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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

All Odin Divine Intel Locations - Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Nathan Garvin

As you near the end of your long journey (the beginning of the end, anyway) you’ll finally return to the "Nibel Region" iconNibel Region, the last open world area in the game. Like all other open world areas, the Nibel region boasts new enemies to fight and new World Intel events to complete. There’s also a new native summon that Chadley has managed to simulate, and if you can beat this entity, Odin, in a VR battle, you’ll gain the materia required to summon it. As usual, you can weaken Odin and empower the Odin Materia by completing Divine Intel events in the Nibel Region, and this page will help guide you to each Odin Divine Intel Sanctuary in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

(1 of 2) Complete Divine Intel in the Nibel Region to lower Odin’s difficulty and empower the Odin Materia you’ll get for defeating him.

Complete Divine Intel in the Nibel Region to lower Odin’s difficulty and empower the Odin Materia you’ll get for defeating him. (left), The puzzles this time around are actually getting a bit challenging, with numerous prompts that sometimes lack repeating patterns. (right)

How to Find All Odin Divine Intel in the Nibel Region

The Nibel Region has a lot in common with the "Junon Region" iconJunon Region and the "Cosmo Canyon Region" iconCosmo Canyon Region since all of Odin’s Sanctuaries require you to wrangle this region’s chocobo before you can reach them. The Nibel chocobo can hover off the ground via its “chocojet” ability, gaining far more elevation when over water. You’re pretty much looking for ledges (sometimes within or leading to caves) near water, which you can use to chocojet up to otherwise inaccessible heights. You do not need to progress the main story to complete all Odin Divine Intel in the region, so avoid the northeast and focus on the relatively small open world area outside of "Nibelheim" iconNibelheim.

Once you reach a Sanctuary (Guidestones are still convenient markers, but the caves and ledges leading to each Sanctuary should serve as obvious enough landmarks) you’ll need to complete a button pressing minigame, which by now is actually getting somewhat complicated. Divine Intel 1 is probably the trickiest of these, but a bit of trial and error and you should get the buttons and timing right. As usual, you’ll gain Party EXP and Data Points for completing each Sanctuary, as well as increasing the potency of the Odin Materia you’ll gain by one level, and you’ll be able to lower Odin’s difficulty by a tier.

(1 of 3) The first Divine Intel location on the map.

Divine Intel 1: Odin Sanctuary Alpha Location

After you’ve wrangled the Nibel Region chocobo, ride your new bird into the water to the southeast to find a watery cave along the southern cliffs. This is south of Fiend Intel 1: Roaring Flames and north of Activation Intel 3: Beacon Hill Tower. Ride your chocobo into the cave, then ascend with chocojet by holding [R2] to reach an elevated ledge, upon which this sanctuary resides.

(1 of 5) The location of second Odin Sanctuary on the map.

Divine Intel 2: Odin Sanctuary Beta Location

From the first Divine Intel Sanctuary, swim northwest into a broader body of water and follow the southern coast past a beach where you’ll find a Chocobo Stop. Further southeast you’ll find a broad, foliage-covered cliff; Chocojet to the top of this cliff, then drop down into a watery pit. Turn east and chocojet up to find another ledge, then continue east and drop down into another watery pit. Head southeast past a strip of land to find another pool of water, then chocojet back up to reach dry ground again, where you’ll encounter a "Kyuvildun" iconKyuvildun and a "Poison" iconPoison Cap. Defeat or avoid them, and head uphill and turn left to find a pair of Kyuvilduns and Poison Caps. Clear them out then enter a cave they were guarding to the left, where you’ll find this Odin Sanctuary.

(1 of 5) The location of the third Odin Sanctuary on the map.

Divine Intel 3: Odin Sanctuary Gamma Location

The third and final Odin Sanctuary can be found in the waters along the western edge of the Nibel Region, more specifically, the northernmost island in the waters west of the Nibel Airstrip. Ride your chocobo to the northernmost edge of the northern island and circle around to the northwestern edge of said island to get around the beach and find a rocky cliff. Chocojet onto the top of the cliff here, then drop down into the water to the south. Head southeast into a dry cave and work your way to some water to the south, past a pair of Valron enemies, and follow the water northwest, then chocojet up to dry land and daylight above. Dismount and defeat a Disgorgon, then head uphill to find the Sanctuary.

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