPoison Sting will deal damage and also poison the character hit with it, so feel free to cure it, if it’s causing problems. At certain points, especially if there are a lot of Guard Bees alive, the queen will use Hive Assemblage to erect a shield around it that increases its defense and magic defense. Overall, it’s more of an annoying fight, since the Queen Bee will be flying around a lot, but fire will definitely help a lot in bringing it down more quickly.

(1 of 3) It’s best to focus solely on the Queen Bee during the battle.

Escort the Cats to the Village

Upon defeating the Queen Bee and its minions, it’s time to head back to the village. Unlike the previous times, you’ll be leading the kittens, so you will want to take it slow and not get too far ahead of them. Basically, leave the R2 button alone and don’t tilt the left analog stick all the way. Thankfully, you won’t encounter any more enemies along the way, so it’s just a matter of keeping the cats in sight. Once you reach the village, the cats will run off, so follow and they will enter Tifa’s old home.

The cats run upstairs, so go up after them and into Tifa’s old room, where the chef is playing the piano. It turns out that Tifa is suckered into playing the piano, specifically Aerith’s Theme, and you have a chance to practice before beginning the actual performance. There might be a few tricky sections, but the song is fairly easy overall. The scene after the performance changes depending on how you do, but the rewards from the quest itself won’t change.

(1 of 2) You’ll be forced to play a piano song at the end of the quest.

You’ll be forced to play a piano song at the end of the quest. (left), The cats seem to be enjoying your performance! (right)

My White-Haired Angel Rewards

As with most other quests in the game, you will receive Party EXP, as well as character experience proportionate to your current level. Additionally, since Tifa was involved with this quest, you will get some relationship points with her. For the item, you will receive the Way of the Fist Vol. V, which gives 10 SP for Tifa.

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