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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

All Alexander Divine Intel Locations - Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Nathan Garvin

When you reach Costa del Sol you’ll finally be in a new region, the Corel region, where Chadley invariably awaits with new VR battles for you. This includes the obligatory new summon - "Alexander" iconAlexander - and while you can fight this divine automaton at full strength, he’ll be much easier to dispatch if you find the Divine Intel scattered throughout the Corel region. Finding all three Divine Intel events will not only empower the "Alexander Materia" iconAlexander Materia you get when you emerge victorious, but it’ll allow you to fight weaker variants of Alexander that will make your eventual victory more likely. This page will cover the locations of all Alexander Divine Intel in the Corel region in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

(1 of 2) If you find Alexander Divine Intel Sanctuaries you can reduce the difficulty of this battle.

If you find Alexander Divine Intel Sanctuaries you can reduce the difficulty of this battle. (left), When you reach the Corel region you’ll unlock access to a VR battle against Alexander. (right)

How to Find All Alexander Divine Intel in the Corel Region

By now you should know how Divine Intel works in general - find these locations on the map (completing Activation Intel towers should reveal them), head over there and, if necessary, strike Guidestones to summon a mote of light to help you find your way to the Sanctuary. In each Sanctuary is crystallized knowledge of summons, at which you’ll need to complete a memorization minigame. Once completed you’ll increase the potency of the Summon Materia by one level and when attempting to defeat said summon (via one of Chadley’s VR battles) you can lower the difficulty by one degree. You’ll also get Party EXP and Data Points for completing Divine Intel events, just like any other type of World Intel.

While being a standard collection of Divine Intel in many ways, acquiring all of Alexander’s Divine Intel is more difficult than Titan and Phoenix were due to the geography of the Corel region itself. Corel is split into three major parts - Northern Corel (around Costa del Sol), Mt. Corel (including the Coal Mines), and Southern Corel (around the "Gold Saucer" iconGold Saucer), and while you can get one of Alexander’s Divine Intel as soon as you gain the freedom to explore Northern Corel in Chapter 7, you can’t actually complete all three Alexander Divine Intel until you can explore Southern Corel unimpeded in Chapter 9.

Not only do you need a mode of conveyance that only becomes available in Chapter 9, but there’s a means of terrain traversal you’ll unlock in Chapter 7 that you’ll need to reach some of the World Intel in Southern Corel, so the Alexander Divine Intel will be a work in progress over the better part of three chapters.

(1 of 3) Alexander Divine Intel 1 is the only Divine Intel that can be found in Northern Corel,

Divine Intel 1: Alexander Sanctuary Alpha Location

The only Alexander Divine Intel in the Northern Corel area, and hence the only one you can reach in Chapter 7. You’ll find it along the western edge of the area, southeast of the ascent to Mt. Corel and north of The Badlands. There’s no real trick to reaching this Divine Intel, just look for a stream running along a road to the west - there’s a cave in some rocks across the stream, and a little swimming is all it takes to reach the Sanctuary.

(1 of 5) The southernmost Alexander Divine Intel, you’ll need to reach Chapter 9 to reach this World Intel.

Divine Intel 2: Alexander Sanctuary Beta Location

The first of the two Alexander Divine Intel events in Southern Corel, you cannot access this until Chapter 9. South from the Corel Desert Waypoint, you’ll find some ruined, massive construction vehicles. Find a yellow vehicle and you’ll find a grapple point you can use to swing southeast onto a rocky ledge, then head east to find another grapple point you can swing on, first to the southeast, then southwest to reach a cave. The Sanctuary is inside this cave.

(1 of 4) Like the second Alexander Divine Intel, the third can be found in Southern Corel.

Divine Intel 3: Alexander Sanctuary Gamma Location

Just north of Alexander Divine Intel 2 you’ll find the third and final Alexander Divine Intel. From the Sundappled Storehouses (west of Alexander Divine Intel 3, northwest of the Corel Desert Waypoint) use the buggy to cross some water to the northeast. You should see a pipe and some scaffolding running overhead to a cliff with some yellow painted handholds on it, but the route up is a bit indirect. Northwest of the pipe you’ll find an elevated ledge with a tree on the edge. One of the branches of this tree is a grappling hook spot which you can use to swing across to the aforementioned, yellow-painted handhold. Climb up the cliff and defeat a "Cyclone Drake" iconCyclone Drake, a "Sandspitter" iconSandspitter, and a "Cactrot" iconCactrot, then enter a cave to the south, southeast to reach the Sanctuary.

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