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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Esoteric Secrets of the Elders Quest Guide

Jarrod Garripoli

The "Nibel Region" iconNibel Region in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth isn’t as big as the other open world areas in the game, but it still houses the usual side activities. One of these pieces of side content will be a Quest, named Esoteric Secrets of the Elders. You will be required to have the Nibel Chocobo for this quest, so either get it before starting or it will be your first task.

Esoteric Secrets of the Elders Location

You will be able to start this quest as soon as you enter Chapter 11 of the main story. The Nibel Airstrip is located in the northwestern corner of the region, so follow the road out of the airstrip. Stay on this path all the way until you reach the Gjallar Bridge, which is located to the east of the airstrip. Don’t cross it, but instead look for the smaller bridge just southwest of it. Just south of it will be Activation Intel 2: Gull Bridge Tower.

(1 of 2) The Chocobo Sage will have some trials for you to overcome.

The Chocobo Sage will have some trials for you to overcome. (left), The location of the Chocobo Sage’s Manor on the map. (right)

Right next to that tower is a broken, wooden bridge, so you’ll need to cross to the other side. The path will now take you past some building you can ignore, so keep going and you will arrive at the Chocobo "Sage" iconSage’s Manor. You should see Billy there, so approach him to start the quest. Billy is training for the Gold Cup by working at the ranch, so you get roped into helping, too.

Chocograss Locations

The first task for you is to wrangle Selena, the region’s Chocobo. If you’ve already done this, then you will automatically move on to the next step. If you haven’t done this yet, check out the How to Catch the Nibel Chocobo page for more info. The next task will be to gather some Chocograss, which is found above bodies of water, and you will need Selena to grab them. It is likely that you might have seen some of these already, especially if you’ve been exploring with your Chocobo.

There are a total of 50 Chocograss to be found, although you only need 30 of them to continue with the quest. You will find a good number of them out in the open, so they’re not entirely hard to notice. However, some are a little trickier to see, since they are found inside of the caves and other areas of the region. Just make sure you remember that they are found above bodies of water, so you won’t have to search over land.

(1 of 2) The Chocograss you need will be found in the air around the region.

The Chocograss you need will be found in the air around the region. (left), It will always be above water, so you’ll need to use the Chocobo to gather them. (right)

While you only need to hand over 30 of the Chocograss to progress, you will be able to give more to the sage’s assistant for some items. Of particular interest is the Gjallarhorn weapon for "Cait Sith" iconCait Sith, at 45 tufts of Chocograss. With that out of the way, it will be time for one final trial from the sage.

Zoom de Chocobo

The final trial will be a race against the Chocobo Sage, similar to the ones at the "Gold Saucer" iconGold Saucer. Like with those, you will be able to select your Chocobo’s equipment, but note that you are required to use Selena here and not your other birds. For the most part, this race is relatively simple, with not many obstacles. A hill near the beginning will have some moving blocks, as well as arrows that increase/decrease your speed.

Stay in the middle to avoid the speed panels that decrease your speed, which will probably also make you avoid the blocks, too. Right after that, the track will split and you can take either path, before it returns to a single track again. Near the end of the track, there will be some elevated portions, which allow you to skip a little bit of the track at this point. Just hit the pads that boost you into the air here to make that work.

(1 of 3) The final trial will be a one-on-one race against the Sage.

Beating the Sage himself in the race will reward you with the Chocobo Armband, a great accessory for leveling your materia. You’ll be able to ask the Sage some questions after the race is over, then you’ll be done with the quest.

Esoteric Secrets of the Elders Rewards

For winning the race against the Chocobo Sage, you’ll unlock a Chocobo Armband, an accessory that boosts the AP that the embedded materia receives from combat. Additionally, you will also get the traditional character and party EXP, as well as boost your relationship with Yuffie.

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